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Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 24-30 2011)

Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 24-30 2011)

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Our language is truth, our spirit is liberty.
Our language is truth, our spirit is liberty.

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Published by: Berteni Cataluña Causing on Oct 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. II No. 72 ISSN 2094-4098 OCTOBER 24-30, 2011 P15.00
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Lim fres own man or bribe take
Page 8
NPC launcheshousing projectin Bulacan
ET the dead bury their dead.” This passage is quoted from the Book of Luke, Chapter 9 of the New Testament.But how can a dead man bury his corpse when he is already dead?This simply means that a man or a woman has the right to choose his orher graveyard.
But all these rules can be followed only when noone is offended, that thestate is not offended, andhistory as the teacher of the future is not offended.After all, right endswhere the rights of others begin.In the case of the dic-tator who ruled the Philip- pines with iron hand from1965 to 1986, can it besaid that the wishes of hisloved ones should be com- plied with or be allowed?The dictator’s wife,Imelda, who now servesas the representative of theSecond District of Ilocos Norte, his daughter Imeewho serves as the governor of Ilocos Norte, his other daughter Irene Marcos-Araneta who is a private person, and his son Fer-dinand Jr. or “Bongbong”who serves as a senator aredemanding from PresidentBenigno Simeon “P-Noy”So that he or she writeshis or her last will and tes-tament to command his or her heirs or executor or ex-ecutrix to bury him or her in the particular place heor she desires. And if he or she does, that is respectedunder the rule on succes-sion in honor of the dead.And if he or she willedit, let thy will be done.Absent any hindranceon moral or divine or le-gal reasons, the will of thedead should be followed tothe letter.In the case of Marcos,there has been nothing onrecord that shows he lefta will.And if he did not leaveany last will and testa-
ment, then the rst rule is
the everlasting maxim thatsays: “Dust thou art to dustreturnest.”This rule may be sub- ject to another rule: thewill of his loved ones.Aquino III to allow theformer dictator to be bur-ied at the heroes’ place.This cry of the Marco-ses began when the ArmedForces of the Philippines(AFP) buried at the Lib-ingan ng mga Bayani thedead body of former Gen-eral Angelo T. Reyes, whodied by shooting himself  before the graveyard of Angie’s mother and father after having been inves-tigated by the Senate onmilitary corruption issues.
A condante of P-Noy
said that it was the militaryleadership that decided to bury Reyes there and thePresident was only caughtunaware that when knownit was too late to say “no.”It is more than 22 yearssince former strongmanFerdinand Edralin MarcosSr. breathed his last onSeptember 28, 1989. Untilnow, his earthly remainsare still there for the view-ing inside a freezer on hisancestral house in Batac,Ilocos Norte.The process of main-taining freshness of thecorpse is costly. But hisloved ones felt no pain of money: they can afford iteven in billions of dollars.As had been report-ed, Marcos and his wifeImelda had moved billionsof dollars of public fundsto the United States, Swit-zerland, and other coun-tries as well as into corpo-rations of cronies duringtheir 21 years in power.It was further reportedthat when the Marcoses
ed to Hawaii in 1986,
the United States Customsagents uncovered 24 suit-cases of gold bricks anddiamonds hidden in diaper 
 bags as well as certicates
of gold bullions in billionsof dollars.Critics also taggedMarcos as the quintessen-tial kleptocrat for looting billions of dollars from thePhilippine treasury.The glamorous life of Imelda was unveiled when2,700 pairs of her shoeswere seized in the presi-dential mansion.Actually, Marcos, alsocalled “Apo Lakay” bythe Ilocanos, can be a can-didate for the GuinnessBook or Ripley’s Believeit or Not as the only manwhose body has been pre-served in a freezer for 22years now!As recorded, the onlyhuman cell or tissue thathad been successfully pre-served in 22 years is se-men.In an experimental preservation process calledcryopreservation – a pro-cess where cells or wholetissues are preserved bycooling to low sub-zerotemperatures, such as
IAMOND is forever. And, as years pass by,the price of this precious stone appreciates,and constantly winning perception that it isonly for the beauty of the rich and the famous.But what happened to the diamonds seized bythen Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group (PASG)from British national Siu Ting Alpha Kwok re-versed both the nature and the value.This is because as years count on, the seized pre-cious stones depreciated.
