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Published by: api-27601960 on Oct 17, 2008
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sample HR interview questions and answers
Questions About Candidate

Why did you choose this profession?
Suggestion: Answer should be close to actual reason. If the job is in advertising, the
reason can be you have artistic ability, you can visualize what people will like, etc.
Avoid negative answer, such as, for money, you don't know what to do so you have
chosen this profession, etc.
Sample Answer: I always liked math and problem solving, even when I was kid. When
I was in high school, I was fascinated with the computer and the programming, so I
decided to be a computer scientist. Now, I know I made the right decision and I am
happy about it.


What can you tell us about yourself?
Suggestion: Answer may include where you came from, what school you went to,
your education, skill, job and accomplishments. Try to answer the question in one to
two minutes. Use the information from your resume and cover letter for this answer.
Do emphasis your strong points.

What are your strong points?
Suggestion: Talk about strong points related to this job.

What are your weak points? How do you plan to correct them?
Suggestion: Be honest and choose one or two less damaging correctable weak points
and tell how you are planing to correct them.
Sample Answer: Sometimes if I do not succeed on an assignment on the first try, I get
demoralized and become less enthusiastic. Since I identified my problem, I am
working on it. I am convincing myself that it is not possible for anyone to succeed
everywhere on the first try and I am not an exception. To tell you the truth it is
working. Now, if I fail I don't give up anymore and try harder.


Why should we hire you for this position?
Suggestion: Your answer should include your education, skill and experience
pertaining to the job position. Talk about some skill you have which may put you
above other applicants.


What is the toughest problem you have solved so far?
Suggestion: Talk about a problem you have solved. If you have solved many tough
problems, choose the one that may related to this company's work and/or which may
impress them. For example, if the company is a financial institution, talk about some
financial problems you have solved.


Tell us about one of your work assignments or dealings where you failed. What
should have you done?
Suggestion: Choose a less damaging situation.

How do you handle failure or disappointment?

Suggestion: Answer positively. Answer may include you may feel bad, and you take
caution so that it does not happen again.
Sample Answer: As a normal human being, failure hurts my feeling. However, I do not
let it get in my way.


Do you criticize others? Under what condition?
Suggestion: Use your judgment. Remember criticism hurts feelings and does not help
in any normal situation.

10. Are you a good communicator?
Suggestion: Interviewer looks for a good communicator. If you are not a good
communicator, start practicing.

11. How do you handle criticism?
Suggestion: Choose your answer wisely.
Sample Answer: A nice and constructive criticism helps me. Although, abusive or bad
criticism may hurt my feelings, it will not reduce my performance.

12. How do you manage your time?
Suggestion: Should be positive, and explain with example.
13. How do you handle deadline and pressure?
Suggestion: Be positive in your answer and explain with example.

14. How do you persuade someone to agree with your point of view?
Suggestion: Answer may include explaining your view, showing the positive side, etc.
Sample Answer: By communication, I tell them what benefit my point of view will
bring for them. I explain the up side and the down side of my proposal and most of
the time they agree. I am always ready to negotiate and modify my plan with their
input, if the situation demands. So things always work out.

15. What do you find frustrating?
Suggestion: Be positive in your answer, explain with example.
16. Are you willing to learn new skills? Can you learn fast?
Suggestion: Answer should be yes. Give them an example where you really learn fast.
17. Do you have problem in getting along with others?
Suggestion: Be positive, should not be a problem.

18. How do you deal with surprises? For example: In an exam you have been asked
a question from a topic that has never been taught to you; how do you handle it?
Sample Answer: I try not to get nervous. First I answer all the questions I know and
then I go back to this problem. I answer it as best as I can.

19. Did you prepare for this interview? How?
Suggestion: Answer may include: researching about the company, reviewing your
skill, etc. Remember this question may generate more questions and you must be
ready to answer them.

20. What are your hobbies?
Suggestion: Talk about your good hobbies.
21. Do you like to travel?
Suggestion: Answer should be yes, however, be honest.

22. Do you have any problem in relocation?
Suggestion: Tell the truth. Remember, the more flexible you are the more chances
you have to get the job.

23. Where would you like to be in five years?
Suggestion: Be positive and honest. Do not give an impression that you will leave or
take over someone else's job (worse if that is the position of the interviewer).
Sample Answer: In five years I want to be a valuable part of this company and help it
to reach its goal. I also want to manage a challenging project and bring in the latest
technology that will benefit the company.

24. What do you want in a job?
Suggestion: Answer may include using your skills, gain new skills, challenge,
recognition, satisfaction, etc.

25. What will your previous manager will tell me about your strengths and
weaknesses, if I call him now?
Suggestion: Be positive, emphasize on your accomplishment and skills. Do not avoid
talking about your weakness (if there are any), however, don't talk lots about it.

26. Can you work under pressures, meet deadlines?
Suggestion: Answer should be affirmative.

27. In your current work, what problems have you identified that had previously
been overlooked?
Suggestion: Explain a situation with example. Do not brag.

28. Do you feel that you will be better off in a different company?
Suggestion: Remember if you are better off in a different company (in size or line of
business), you will quit this company at the first chance you get and the interviewer
will not like it. So think before you answer.

29. How would you describe your personality?
Suggestion: Answer positively.

30. Through our ad you saw what skills we need, is there any skill are you missing?
Suggestion: Answer positively, if you do not have a skill say it and if possible, back it
up by something convincing.
Sample Answer: Your ad says that applicant needs experience in Java. I do not have
any work experience in Java. However, I did take a course in Java and practiced a lot.
I also have 2 years experience in C++, which is similar to Java. So I am sure I will not
have any problem programming in Java.

Following are some questions you may be asked by the interviewer to know about
you, your hobby, how you spend your spare time and weekends, etc. Since the
answer fully depends on you, we do not have any suggestions or sample answers.
Just remember answer them positively and honestly.

What magazines do you read?
What kind of movies do you like?
What is the last book you read? Did you like it? Why?

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