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Campus Report-October 2011

Campus Report-October 2011

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Published by Paul Crompton
Internal Newsletter of American University of Sharjah
Internal Newsletter of American University of Sharjah

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Published by: Paul Crompton on Oct 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In a comprehensive presentation onan array o topics, Chancellor PeterHeath reported on the state o theuniversity at the Faculty Assemblyheld September 18.He discussed the various strategic,academic, admission and inancialaspects o the university in detail.He said several actors, such asthe student body, quality, tuition,as well as inancial grants, weregrowing gradually as envisaged.The Chancellor also mentionedother important areas, including agrowing aculty and sta size thathe said was commensurate withthe student body size, as well asincreasing aculty research supportand productivity.
Chancellor Heath discussed theimplementation of strategicinitiatives as well as the budgetdistribution. He told the audiencethat the AUS School is expected toopen in 2014.
He also shared with the acultyigures depicting the increasein graduate and undergraduateheadcounts, alumni, aculty and staas well as breakdown o studentenrollment in majors by college/ school.
The Internal Quarterly Newsletter o American University o Sharjah
Issue 65, October 2011
Chancellor's highlights
 AUS Chancellor discusses state of the university at Faculty Assembly 
Most o the new students joiningAUS this semester belong to thetop 20 percent o their high schoolclass, with their average highschool scores as a group beingabout 92 percent. This was statedby AUS Chancellor Dr. Peter Heathat a welcome session held or newstudents and their parents at theAUS Main Auditorium on Friday,September 9.He said that around 50 percent othe total number o AUS studentsare rom Arab nations, 20 percentrom the UAE, 13 percent romSouth Asia, 4 percent rom Iran and13 percent rom elsewhere.“The most important thing thatyou can learn here is how to thinkclearly; how to analyze logically;how to communicate clearly; andhow to be creative in indingsolutions or the problems thatyou ace,” Chancellor Heath said,addressing the students.Dr. Thomas Hochstettler, Provost,added that reshmen will also begiven assistance by the Oice oDevelopment and Alumni Aairs tohelp start their careers. “You cannotstart early enough in planning oryour lie ater AUS. Career Serviceswill assist you, in conjunction withyour academic departments, inlocating internships when thattime comes. It will provide trainingin the skills you may need to indemployment, such as how to writeyour resume or practice interviewingor jobs,” he said.
1,200 new students join AUS
Say it with a card!
Do you know someone who alwaysgoes out o his or her way toserve you better and ensures thatyour day goes smoothly? Facultyand sta can now show theirappreciation with a thank you card.How it works:
The thank you cards willbe distributed to eachdepartment, or sta membersto give other colleagues acrosscampus who oered greatcustomer service.
Beore the next issue o
Campus Report 
, communitymembers will submit theirthank you cards received romothers to Aida Ali, StrategicCommunications and MediaDepartment, M-256.
The person with the highestnumber o cards will beeatured in the next issue o
Campus Report 
Issue 65, October 2011
The Internal Quarterly Newsletter o American University o Sharjah
New professionaldevelopmentcourses offered
For the first time at AUS, all staff areeligible to enroll in the InternationalComputer Driving Licence (ICDL)course, also known as the EuropeanComputer Driving Licence (ECDL).The course enables you to developyour skills in computer usagethrough seven modules: informationtechnology concepts, computerusage and file management,Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,Outlook and Access.
“I encourage all employees toattend at least three trainingsessions per year, as it will enableyou to enhance your skills andproductivity,” said Rasha Elsaid,Human Resources Managerin charge o training anddevelopment. And which is the mostimportant course in her opinion?“Customer Service, becauseeverybody at AUS serves some sorto customer,” said Rasha.Training or the ICDL is two-and-a-hal hours daily, or a total o sevenweeks. Each o the seven modulesmust be passed in order to receivethe certiicate.Various shorter “sot skills” coursesare also available, such as CustomerService, Communication, CreativeProblem Thinking and DecisionMaking. Sta at a supervisoryor managerial level can alsochoose courses in interviewingand motivation skills. Participantswill receive a certiicate uponsuccessully completing the course.Average class sizes or these coursesranges rom 16 to 20.
For more information about thetraining programs on offer, securepermission from your departmentmanager and send an email to RashaElsaid (relsaid@aus.edu).
I encourage all employeesto attend at least threetraining sessions per year...
Have you seen our new website?
