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Darth Pravius - Inhuman

Darth Pravius - Inhuman

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Published by Fred Howard

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Published by: Fred Howard on Oct 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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-Dark Side Tales Presents--Darth Pravius: Fallen Angel - The Lost Chapter--Inhuman: Part I- Saigon, South Vietnam - April 30th, 1975:The sound of explosions outside rock the building. Tiles begin falling and dust rises along thehallways and the command rooms of the American Embassy as it is quickly being evacuated.Soldiers and diplomats race in lines towards the roof where the last helicopters fill up for thedeparture as the radio inside the communication room blares over the intercom of the building.Warning of the advancing North Vietnamese soldiers.. The chaos among the streets frightenedeveryone inside the Embassy as they struggled to escape.. Among some of those beingevacuated that day.. Pravius was there, looking down to the ground as one of the helicopterslifted off the pad, seeing the building he was just pulled out of by orders overwhelmed by enemysoldiers on all sides... Windows shattered, gun fire and shouts of victory ring out everywherebelow.. Pravius watches in disgust.. Feeling the losing end of the war is unfolding before hiseyes.. The destruction and chaos. A voice rings out behind him, shouting over the loud sound of the propeller. "Captain!! Where do we go now!?" He turns around and faces the enlisted solder behind him, a man he's known in this war for almost five years now, Staff Sergent SteveCrabtree. "We head to our evac location. Ordered to the U.S.S. Blue Ridge.. Something aboutnew orders." He replied as he turned his eyes back to the ground again, seeing the whole citynow as they began flying over the roof tops, heading out over the thick jungles and towards theocean in the distance."I hope they're sending us back stateside.. I'm sick of this place!" Crabtree stated as he lookedout his side of the craft, sighing a deep breath of relief that he might actually be going home soon.Pravius though had other things on his mind... He could feel the darkness of the jungles below..The evil's perpetrated by both sides... He has seen it with his own eyes.. These evils of this war.Feeling it is at an end.. Though knowing the things he as seen and been a part of will never leavehis mind now. "I don't think it'll ever be over..." He replied quietly to his friends comment. "Whatwas that, Sir?" Crabtree asked as he turned his head back around. "Nothing. Lets just see whatour orders are before making any plans." Nodding silently, Crabtree turns his attention backoutside the helicopter as the begin to pass over the ocean to the awaiting fleet of ships ahead inthe distance. Pravius, in this time era going by the name and title of U.S. Army Captain MichaelPravius, relaxes a bit.. Feeling some relief for himself finally after several years of combat in the jungles behind him now. Though as he feels like his time in them is not over yet.. He ignores thethought for now.. Looking around the cabin of the helicopter at the others that where evacuatedalong with himself. Soldiers and civilian personnel of the Embassy. Even an Ambassador..Marten was his name. Everyone had the same feel of fear on them.. Fear of what is to come..Fear of what had just happened moments earlier. Fear. Throughout the close to five thousandyears spent walking this planet.. Among it's population. Fear has driven this worlds people intodoing horrible things.. And has led to accomplishing great things as well. He stares out over theocean for a while longer, drifting off into his thoughts as they approach the landing pad on theBlue Ridge. "We're here, Sir! Looks like we have some welcoming committee!" Crabtree calledout as he looked over the ships bridge officers and other high ranking brass waiting for them nextto the pad as they slowly came down to a landing. "I don't think they are here for us." Praviusreplied, nodding his head towards the Ambassador sitting close to them. Crabtree just smirkedwith a slight grin, nodding his head in understanding.After touchdown, the occupants began exiting out of the craft. The Ambassador is greeted by theships Captain as he exits and they begin walking away towards the stair case leading to thebridge. Pravius and Crabtree exit last, holding their bags over their shoulders as they start to
