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Earnings Calendar Mkt Review Earnings 4Q

Earnings Calendar Mkt Review Earnings 4Q

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Published by Steven Tay
Earnings 2011 Calendar Mkt Review Earnings 4Q
Earnings 2011 Calendar Mkt Review Earnings 4Q

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Steven Tay on Oct 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Company NameCompany TickerDateDate TypeTimeTypePeriodEstimate
Treasury China TrustTCT SP31/10/2011CBef-mktERQ3 2011Great Eastern Holdings LtdGE SP31/10/2011CBef-mktERQ3 20110.33Swissco Holdings LtdSWCH SP31/10/2011EERS1 2012United Overseas Insurance LtdUOI SP31/10/2011CERQ3 2011MTQ Corp LtdMTQ SP31/10/2011CERS1 2012United Envirotech LtdUENV SP31/10/2011EERQ2 2012Eastgate Technology LtdEAST SP31/10/2011CERY 2011Tuan Sing Holdings LtdTSH SP31/10/2011CAft-mktERQ3 2011Equinox Offshore Accommodation LtdEQNX NO01/11/2011EERQ3 2011Riverstone Holdings LtdRSTON SP01/11/2011EERQ3 2011OSIM International LtdOSIM SP01/11/2011CERQ3 2011Mercator Lines Singapore LtdMRLN SP01/11/2011CERQ2 2012Jardine Cycle & Carriage LtdJCNC SP01/11/2011CERQ3 2011Blumont Group LtdADRT SP01/11/2011EERQ3 2011Addvalue Technologies LtdADDV SP01/11/2011EERQ2 2012Del Monte Pacific LtdDELM SP01/11/2011EERQ3 2011Hyflux LtdHYF SP01/11/2011EERQ3 20110.016OSIM International LtdOSIM SP01/11/201117:45SMERCosco Corp Singapore LtdCOS SP02/11/2011CAft-mktERQ3 20110.022Thomson Medical Centre LtdTHOM SP02/11/2011EERY 20110.059Raffles Medical Group LtdRFMD SP02/11/2011EERQ3 2011Hi-P International LtdHIP SP02/11/2011CBef-mktERQ3 2011Kingboard Copper Foil Holdings LtdKCF SP02/11/2011EERQ3 2011Biosensors International Group LtdBIG SP02/11/2011CAft-mktERQ2 2012Sakari Resources LtdSAR SP02/11/2011EERQ3 2011Jadason Enterprises LtdJAD SP02/11/2011EERQ3 2011Broadway Industrial Group LtdBWAY SP02/11/2011CAft-mktERQ3 20110.017United Overseas Bank LtdUOB SP02/11/2011CERQ3 20110.41CH Offshore LtdCHO SP02/11/2011EERQ1 2012AEM Holdings LtdAEM SP02/11/2011EERQ3 2011Sunningdale Tech LtdSUNN SP02/11/2011EERQ3 2011Elec & Eltek International Co LtdELEC SP02/11/2011CAft-mktERQ3 2011Baker Technology LtdBTL SP02/11/2011EERQ3 2011Interra Resources LtdITRR SP02/11/2011EERQ3 2011
DBS Group Holdings LtdDBS SP02/11/2011C07:30ERQ3 20110.305Jiutian Chemical Group LtdJIUC SP03/11/2011EERQ3 2011Transpac Industrial Holdings LtdTIH SP03/11/2011EERQ3 2011SembCorp Marine LtdSMM SP03/11/2011C17:15ERQ3 20110.088Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail TrustLMRT SP03/11/2011CAft-mktERQ3 2011Cityspring Infrastructure TrustCITY SP03/11/2011CERQ2 2012Singapore Airlines LtdSIA SP03/11/2011CAft-mktERQ2 20120.084Eucon Holding LtdEUCON SP03/11/2011EERQ3 2011Roxy-Pacific Holdings LtdROXY SP03/11/2011EERQ3 2011Parkway Life Real Estate Investment TrustPREIT SP03/11/2011CBef-mktERQ3 2011Pollux Properties LtdPOLUX SP03/11/2011EERS1 2012Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp LtdOCBC SP03/11/2011E07:00ERQ3 20110.18China Merchants Holdings Pacific LtdCMH SP03/11/2011CAft-mktERQ3 2011Maveric