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Published by: api-27601960 on Oct 17, 2008
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Test Design
A.Design Preparation
1.Test Bed/Test Lab - Adaptation or development of the approach to be
used for test design and test execution.
2.Test Coverage - Adaptation of the coverage objectives in the test plan to
specific system components.
B.Design Execution
1.Specifications - Creation of test design requirements, including purpose,
preparation and usage.

2.Cases - Development of test objectives, including techniques and
approaches for validation of the product. Determination of the expected
result for each test case.

3.Scripts - Documentation of the steps to be performed in testing, focusing on the purpose and preparation of procedures; emphasizing entrance and exit criteria.

4.Data - Development of test inputs, use of data generation tools.
Determination of the data set or sub-set needed to ensure a comprehensive
test of the system. The ability to determine data that suits boundary value
analysis and stress testing requirements.

Important Questions
1.The concept of "fit" in acceptance testing is important inDesign_ andTestin g .
2. What is boundary value testing?
i.The kind of testing in which test data or test cases are selected by

identified the boundaries that separate valid and invalid conditions. Tests are conducted to test the inside and outside of these boundaries, in addition to these boundary points. Experience suggest that these test have higher payoff than selecting the random values for testing.

3. What is decision/branch coverage strategy?

i. Branch Coverage Testing seeks to ensure that every branch has been executed. Branch Coverage can be tested by probes inserted at points in the program that represent arcs from branch points in the flow graphs.

Test script: Commonly used to refer to the automated test procedure used with a test
Test specification: For each test case, the coverage item, the initial state of the software
under test, the input, and the predicted outcome.
Volume testing: Testing where the system is subjected to large volumes of data.
Questions Asked in June 14 , 2003 CSTE Exam
Describe these terms (15 marks) -

a. Equivalence Partitioning b. Boundary Value Analysis c. Error Guessing

What are the product standards for these?
d. Test Plan
e. Test Script
f. Test Report

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