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The Imperialism of Romance

The Imperialism of Romance

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Published by warfrog

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Published by: warfrog on Oct 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Imperialism of RomanceBy Tinman McWrath
Greetings, this is a short essay I decided to write about the similarities of female romantic loveand Western imperialism. As I lay in bed pondering the current state of gender relations and how bothgenders experience romantic love differently the thought occurred that female romantic love is verysimilar to imperialism. In short female romance is to women as imperialism is to superpowers, especiallythose of the age of imperialism.Firstly many imperialists excuse their pillaging of nations by saying they are somehow betteringor benefiting the invaded. They claim that they are saving their souls by spreading their faith/ideology,that they are fighting communism, that they are spreading democracy, that they are giving theheathens/savages a better way of life, that they are bringing medicine, technology and modernizationect ect ect. The truth is the imperialists were simply supremacists who needed resources. How is thissimilarity between imperialism and romance you might ask?The human female seems to harbor a natural, maybe even innate hatred towards males,especially now that misandry is acceptable and even expected. Western culture is filled with examples
of female supremacy. It’s in the media, it’s in the courts, it’s evident by the attitudes women and
upsettingly enough, some men have towards the human male. Furthermore many most women believethat by entering a relationship with a man and leeching off of his wealth and assets believe or at least
want others to believe that because she’s female she will benefit him by bestowing her feminine
wisdom and goodness on what she perceives to be a homer simpson-like partner and improve him
somehow. This attitude and behavior is similar to that the imperialists towards people they’d invade. It
all boils down to the pillaging of those they thought they were superior to whilst claiming it wasaltruistic and good in nature.Throughout human history women always garnered resources from men through whatevermeans were necessary. Most would not consider this a bad thing because it allowed men and women toforge partnerships and work toward the mutu
al goal of preserving the species, unless of course you’re a
misanthrope and want humanity to stop breeding until we die out like I do. Anyway though femaleimperialism aka romance benefited the species as a whole it almost always cost the male. Most menwho have been or are in a relationship would attest to this. However back then men did have somebenefits such as being genetically successful but that was a rarity due to the face that female humansbreed with cads and cuckold dads. Other benefits included emotional support, which was usually fluffylovey dovey bullshit lies the woman would tell the man to make him feel happy when she felt shewanted or needed him to be.In a relationship men lose a lot of time, currency/resources and potential. Many men also losethe ability to pursue their hopes and dreams and find happiness. On top of that female behaviors wouldwreak havoc on the male mind and soul. Sadly since humanity benefits from this exchange humanevolution has made men biologically wired to desire this slavery and to blind him of truth and reason. Hefeels instinctual
false happiness and bliss as he slaves away to please the female’s every whim and as he
provides for her and her offspring which may or may not necessarily be his. She may even leave him, killhim and dishonor him after death but still use the fruits of his labor for her benefits but until he dies hiswiring keeps him loyal until the bitter and inhuman end. The losses though depressing for men in old

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