LtdMAV SP03/11/2011EERQ1 2012Multi-Chem LtdMC SP03/11/2011EERQ3 2011Neptune Orient Lines Ltd/SingaporeNOL SP03/11/2011CERQ3 2011-0.01HL Global Enterprises LtdHLGE SP03/11/2011EERQ3 2011Excelpoint Technology LtdEXLP SP03/11/2011EERQ3 2011IPC Corp LtdIPC SP03/11/2011EERQ3 2011Action Asia LtdACTA SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011Sinwa LtdSKS SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011CMZ Holdings LtdCMZ SP04/11/2011EERS1 2012Technics Oil & Gas LtdTGH SP04/11/2011EERY 20110.105mDR LtdMDR SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011China Energy LtdCEGY SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Corp LtdAIMC SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011Hengxin Technology LtdHENG SP04/11/2011CERQ3 2011HTL International Holdings LtdHWA SP04/11/2011CERQ3 2011Europtronic Group LtdERT SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011SembCorp Industries LtdSCI SP04/11/2011CBef-mktERQ3 20110.105Pertama Holdings LtdPERT SP04/11/2011EERQ1 2012EnGro Corp Ltd/SingaporeEGCL SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011Yeo Hiap Seng LtdYHS SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011China Powerplus LtdCPOW SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011Oceanus Group LtdOCNUS SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011
ISDN Holdings LtdISDN SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011Singapore Technologies Engineering LtdSTE SP04/11/2011C17:20ERQ3 20110.045Rotary Engineering LtdRTRY SP04/11/2011EERQ3 2011Jaya Holdings LtdJAYA SP04/11/2011EERQ1 2012Eu Yan Sang International LtdEYSAN SP04/11/2011EERQ1 2012Raffles Education Corp LtdRLS SP04/11/2011EERQ1 2012CSC Holdings LtdCSC SP04/11/2011EERQ2 2012Boardroom LtdBOARD SP04/11/2011EERQ1 2012HupSteel LtdHUP SP04/11/2011EERQ1 2012China Yuchai International LtdCYD US07/11/2011CBef-mktERQ3 20110.32Orchard Parade Holdings LtdOPH SP08/11/2011EERQ3 2011Kreuz Holdings LtdKRZ SP08/11/2011CERQ3 2011Transcu Group LtdTSCU SP08/11/2011EERQ2 2012KSH Holdings LtdKSHH SP08/11/2011EERQ2 2012Lum Chang Holdings LtdLCH SP08/11/2011EERQ1 2012Sing Investments & Finance LtdSIF SP08/11/2011EERQ3 2011CWT LtdCWT SP08/11/2011EERQ3 2011Food Junction Holdings LtdFOOD SP08/11/2011EERQ3 2011HLH Group LtdHLHG SP08/11/2011EERQ3 2011Sapphire Corp LtdSAPP SP08/11/2011EERQ3 2011Lafe Corp LtdLAFE SP08/11/2011EERQ3 2011Tiong Seng Holdings LtdTSNG SP08/11/2011EERQ3 2011MFS Technology LtdMFS SP08/11/2011EERY 2011Superbowl Holdings LtdBOWL SP09/11/2011CERQ3 2011Hotel Royal LtdHRY SP09/11/2011CERQ3 2011Manhattan Resources LtdMRL SP09/11/2011EERQ3 2011Straits Trading Co LtdSTRTR SP09/11/2011EERQ3 2011Hiap Hoe LtdHIAP SP09/11/2011CERQ3 2011Tung Lok Restaurants 2000 LtdTUNG SP09/11/2011EERS1 2012Best World International LtdBEST SP09/11/2011CERQ3 2011KS Energy LtdKST SP09/11/2011EERQ3 2011Sing Holdings LtdSING SP09/11/2011EERQ3 2011Ryobi Kiso Holdings LtdRYO SP09/11/2011EERQ1 2012Haw Par Corp LtdHPAR SP09/11/2011EERQ3 2011Huan Hsin Holdings LtdHUAN SP09/11/2011EERQ3 2011

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