Highly-placed sources revealed that small pieces
of these diamonds seized from Kwok were looted by agents.At the time of seizure, instead of doing an inven-tory some agents pocketed those small pieces.The sources bared that some of these diamondsmay have already been sold that many agents ac-quired sports utility vehicles.The bad reputation of this agency created byGloria Macapagal Arroyo during her watch wasthe reason that President Benigno Simeon “P-Noy”Aquino III did not renew the lifetime of PASG.As a result of this extremely bad reputationcaused by numerous complaints from importers,many law enforcers detailed in this agency were
 placed in oating statuses or given assignments of 
less importance.
The arrest
On August 10, 2009, the defunct PASG that was perceived to be so corrupt as their boss seized the
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Vol. II No. 72
October 24-30, 2011
 Design & Layout:
 All news articles and opinions expressed by the writers
are entirely their own and do not reect the opinion of the
 publisher, the management or the editor of this publication.
 All Rights Reserved:
No part of this publication may be copied or reproducednor translated in any language or form for commercial pur- poses without prior written permission from the publisher and its writers or columnists.
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−196 °C (the boiling point
of liquid nitrogen) – onlya semen sample has sur-vived in 22 years.After 22 years, that se-men sample has to breatheits last and is no use for human fertilization.Marcos’ remains will
denitely look fresh seem
-ingly sleeping tight notlike semen that should bethrashed after 22 years.But for the dead body of Marcos, he should be giv-
en a dignied burial even
as a simple man, not onlyfor the fact that he was a part of the nation’s histo-ry, no matter how bad that part was.The stand of 
 Dyaryo Magdalo
is, if indeed theMarcoses want to burytheir dead, let it be buriedto his kingdom come: inIlocos Norte.There, no one andnothing would be of-fended. There, he will be judged. Whether he wason the wrong side of his-tory, let all the childrensomeday learn and say so.Bongbong is now asenator and he is the sena-tor of the whole State. Sothat means he should actfor the State and not for his family’s sake.Be a statesman, Bong- bong. By becoming oneis to ensure that one’s actsare in congruence with theinterest of the State for a peaceful country.Bongbong knows thatabout half of the Filipino population is against the proposal to bury his father at the Libingan ng mgaBayani.As a statesman, heshould look at the entiresituation not on strengthor weakness of the argu-ment that his father did amorally and legally dig-
nied job to the country.He should listen to the
 passion against his father.Bongbong should notforce the issue of whether his father is a hero or not.
He should rather let others
say so. After all, a personis a hero or not dependson the reputation of that person. Reputation meanswhat others say of that person; it is not what per-son says of his self.Bongbong should notinsist on whether P-Noyhas no word of honor for refusing to bury FerdinandSr. at the Libingan ng mga
Bayani. He should listen
to the word of the peoplethat is always honor-able because they are thevoice of God. After all, itis the word of the peoplethat matters and not of P- Noy’s.The bad blood betweenthe Marcoses and theAquinos are not materialhere.Bongbong should not be swayed by the pain of 
their hearts. He should
listen to others’ hearts.Most importantly,Bongbong should remem- ber that he is a senator. Assuch, he is not only a sena-tor of those who voted for 
him. He should know he
is also a senator of thosewho did not vote for himand who are still angry athis father.Being a statesman hasnever been to wipe awaythe pain in one’s self. Itis for one not to cause dis-turbance to the peace andquiet of the State even tothe point of pain to one’sself.The better rule of pru-dence is for him to do ei-ther of the two things: (a)to bury his father in Ilocos Norte; or (b) to keep thatdead body refrigeratedforever.After all, the better actof a statesman is to give
a sacrice. So why notmake a sacrice if you re
-ally love the Filipino andnot only the “loyalists”?Presidents ManuelLuis Quezon, Sergio Os-meña and Ramon Mag-saysay were buried some-where else. People look high on them.The real 14th PresidentFernando Poe Jr. was bur-ied only at the North Cem-etery. But he is revered as“The King.” Ninoy Aquino was bur-ied at the Loyola Memo-rial Park beside another  president, President Cory.But he is called a hero andhis wife a democracy icon.Jose Rizal was buriedat the Luneta. But we alllook at him as the Nation-
al Hero.
