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Streetwise: Walking & Biking In Natomas - Survey Answers 1

Streetwise: Walking & Biking In Natomas - Survey Answers 1

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Published by The Natomas Buzz
THE NATOMAS BUZZ readers share their thoughts on what they like and don't like about walking and running in the Natomas community.

Answers are generally unedited submissions collected via online survey over a two-week period.
THE NATOMAS BUZZ readers share their thoughts on what they like and don't like about walking and running in the Natomas community.

Answers are generally unedited submissions collected via online survey over a two-week period.

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Published by: The Natomas Buzz on Oct 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What do you like and what do you not like about biking in Natomas?
There needs to be one direct bike path from north natomas to downtown Sacramento (ie The BlueDiamond factory or somewhere) that doesn't cross so many busy streets. Perhaps a couple bikebridges placed high over busy roads. Also, the bike trails are starting to get big cracks in them. For instance, next to the Kohl's in north natomas the bike lane is really cracked a lot!!! I am always afraidof the cars when I'm in the bike lane. Riding my bike from east Del Paso road over I-5 to West DelPaso road is scary with all the traffic!I love the trails, bike lanes--mostly trails, wandering through pretty trees with small lakes. They are justgreat.I need my own bike, that's the problem. Now, I borrow my wife'sI enjoy the many pathways off the street for biking.
ood trails, too many crosswalks, would like more bike trails, more info for people on where bike trailsare Like the trail links to am river Frequently windy, which is no fun to bike in. The architecture doesnot adequately shield a lot of the wind.Problem - don't have a bike. If I did I would rarely if ever ride on city streets - drivers are simply crazy.I like that there are trails, but it would be nice to see a better connected network with route signs, andalso more places to lock bikes up at businesses.Safety at night is a concern.I like the bike lanes and feel pretty safe riding, even when the bike lane drops but I wish the bike laneswere kept clean, not just on Truxel (my daily commute) but all over.Lots of good bike lanes, but many in N. Natomas dead end. The new biking bridge connects to thebike trail, but it dead ends at W. El Camino. Having to dog-leg to cross W. El Camino seemsfoolish....can't this be fixed?Do like: riding a bike in the neighborhoods is very pleasant. Most drivers are courteous to thebicyclists. Do not like: The overpass on San Juan over I-80 is still very dangerous for bicyclists. I ridemy bike there 3-4 times a week on my way to work, and notice that cars drive very fast.I wish we could go everywhere on our bikes. But there's a lot of traffic and cars go by fast on DelPaso. I have young kids and I'm still afraid of taking them on the overpass on Del Paso so instead of biking to the North Natomas library we drive :(Many bike lanes have gaps in them. It is always better then bike lanes have continous pavementpaths, so I would hope the short gaps can be quickly funded and completed.Like the many bike paths, bike lines, trees and parks. Wish there were trees planted along the EastLevee bike path. That would make it a great workout/commuter route but no shade is hardly bearableduring the warmer months.A few good bike trails and a few bike lanes make it helpful to get from place to place. Crossing I-5 isdifficult (I do it daily on my way to work) as it requires merging across traffic that is accelerating ontothe freeway. Other places, the bike lane just ends. A fully interconnected system of bike lanes/pathswould be helpful. Also, it is sometimes difficult to find a "parking" space for my bike at businesses
throughout Natomas. I frequently chain it to a tree, shopping cart return or other similar feature. Bikeracks at businesses would be helpful.Don't like not having continuous dedicated bike trail from Natomas to American River bike trail.TOO MANY DOGS NOT ON LEASH BY OWNERS.I like the bike paths on natomas blvd and off East Commerce; I wish there were more bike lanesTrafficNot enough bike lanes/paths. Speed limits are high on major thoroughfares, intimidating being next tolarge volume of fast moving vehicles.I just don't bike I stroller walk.Like the exercise and bike trails. Dislike fear of having my bike stolen if I use it to run errands & biketrails that end abruptly and are difficult to navigate & inconsiderate, scary drivers.I don't like biking in the wind.Again, love the bike trails.I love it, I just don't do it as often as I'd like.again, drivers are not niceFreeway on ramps and off ramps are difficult to navigate with small children along for the ride. As withwalking less litter, human waste and more trees makes for a better ride.Getting exercise.The best is the residential streets... quiet, peaceful. The worst is crossing any major street where novehicle will wait foe bikes to cross. I've had drivers use their 2-ton pieces of metal as weapons.I LOVE all the different trails and bike paths. You can ride for hours. My favorite is to ride on the pathby the levee with my 7 year old and then stop at Bella Bru for breakfast (or lunch or dinner). A big plusfor this area. In the summer we ride even more often.Biking has always been fine and enjoyable.Part of why I moved here was because the city touted how great the biking would be here. The citynever delivered on that promise. Six years later, I still can't bike to the bike trail safely, or even very far away from my house.The traffic. Drivers never look or yield when I have the right of way parking in bike lanenarrow bike lanes on major streets, ie Northgate, TruxelSame as #2. I would like to see more bike trails and better biking along the Garden Highway. I'm gladthey built the overpass to connect south and north Natomas but I have yet to ride on it.Lack of trails to work. Traffic.
No bike shoulder on El Centro between Arena and west El Camino. This is a very dangerous area!The bridge over I80 is a fantastic and wonderful development. The crossing over west El Camino isreally difficult. The bridge is there now but a block south trying to get to Discovery Park, west ElCamino and Garden Highway are still formidable obstacles nearly impossible during rush hour!I like clearly marked biking lanes in my neighborhood (Westlake)Flat terrain is good, bike paths size is pretty good in most areas. Dislikes: Crossing over I-5, especiallyat Del PasoI can't get from the east side of I5 (in Westlake) to the west side of the highway because there is nosidewalk, just gravel, on the north curb line east of I5.I love that I am within biking distance to my job downtown, the clubhouse, the grocery store, andmultiple restaurants!It is hard to ride next to all the carswe need more trailsDedicated bike pathsIn my area there are designated bike lanes but the automobile traffic uses them to avoid the speedbumps which makes it dangerous.I can use the bike paths - the bad thing is that a lot of the paths just end and were never finished. Ihate using the street and playing speed bum to the cars.I wish there were more dedicated bike routes. I am an almost daily bike commuter. There is no bikelane on El Centro between arena and San Juan road. and there is practically no shoulder either. I willnot allow my children to ride that section and when i do i look back as much as forward.Road safety is huge concern. Need to have a lot more bike lanes in Natomas, as well as bike lanes toaccess other parts of town (downtown/midtown, etc.).Many bikers and motorists don't seem to know the traffic laws.don't like all the cars, not enough bike lanes that people respectI like feeling the wind on my face. Some bike trails are too near the freeway. Many bike trails do notconnect. I frequently bike on Bayou to avoid traffic and there is no trail there.do not like that there are not enough bike lines drawn in all streets or ave blvdsBeing able to access the bike trail with a short ride from my house.Crossing freeways and major intersections can be scaryconnectivity is problematic (even with the new bike/ped bridge).Trails

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