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Published by: api-3817114 on Oct 17, 2008
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Maymuna bint al-Harith
Her name :
Maymuna bint al-Harith (Arbicc:

) ibn hazan ibn Bujair,ibn al-
Hazm,ibn Ruwaiba ibn Abdullah,bin Hilal, ibn Amer,ibn Sasa al-hilaliyya. She
was among the mistresses of Quraish who wre famous of honour and nobility.
Maimunah bint al-Harith was one of the noble wives of Prophet Mohamed
(PBUH). Before marring the Prophet she was called Barra, but after they got
he called her Maimunah, which means,"Blessed"

Her Birth
She was born 6 years before the start of the Prophetic mission (610-6=594)
Her status in Islam

She was a wife of Prophet Muhammad and therefore a Mother of the
Believers. Maimunah was thus one of the 'Ahlul- Bayt\u2019, (the people of the
House), not only by the virtue of being a wife of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH),
but also because she was related to him.

Zayd bin Arqam related that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:
"I implore you by Allah! The People of my House!\u201d three times.
Zayd asked who were the People of the House, and Prophet Mohamed

(PBUH), said:
"The family of Ali ibn Abi Talib, the family of Jafar ibn Abi Talib, the family
Aqil ibn Abi Talib, and the family of Al Abbas ibn Abdal Muttalib.\u201d

Her Family
Her father name : Al-Harith bin Hazn bin Bujair
Her mother name : Hind bint Awf Zuhair

She was said to be the most noble old lady in the land with regard to her
relatives by marriage.
Asma bint umay= married to abu bakr=her half sister; same mother
different father

Her 3 other half-sisters:
1-Asma bint Umais (
) from the Banu Hashim tribe. Married Abu
Bakr As-Saddeeq

Her father is Umays ibn Ma\u2019ad and her mother is Hind bint Awf
Her first husband was Ja\u2019far ibn Abu Talib, also of the Banu Hashim. She
had kids from Jaffer.

In 8 AH Jaffer was martyred in Battle of Mutah which was fought against
Byzantium along with Zayd ibn Harith (Prophet's adopted son), and Abdallah
ibn Rawahah. |Mutah]] is in the south of Jordan and Jaffer's tomb is there.

2-Salma==married to hamza
Salma bint Umays

) was a Sahaba of The prophet Muhammad, and married to
Hamza ibn Abd al-Muttalib the "Lion of Allah".===UNCLE
Zaynab=couple of months live w/ the prophet
Zaynab or Zainab (\ue005\ue001\ue006\u0632; died November 624) bint Khuzayma bin Harithah bin

Abdullah bin Amr bin Abd Manaf bin Hilal bin Amir bin Sasaah Al-Hilaliyyah.
She was one of the wives of Prophet, and therefore a Mother of the
Believers (Arabic: "Umm-al-Momineen").
Following her husband's death at the battle of Uhud (some said Battle of
Badr),Zaynab asked Muhammad to marry her. She died eight months after
the marriage.

Her marriage before marriage to the Prophet

She was married to Abdullah bin Jahsh, but he was martyred during the
Battle of Uhud. When she was informed of his death, she accepted Allah\u2019s
ordainment and did not give into feelings of depression\u2019 instead, she hurried
off to take part in the Jihad in Allah\u2019s Cause, to the best of her ability,
treating the injured and caring for them and staying awake at night in order
to ensure that they were comfortable, seeking thereby Allah\u2019s pleasure and
His great reward.

Her Marriage to Prophet

The Messenger of Allah wanted to marry her, in order to reward her for the
sacrifices she had made in Allah\u2019s cause, so he proposed marriage to her and
she accepted, placing her affairs in his hands and he married her in the
month of Ramadan, in the year 3 or 4 AH.( he was 55-56 years old and she
was 30 years old)
Zainab lived in the house of Allah pleased and happy that she was near to
And that Allah had honored her and made her one of the Mother of the
She did not remain for long however, in the house of the Prophet (pbuh), for

she died a few short months (about 8 months) after her marriage to him.
About her

She was a kind and generous woman compassionate towards the orphans ,the poor and the needy and spending of her wealth for the sake of those in need to such an extent that she was known as the mother of the Needy.

Assma 3 husband - Jafar - Abu Bakr- Ali
Salma - Hamza - Prophet uncle
Zaynab - married to Prophet (pbuh)
these are the 3 step sisters from same mother
abu bakr is the fataher of aysha

Lubaba al-Kubra bint al-Harith (

), also known as "Umm Fadl" She is the mother of Abd-Allah ibn Abbas, and Fadl ibn Abbas , wife of Abbas ibn Abd-Al-Muttalib the uncle of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH)

----- 2nd woman bcome muslim
----- bestfriend of khadija
1--Umm Fadl(Lubaba)claimed to be the second woman to convert to Islam,

the same day as her close friend Khadijah. Officially, 'Abbas accepted Islam
just before the fall of Makkah 20 years later
Umm al-Fadl was one of the earliest Companions of the Prophet. Once Abu
Lahab, the enemy of Allah and the Messenger of Allah, entered the house of
his brother, al-Abbas, and proceeded to attack Abbas client, Abu Rafi,
because he had embraced Islam. Abu Lahab knocked him to the ground and
knelt on him, continuing to beat him. Umm al Fadl grabbed a post that was
there and cracked it across Abu Lahab's head, saying, "Will you victimize

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