Andres Bonifacio waskilled and buried in themountains of Maragon-don, Cavite. But we alsoagree that without Rizalhe is undisputedly the
“King of Heroes.”
Lapu-lapu was buriedin the place we do noteven know. But history
makes him the First Hero.
Sultan Kudarat was buried in an unknown place. But he is our hero,too, for giving his life for the country just to driveaway the Spanish coloniz-ers.
Hashim Salamat was
 buried in the hills wedon’t know. But he isundoubtedly the hero of the Bangsamoro peoplewho are also the country’s people.Turn back the page of time and know whether Bongbong’s father de-serves to enter the gateof the Libingan ng mgaBayani that says: “I do notknow the dignity of his birth, but I do know theglory of his death.”Ferdinand Marcos is best or worst rememberedas the late strongman andhis wife Imelda as the
“Iron buttery.” Their 
 powers are best memo-rized by the phrase“con- jugal dic-tatorship.”The late strong-man declared martial lawon September 21, 1972 by virtue of Proclamation No. 1081 that he twistedand tweaked to his likingand he succeeded by usingthe law of force and notManila International Air- port upon his returnfrom a long exilein the UnitedStates.The wors-ening politicalturmoil that fol-lowed forcedBongbong’sfather to call asnap electionthe force of law.The stronghold of theMarcoses, including theyoung Bongbong then,shook hard when Benigno“Ninoy” Aquino was as-sassinated on August 21,1983 at the tarmac of thethat he won in February1986. But the massiveelection fraud drove themasses to install Corazon“Cory” Aquino to power.It is not the burial place. It is the glory of death.
Kwok diamonds looted! 
From page 1
diamonds, other precious pieces of jewelry and loosestones.The PASG raidedKwok’s condominium
unit at Pacic Place Con
-dominium, Amethyst St.,Pearl Drive, Ortigas Cen-ter, Pasig City.Kwok, a British nation-al, was said to have beencaught red-handed as shewas going about her busi-ness of selling and trad-ing diamonds and other  precious stones in OrtigasCenter, Pasig City.The PASG said the bust came after a PASGoperative pretended to bea buyer of diamonds whilesurveying the place of  business of Kwok.The PASG further saidthat with a search war-rant issued by the ManilaRegional Trial Court, itsteam led by Police Senior Inspector Carl Joseph B.
Jaucian and Police Ofcer 
III Florante Azur raidedthe condominium units of Kwok and seized assorteddiamonds, precious stonesand pieces of jewelrysecured in two securityvaults.The PASG said it wasdiscovered that Kwok didnot have any business per-mit from the barangay or the Business Permit’s Of-
ce of Pasig City.
The PASG added thatshe also did not issue re-ceipts for all her sale trans-actions.The PASG said its veri-
cation with the Depart
-ment of Labor and Em- ployment established thatMs. Kwok had no Work-ing Permit, making hereviolate her visa.
The escape
It was reported thatKwok slipped through theeyes of PASG agents be-cause their hands were fullat the diamonds and their eyes were amazed seeingthe brilliance they never saw before.It was also reported thatthe PASG was only lucky because the Bureau of Im-migration (BI) was timelyalerted that its agents man-age to apprehended her onimmigration violations.When she was arrested,Kwok posted bail beforethe BI.In other words, she wasarrested two times.Through his lawyer Bonifacio Alentajan, Al-
 pha Kwok led a com
 plaint before the Ofce of 
the Ombudsman against
PASG ofcers led by now
Dangerous Drugs BoardChairman Antonio “Be- bot” Villar, Jr.This even led to accu-sation of Alentajan that hewas mauled by a deputy
ofcer of Villar.