follow the other soldiers to the conference room. "Captain Pravius! Come this way, please!" Avoice called out from behind them, causing them to halt and turn quickly to see. A Navy FirstLieutenant was standing beside a tall stairwell, looking at them all calling once more. "Wonder what this is about.." Crabtree muttered as Pravius turned and began walking in the new direction."Not sure.. But I guess I'll find out.. Catch up to you later." Pravius replied as he walked off. Upthe stares, he was met by another two enlisted soldiers, saluting to him as they opened the door for the Lieutenant and himself to enter. "Ahh, Pravius. Welcome. Come in, where whereexpecting you." Stated the ships Captain as Pravius entered, removing his cap and giving asalute to the senior officers in the room. The Ambassador, Marten was also present along withan Army Lt. Colonel who was holding a folder and looking up as Pravius entered. "CaptainPravius, do you know why you where called here?" The Colonel asked as he sat the folder downon a table in the middle of the room, stepping forward a few steps closer to Pravius. Studying theroom and feeling out the thoughts of those standing around watching him, waiting for his reply. "Iimagine it would have something to do with what just happened a little bit ago.. The evacuation.."The Lt. Colonel cleared his throat a little and replied. "That's partly why you are here.. You'reextraordinary record has brought you to our notice for a mission we would like to ask you toperform.. If you would willing." Pravius looked down at the folder on the table for a moment andthen back up at the superior officers in front of him. "Depends on what the mission is.." Hereplied in a low, dark voice. The Captain of the ship then stepped forward a little, replying first."Pravius, I think I knew your father back in World War II.. Served as a Marine aboard the sameship I was on during the Island wars here in the Pacific. Damn good soldier by what I remember,looked a lot like you too. I figured if you are even half as good a soldier as your father, you wouldbe the right man for this job.." Pravius thought for a moment, recalling his days during the lastWorld War, but not being able to remember the Captain from those days... Knowing he wouldhave been much younger and looked very differently then. He played along anyway. "I don'tremember him talking much about his time during those battles. But I do my best the same as hedid when it comes to winning, Sir." The ship captain nodded and smiled as he replied. "I knowyou do, son. Your record shows that in spades. Which is why you where called here today." TheColonial then spoke up, carrying on where the Captain had left off. "This mission is of highpriority.. If you choose to accept this, you will be going in at high risk in a one or at most two manteam. We have the location of a Prisoner of War camp located 2 kilometers south of the NorthVietnamese border.. In this camp, we believe that a high priority target we need rescued andevacuated out. The son of a well known Senator. We believe there are at least five others withhim, if possible, rescue them all and bring them to the location that will be marked on the mapsprovided for the mission. If you wish to bring another soldier to help, that will be fine, but no morethan one other.. With the events that have happened today, I cannot express the need for secrecy and confidentiality on this. With the evacuations being tied up and coming to an end, thetransport helicopter out will only be able to stay for so long, so time will be a major factor in thisfor you. You will also have to leave immediately for this mission. The fleet cannot stay here for more than forty-eight hours. So that doesn't give you much time. Do you accept?"Pravius thought for a long moment as he looked over the mission papers in the folder handed tohim. "In an out.. I'll take one soldier with me.. Need someone to carry the gear and who won'tslow me down.. I'll get it done..." The ship Captain nodded and replied. "Excellent. LieutenantHays will escort you to the armory and supply room so you can get ready.. You'll have to leavewithin the next two hours if you want to get back on time.. Let him know who you wish to haveaccompany you and they will be debriefed and sent to report to you when you are ready to leave."Giving a salute and a nod, Pravius acknowledged them and turned to follow the Lieutenant backout the door again, heading towards the armory.The next hour was spent well.. Pravius at quickly in the mess hall and made his way to thearmory, preparing himself for his mission, the whole time keeping his mind focused on the taskahead.. Packing away mines, grenades, explosives. Grabbing a scoped M14 sniper rifle andslinging over his shoulder along with taking a large box of ammo and putting it in his pack,Pravius was almost ready. He browsed over the selection once more before smiling and pullingan MP-5 down from the wall.. Inspecting the Marine weapon, Pravius muttered, "Nice.. Taking
