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Redgaint Holomatrix

Redgaint Holomatrix

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Published by Satya Narayana

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Published by: Satya Narayana on Oct 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Glow Settings group
There are two kinds of glows in the Glow section, and each corresponds to one of 
two checkboxes
.The main Glow brightens up the holographic image. The Secondary Glow creates more of an outer,blurry glow. Both glows work by finding the brighter parts of an image and applying a diffuse, brightaura to those areas.
 At left, the Glow settings. At right, the two Glow checkboxes.
 At left, with Glow. In middle, without Glow. At right, without Holomatrix. Original footage courtesy of 
Glow Threshold
Determines how much of the original image is included in the glow, based on the brightness values of the source image. The brighter the pixels, the more the glow applies. Default setting is 92. Value rangeis 0 to 100. Higher values raise the threshold, which makes the glow less intense.
Left to right, Glow Threshold at 30, 50 and 90.
Glow Radius
Determines how far the glow extends. This distance is measured in pixels from the bright areas of theimage. Default setting is 10. Value range is 0 to 100. Higher values produce more diffuse glows. Lowervalues produce glows with sharp edges.

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