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Published by: api-3817114 on Oct 17, 2008
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Zainab Bint Mohammad
today lesson : Zainab Bint Mohammad
in the name of Allah Her name
Zainab (also spelled as Zainub and Zaynab)
Means a fragrant flowering plant, Desert flower or an ornamented tree
Her birth
She was born 10 years before the Prophecy
About 610-10 =600 CE ~ dies 8 AH (630)
Her parents

She was the daughter of Prophet Muhhamad and Khadijah bint Khuwaylid
and, some Shia and non-Muslim argue she is the daughter of Khadijah's
assumed previous last husband, but most Sunni Majority and history
recorded her as the daughter of our Prophet.
She was brought up in the Prophet\u2019s house under the patronage of the most
honorable parents, so she became an example of good manner

Her life with her husband
She married to
Abu al-Aas ibn al-Rabiah(

) was a companion of Prophet
Muhammad belonging to the Banu Abd Shams clan of the Quraish. He was
one of the well respected, wealthy traders of Mekkah, so the Prophet (S)
married him to Zainab.
He was son of Hala bint Khuwaylid, Khadijah's sister. So his maternal aunt
was Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, the wife of our Prophet Muhammad. So he was
her cousin. He married her prior to accepting Islam.

Her mother was his mothers sister
Khadija is his Aunt
His disbelief

One day when Abu Al-As was travelling for trade, there happened the
greatest event in the life of the humanity. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was
sent as a Messenger to the entire world. Zaynab, later, responded to the call
of truth which was revealed upon her father and embraced islam. Having
returned from his journey, he knew that his wife had accepted the new faith
unexpectedly, she failed to convience him to embrace the religion of truth.
When prophethood descended upon to Prophet Muhammad Khadijah and her
daughters believed in him and in his message, however Abu'l-As did not
convert. The Quraysh went to him and told him to divorce Zaynab, promising

him any other woman he desired, but he refused saying that he did not want
any other woman of Quraysh.
The Prophet (S), always used to speak warmly of him due to the stand he
took against the Quraysh.
He justified his refusal by saying to her: \u201cBy Allah, I trust in your father
but I fear that they might circulate that I left my father\u2019s religion to
please my wife.\u201d
Zainab was shocked by the disbelief of her husband.

Nevertheless, Islam had made a split between Zaynab and her husband, but
little shari'ah, had as yet been revealed. So, Abu'l-As and Zaynab continued
together as muslim and kafir, wife and husband until after the Hijrah.
Battle of Badr
He participated in the Battle of Badr with the Quraish as muslim enemy and
was taken captive by the Muslims.
Zaynab sent her messenger to Al-Medina bearing the ransom to free her
husband which included a necklace her mother, Khadijah, had given to her
before she died. When Muhammad saw the necklace he felt a surge of
tenderness for his daughter and he set a condition on Abu-l Aas's freedom
that his daughter Zaynab is sent to him without delay.

As soon as he reached Makkah, Abu-l Aas ordered his wife to prepare
herself for the journey, telling her that her father's messengers were
waiting. The Quraish pursued Zaynab and Amr until they caught up with
Abu Sufyan explained that they had no need to detain his wife but wished
that she be taken in secret so as to not cause embarrassment to the
recently defeated Quraish. Amr agreed and a few days later he took Zaynab
to Muhammad\u2019s emissaries.

After Abu'l As returned to Mekkah, he informed Zaynab of his promise to
her father, and they agreed that their little daughter Umamah, should go
with her. At the time Zaynab was expecting another child. When all the
preperations had been made for the journey, Abu'l-As's brother, Kinanah,
was sent along as an escort. Their plans had been kept secret, but they set
off in broad daylight, which upset the Quraysh and they decided to bring
Zaynab back to Mekkah. Habar ibn Al-Aswad ibn Abdul Muttalib struck at
her with his spear as she sat in the camel sadan. Kinanah dismounted to

protect her. Then Abu Sufyan and some others asked Kinanah to discuss the
matter calmly with them. Abu Sufyan argued that it was a mistake to bring
Zaynab out of Mekkah publicly.
He said that people would take it as a sign of weakness if they allowed
Zaynab to leave in broad daylight. He said that they didn't want to keep her
from her father, nor did they want revenge. They asked Kinanah to bring
her back to Mekkah, and when people stopped talking about the matter, she
could steal out secretly to join her father.
After the departure of his wife, Abu-l Aas remained in Mecca for several

Kinanah accepted this proposal and they all returned to Mekkah.
Zaynab set out from Makka to Madina but some people from the Quraish
trible obstructed her. They terrified her until she fell off her camel while
she was preganant.
Shortly afterwards Zaynab miscarried due to the fright caused by Habar.
She went back to Makka under the shelter of Abu al-As, When enough time
had elapsed and she had recovered sufficiently, his brother Kinanah Ibn ar-
Rabei took her and little Umamah, under the cover of night and escorted
them as far as a valley on the outskirts of Mekkah. They were met by Zaid
ibn Harithah who escorted them to Madinah and to the Prophet (S).

Caravan capture

Almost 5 (five) months after the battle of the Trench, a rich caravan of the
of Quraysh was returning on its way from Syria, and Zaid was sent to waylay
it with a hundred and seventy men. Zaid and his men captured the entire
caravan and most of the men were taken captive.
Abu'l-As was among them. However, he managed to escape. Nevertheless, as
he passed Madinah he was filled with the desire to visit his former wife and
daughter. So, he entered the city under the cover of night, and some how or
other he found the house of his former wife.
After about 6 years , he knocked Zayab\u2019s door. She did not believe her eyes
when she found him at her door. She was about to approach him for greeting
but she stopped suddenly to check his belief.
All of sudden, he said , I did not come to Madina as a warrior but as a
merchant. Nevertheless, a squad belonging to your father obstructed us and
robbed my caravan as spoil of war. But I managed to escape. I came to you
seeking your intercession on the part of Muslims. Zaynab said , welcome my

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