this one.." to himself. Arming himself and gathering enough explosives, ammunition and other supplies for the journey, he looked around for a moment to see if anyone was around.. Not seeingLt. Hays nearby, Pravius reached into his side pocket and pulled out something that he has notused in a great many years.. Blowing air over the emitter end of it, knocking some dust off, heinspected his old lightsaber again before clasping it onto his belt beside his field knife. Finally, hewas ready. Making his way back out onto the deck again, he looked around for a moment beforemoving towards the helicopter that was to take him to his destination. As he approached it andthrew his things into the back of it, his attention was grabbed by a voice behind him approaching."Of all the people on this Navy tub, you ask for me? What did I do to you?" Pravius turnedaround, seeing Staff Sergent Crabtree walking up with his pack and supplies on him. He gave aserious look as he replied to his ally. "Wasn't anything personal.. Know you are eager to headback stateside.. But you are the best spotter I could think of... Being sent on this one lastmission.. I'm sure you've already been briefed on the the details?" Crabtree nodded and threwthis things in the back of the helicopter as well before jumping in and taking a seat. "Yeah, theL.T. gave me the rundown of what we are going to be doing.. Don't have a good feeling about thisone either.. Only two of us being sent in... Even if one of us is You." Pravius didn't reply, heclimbed in and sat in the seat beside the pilot, thinking of the bad feeling of this mission he wasgetting himself.. He knew the Force was speaking to him about this.. He could feel it. Though hepushed these feelings aside for now, ignoring what he could feel to focus on what is to come."Lets go!" He called out to the pilot as the propellers picked up speed, deafening out all soundbut the engine of the craft. Slowly, they lifted off and left the ship behind, making their way backtowards the land mass in front of them.. Back into the jungles.The flight took several minutes. Long enough for Crabtree to smoke another cigarette as hewatched the approach in silence. Pravius was busy feeling the darkness and evil's of this junglewashing over him once again as they made their way back over land. That dark feeling wasstrong here. The Dark Side itself is strong here he knew. He sighed out a deep breath and kepthis eyes locked on the surrounding treeline as they lowered closer to the ground for drop off.Grabbing their packs and preparing their weapons, Pravius called out "This is close enough!" tothe pilot when they where hovering roughly five feet off the ground. As the pilot held his position,the two men lept out, landing on their feet hard and running forward, covering each other andwatching the treeline in case they had been seen upon entering. As the helicopter rose back intothe sky and began flying off, Pravius looked at his ally and motioned for him to take point at thetreeline in front of them. Crabtree ran about fifteen feet in front and knelt down, holding his M-16rifle up and scanning all around for movement as Pravius ran past him into the trees. Once intothe Jungle a short ways, he crouched down behind a tree and looked out, down the sight of hisMP-5, making sure the way was clear before he motioned for Crabtree to move up to him. "Howfar is it to the target?" He asked as he crouched down beside him behind the tree. Pravius pulledhis map out from his shirt pocket and unfolded it some, pulling his compass out from a pouch onhis hip and placing it on the map, he looked around for signs of exactly where their position wascompared to the target location. "Looks to be roughly ten kilometers north by northeast fromhere.. That direction." He replied after a moment, pointing in the direction they will be going."Got it." Crabtree replied. "I'll take point again. Lets hurry and get this over with.." He addedbefore he stood up and ran forward a ways, keeping low and holding his rifle up, watching thedarkened jungle all around him as he moved. Pravius right behind him about ten feet, keepinglow himself.. Stretching out with his feelings and senses deeper into the darkness than his eyescould penetrate. Feeling the movements of everything around as they marched on.After a few hours of the journey, fatigue begins to set in slightly. The intense humidity and heat othe jungle wears on them both. Sweat dripping off of Pravius's brow onto his rifle as he continuedto push forward as much as he could. "Sir. Lets halt here for a minute.. I need a drink of water and to catch my breath.." Crabtree quietly called out ahead of him. Pravius halted and lookedback, not wanting to stop at all. But feeling his comrade would not be much use if he ended upgetting dehydrated or to exhausted to keep his full attention on the task at hand. "Fine.. Fifteenminutes and we move on again." Not missing a beat, Crabtree parked himself at the foot of alarge tree, setting his rifle against it and leaning back. He pulled out his canteen and began

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