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Fiqh Lessons

Fiqh Lessons

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Published by api-3817114

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Published by: api-3817114 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Themiswakor siwak is a natural tool for brushing the teeth
--verb\u2014to rub
--noun\u2014a stick used to rub your teeth
--siwak is using a twig, or the like or indeed anything rough, in
Rubbing the teeth and the surrounding gums.
It is best performed using
Something hard which has been moistened with water.
It is best to use
Arakthen palm twigs, then pomegranatetwigs,
for what
Abu Khayra Al\u2019Sbahi narrated \u201cI was with the delegation who

came to Prophet \u201cAllah\u2019s blessing and peace be upon him\u201d and he supplied us with twigs From arak tree to make siwak with. Second in place is palm tree then Pomegranate tree.

Al-Mutwalli said: \u201cIt is recommended to be performed with
Trees where U can get a sewak


How to use siwak:
Hold the damp siwak with your right hand and start (brushing)
from the
Right side of your mouth for Aisha narrated \u201cThe Prophet always
With right when putting on his Khuff (shoes), combing his hair,
Himself and all of his matters. Then, brush from side to side the
outer a
And inner sides of the teeth, pass the siwak on the edges of your
And the tops of your molars, and pass it gently on the roof of
your mouth
Before using siwak, you should make the intention of the sunna of
For Allah says: So take that which the Messenger assigns to you
B4 wudu and prayer\u2014I wud have them order do the sewak b4 each and every
prayer, and when prophet wakes up at night he do the sewak

Hadith accdng to the prophet: Why do u come to me w/ a plaque in ur teeth
use the sewak 1st
Hadith in Muslim\u2014aisha: when the prophet cameback to house he use the


men & women can pray together only in certain conditions\u2026.can pray w/ her
husband, father, son, father in law\u2026.. and we pray in masjid but w/ the

Legal status of siwak;

1- Confirmed sunna before wudu and prayer. Abu Hurayrah narrated
That the prophet \u201cAllah\u2019s blessing and peace be upon him\u201d said:
Were I not afraid that it would cause hardship to my Umma, I would have
ordered them to use siwak before each prayer. Also, on rising from sleep in
the day or night. Huthayfa said: The Prophet \u201cAllah\u2019s blessing and peace be
upon him\u201d would brush his teeth with siwak whenever he woke up at night.
Siwak is also recommended for bad breath due to not talking for a long time,
not eating for a long period, or eating something garlic which has a bad odor
like garlic and onions

2- Recommended for reading Qur\u2019an, making thikr, or when one\u2019s teeth
Become discolored. Thammam Ibn Al-Abbas narrated that the Prophet said:
\u201cWhy do you come to me with plaque on you teeth, use siwak. Siwak is also
recommended before going to sleep and when entering one\u2019s home. Aisha
narrated that \u201cWhen The Prophet \u201cAllah\u2019s blessing and peace be upon him\u201d
came home, he would stsrt brushing his teeth with siwak. Finally, siwak is
recommended when entering the mosque.

3- Makrooh for a fasting person after mid-morning because Abu
Hurayra narrated that the Prophet \u201cAllah\u2019s blessing and peace be upon him\u201d
said: \u201cBy him in whose hand is soul! The breath of a fasting person is sweeter
to Allah than the smell of musk. Using the word sweeter is proof that it
should be kept. Also, since it is the result of an act of worship, it is makrooh
to cleanse it just like the blood of martyrs

Advantage of siwak:
Aisha said: that the Prophet \u201cAllah\u2019s blessing and epace be
Him\u201d said: Siwak is purifying for the mouth and pleasing to
Also, Ahmad narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Prophet
Blessing and peace be upon him\u201d said: \u201cI was continuously

To use siwak until I thought that Qur\u2019an would be revealed
Concerning it.\u201d

Other recommended manners:

1- Moisturizing the skin every other day, with olive oil, or any other
type of skin moisturizer.
2- Lining the eye lids with kohl an odd number of times.
3-trimming the mustache and makrooh to shaving it

Olive oil every other day put it in your skin

on the right hand start with index finger, middle finger, ring finger, baby
finger then the thumb
on the left hand start with baby finger, ring finger, middle finger, index
finger then thumb

on the right foot\u2026toes\u2026 smallest/baby to the thumb
on the left foot\u2026. Thumb to the smallest toes

4- Paring/clipping the nails. Abu Hurayra narrated that \u201cThe
Prophet used to clip his nails and trim his mustache on Friday before going
out for the Friday prayer. It is advised to start with the hands before the
feet and to start with the index finger of the right hand, then the middle

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