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The Promised Prophet of the Bible

The Promised Prophet of the Bible

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Published by: IslamiCenterCulpeper on Oct 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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True Guidance and Light series (5)
The Promised Prophet of the Bible
Munqidh Bin Mahmoud Assaqqar, PhD
The Promised Prophet of the Bible
First, all praise and thanks to God Almighty
Allah. It is with greathonor that I present this humble work to my reader, hoping that GodAlmighty will help him to benefit from it, and makes him and meamong those who know the truth and among those who are guided.Following the tradition of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in thankingpeople who did us a favor, I would like to thank many people who Ibenefited from in completing this work, and possibly my success inthis work was a result of their prayers to God Almighty to help me todo so.I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to my noble parents,who have done the greatest favor for me, in continuously fosteringand cherishing me. I also extend my appreciation to my faithful wife,for her continuous support, help, and for her standing beside meduring the completion of this work.I would also wholeheartedly like to express my thanks and gratitudeto the translation team, who played a major role in enabling this bookto reach the English speaking reader, Mr. WALEED FADHL ALLAH,the translator, and Mr. ALI QASSEM, the proofreader.Finally, I express my thanks and appreciation to Dr. JOHN EALES,who has done me a great favor by doing the final proofreading, eventhough he is of a different faith, he managed to do so, for heconcerned about searching for the truth, and following scientificmethods in study and discussion.My thanks and appreciations I also extend to all my brothers, friendsand colleagues, who played any role in the completion of this book.
Munqidh Bin Mahmoud Assaqqar, PhD
The Promised Prophet of the Bible
Praise to Allah the cherisher and sustainer of the worlds, and maypeace and blessings be upon all of His messengers and may thebest of blessings and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad.There is no doubt that the prophet-hood of our prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is one of two important tasks that the Muslim is carrying tohumanity.Muslims believe that to prove the prophet-hood of Muhammad(PBUH) is one of many essential tasks in their religion; therefore, it isa compulsory duty for Muslims to present this evidence and proof.There are many and various ways to prove that, but the mostimportant way is by understanding the prophecies given by theprevious prophets that prophesize and confirms the arrival and theauthority of a final prophet to humanity, in order to re-establish thereligion that God Almighty accepts until the Day of Judgment.The reason that these prophecies are most important, and whyMuslims are concerned, is that they exist in the Jewish and Christiansacred writings, and that they indicated the coming of Muhammad(PBUH) centuries ago and in various eras.Jews and Christians acknowledge the existence of these propheciesand affirm that they indicate the coming of "the final prophet" or "thegreat prophet"; however, they still insist that he is a man who is adescendant from the children of Israel. The Christians claim that heis Jesus (PBUH) son of Mary, while the Jews are still expecting him.We aim here to prove that he, the expected prophet, is Muhammad(PBUH) and not any of the previous prophets peace be upon themall.Regarding the books that contain these prophecies, we haveexplained their conditions and credibility in other books of this series,by using these books as a reference, it is not to complement them;however, it is merely an attempt to search between the lines forsome traces from the previous prophets. We as Muslims believe inthose traces and we do not deny them, because they meet anagreement with what we believe.Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) brought to our attention that thesebooks contain some truth, He said:

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