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Biotope Research - Daintree River

Biotope Research - Daintree River

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Published by Brian Neises

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Published by: Brian Neises on Oct 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Biotope Research ProjectDaintree River
You will be conductingresearch as a group, andpresenting yourinformation using a poster.We will be researchingbiotopes, a type of aquarium design where aparticular ecosystem isrecreated. Wewill vote onthe bestbiotopedesignandcreatethatbiotope inour classaquarium by going toChatuchak and buying theappropriate plants, fish,and substrate.Research will be done inthe library. We will firststart by using books andencyclopedia to gatherinformation. Then will usethe Internet to add detailsthat are still missing. In allof our research we mustrecord our references.After we have gathered ourresearch you will bechoosing 3-5 fish species,3-5 plant species, and theappropriate substrate foryour biotope. We will dothis by playing BiotopePoker, with your BiotopeCards trying to come upwith the best design. Thenyou will be presenting yourdesign as a poster withinformation following thedesign model above.
1) You may type orhand write theinformation.2) Make sure to tryand make the picturesto scale as best youcan. A shark and agoldfish should notlook the same size!3) Make sure toconnect theinformation to thepictures so we knowwhat’s what!
   H  o  w   D  o   W  e   D  o   S  c   i  e  n  c  e   ?
 A ’ 
Fish Cards
Australian RainbowfishDwarf RainbowfishDwarf Neon Rainbow
Plant Cards
Biotope Research Fact Sheet
Name:_____________ General Facts----------------------------------------------------------------
Where can your ecosystem be found? Find a map to print or copy.Where does the water in your ecosystem come from?Where does the water in your ecosystem go?Altitude?Amount of sunlight?Precipitation?Temperature range?
-----------------------------General Facts References-----------------------------
Water Quality-------------------------------------------------------------------
Describe the quality of the water and what's in it. Clear? Muddy? Polluted?pH?Dissolved O2?Visibility / Clarity?Salt? Fresh? Brackish?
-----------------------------Water Quality References-----------------------------
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Substrate & Flow Rate--------------------------------------------------------
What type of substrate does your ecosystem have?What kind of habitats does the substrate provide for organisms?What is the flow rate like? Fast/slow? Smooth/Rapids? Waves? Etc?
 ------------------------Substrate & Flow Rate References-------------------------

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