Ater many months o planning, the new AUS website launched onSeptember 18.The new website provides a platorm that showcases the university’sacademic excellence and its diverse campus lie, as well as strengthensour online presence internationally. For this purpose, the layout hascompletely been redeined to support our strategic initiatives and servethe needs o our potential and existing students, their amilies, ouralumni, our partners and sponsors.
The website is a continuously evolving part of our communications. Wehope that you enjoy the new layout, keeping in mind that this is anongoing project, which we will continue improving in the next few months.
Below are some o the comments that we received through social media.
"Great work! Slick,modern andI love the photography!""Looks great! Congrats.""Great job guys! I missthose old days.""Finally! welcome tothe 21st century!""About time! GreatLook!!""Mabrook! The new sitelooks terrifc & is very wellorganized.""AUS ♥
♥""Finally u launched it!congrats!Like the new look!"
What people think of our new website
Issue 65, October 2011
The Internal Quarterly Newsletter o American University o Sharjah
Dr. Cleve McDaniel joined AUS asits new Vice Chancellor or Financeand Administration this semester.
Campus Report 
met with him in hisoice or a quick interview. Below isan excerpt.
CR: Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a US citizen, and have lived thereall o my lie. I grew up in a smallmining town not ar rom St. Louis,Missouri. I went to undergraduateschool at Washington University inSt. Louis, then got a master’s degreeat Southern Illinois University. I gotmy doctorate at the University oMissouri, Columbia, while I wasworking at Lincoln University inMissouri. I’ve consulted outside theUS but have never worked outside.
CR: Tell us a little about your career.
I’ve been working in the ield ohigher education or 28 years. Inthe US, I have worked in severaluniversity positions as the seniorinance and administrativeoicer. All o my jobs have beenchallenging. My last position asSenior Vice President at the DesertResearch Institute was ascinating, asthis institute conducts environmentalresearch all over the world—itworks on ive continents, includingAntarctica.
CR: What attracted you to AUS? 
One o the things that attractedme to AUS is the multiculturalenvironment. I’m really excitedabout the international communityon campus, and am delighted to behere in the Middle East.
CR: What is your average workingday like? 
My working days are typicallyvery long— there’s a lot omultitasking and working withsta in a supporting and mentoringrelationship. I enjoy working withpeople rom dierent nationalitiesand am very team oriented. Mycommunication style can be summedup as open and honest.
CR: What plans do you have for  AUS? 
With an autocratic approach, youtend to hold things close to yourchest. That’s not my aim—I’mlooking or ways to enhancethe transparency o our existingoperations with an ever-increasingalignment with the universitymission. I’m also very customer-service oriented. I’m lookingorward to my time here, workingwith the Chancellor, the Provost,the other vice chancellors and viceprovosts, and with all the acultyand sta. I look orward to makinga contribution and to help make avery good university even better.
CR: There’s a lot of talk these daysabout telecommuting, home officesand the like. What would you thinkof them being applied at AUS? 
We are always looking or waysto enhance the use o technology.However, in order to provide greatcustomer service, it works betterwhen people are on campus. Asmany sta and aculty live oncampus, and with the sta able totake advantage o lexi-timings,there is always a lot o built-incommunication. I think that we’realready a step ahead o otheruniversities in this regard.
CR: Do you have any hobbies? 
To relax, I like to hike. I have hikedin the oothills in Austria and havealso done some climbing. I used toplay keyboard and trumpet and oncegot to play with Doc Severinsen,who was amous or leading theNBC Orchestra on
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
. I also enjoydoing yoga, workouts and otherexercises. 
Making a good university even better
Library searchesenhanced
Summon is a new discovery toolthat lets you search the AUSLibrary’s physical and digitalcollections in just one step. Usinga single search index, Summonincludes all items in the library’scollection including ull-text booksand articles, with the resultsranked in a single list according torelevance.
“Summon was selected after anextensive evaluation process.The objective of this newimplementation is to have a singlesearch interface that will makefinding library resources easy andsimple,” said Daphne Flanagan,Interim University Librarian.Many users will find that Summonpoints them to all the informationthey need. Other researchers willwant to dig deeper or use searchtools not available in Summon.Specialized databases and theClassic Catalog will still remainavailable.
For more inormation, eedback orcomment, contactresearchhelp@aus.edu.
The objective of this newimplementation is to havea single search interface.

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