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List 17

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Published by PARTHIBAN

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Published by: PARTHIBAN on Oct 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[HEADER]Category=GREDescription=List #17PrimaryField=1SecondaryField=2[DATA]WordDefinitionpalateroof of the mouth; sense of tastepalatialmagnificentpalliatelessen the severity ofpalliateto make something appear less serious, to alleviate, to gloss over, put a positive spin onpalpabilitycan be felt, touched, understoodpalpitatetremble, beat rapidly and irregularlypanegyricformal praise, eulogyparadigma model, example, or patternparenthesissentense within another one, smth separatedpariahan outcast, a rejected and despised personparsimonioustoo economical, miserlypartisanone-sided, committed to a party, biased or prejudicedpatronregular customer; person who gives supportpaucityscarcity, a lacking ofpeccadillosmall sin; small weakness in one's characterpedanticbookish, showing off learningpedestriancommonplace, trite, unremarkablepellucidtransparent, easy to understandpenchantstrong inclination, a likingpenitentfeeling or showing regretpenuryextreme povertyperegrinationtraveling about, wanderingperemptoryurgent, imperative, unchallengeable, ending debateperenniallasting for a long time (eg. a year)perfidioustreacheres, faithlessperfidytreachery; breaking of faithperfunctorydone as a duty withour careperilousdangerousperipateticwanderingperishbe destroyed; decayperjurywilful fasle statement, unlawful actpermeatespread into every part ofperniciousharmful, injuriousperpetratebe guilty; commit (a crime)perseverekeep on steadily, continuepersonablepleasing in appearance, attractiveperspicacityquick judging and understandingpertainbelong as a part, have referencepestdestructive thing or a person who is nuisancepetrifiedtaken away power (to think, feel, act)petrifyto make hard, rocklikepetrouslike a rock, hard, stonypetulantunreasonably impatientphilistinea smug ignorant person; one who lacks knowledgephlegmaticcalm, sluggish temperament; unemotionalpicaresqueinvolving clever rogues or adventurerspiedof mixed colorspinchbe too tight, take between the thumb and fingerpiousdutifull to parents; devoted to religionpiquantagreeably pungent, stimulatingpiquehirt the pride or self-respect, stir (curiosity)pitfallcovered hole as a trap, unsuspected danger

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