These reported eventswere culled from newspa- pers’ and columnists’ ac-counts.
Doing business by reer-rals
It was known thatKwok did business only by referrals.During her stay inthe country for 17 years,Kwok traveled more than170 times to and from
In all those years, her 
 business must have our 
-ished because she man-aged to stay that long andlive in a high-end lifestyle.
Devaluation o values oseized diamonds
To dertemine the genu-iness of the seized pre-cious gems, a licensedgemologist was hired bythe PASG to help in theinventory of the seizeddiamonds.It was learned that the
value was pegged at rst at
half a billion pesos.On August 14, 2009,the PASG claimed that theappraisal of less than onethird of the whole lot wasP100 million pesos.Thus, the diamondslost their luster.From that claim of theappraiser, the PASG de-clared that the total valuewas only P250 million.
Looting pieces o smalldiamonds
It was reported thatthe reason the values of the diamonds seized werereduced in terms of thenumber of carats was thatagents of PASG pocketedsmall pieces.Some of them thereafter acquired luxury sports util-ity vehicles.Actually, supportingthe report that agents stolesome pieces of the dia-monds is the fact that thePASG had been reportedto be involved in raids andarrests that were intenselyquestioned.The PASG was alsoquestioned for the escapeof the owner of the bigchunks of shabu worth bil-lions of pesos seized insidethe Subic Freeport.That was so, althoughthere were reports point-
ing to SBMA ofcials as
the culprits who allowedthe captured shabu bearer to escape.In many other inci-dents, there were groups of importers and brokers whorose against the PASG for  being robbers and raiderswithout any legal basis.It was also gathered by
 Dyaryo Magdalo
that two
top ofcials of the PASG
nearly came to duel over acts of one protecting an-other’s catch.In one incident, one of-
cial went inside Villar’sofce, shouted at another ofcial being talked to by
This incoming ofcial
shocked Villar and this of-
cial with the shout: “Bu
-munot ka, barilan na langtayo!”After recovering fromthe surprise, Villar told the
two ofcers to allow himto leave rst and let them
settle their scores at eachother inside with only thetwo of them.It was learned thatwhen one of the two of-
cials raided and appre
-hended smugglers andsmuggled goods, the other 
ofcer would order thesame agents on the eld to
let go of the arrested per-sons and goods.In other incident, the
other ofcer would arrest
the smugglers protected by
that ofcer who made the
challenge to a duel.It was not known how
Villar pacied his two of 
Confrmed diamondssmuggler
Kwok was perceived asa true-blooded smuggler.She was said to haveadmitted she was alsothe same Kwok Siu Tingcaught for unlawful impor-tation of assorted jewelry atthe Ninoy Aquino Interna-tional Airport on March 8,1997.She was also said tohave also admitted shewas apprehended and in-vestigated by NAIA Cus-
October 24-30, 2011
Vol. II No. 72
From page 2
Gives his cellphone numbers, email address for people to ‘text’ or email him
YARYO Mag-dalo
obtainedan “unspo-ken of” newsthat CustomsDeputy Commissioner for Intelligence Danilo
D. Lim has red a man
he brought with him tosupposedly execute thetrust of the people in himthrough the mandate of President Benigno Sime-on Aquino III.It was not immedi-ately known who this person was except for a piece of information that
said that the man red byLim was a military of
-cer close to him.highly-placed sourcestold
 Dyaryo Magdalo
that Lim somehow sacri-
ced an enduring friend
-ship when he decidedto give this person awalking order after con-
rming from his ownsources that this ofcer 
he trusted then so muchstrayed away from the public trust by receivinga bribe.This somehow recon-
rmed the reputation of 
the man who once wassaid to have refused mil-lions of pesos and free-dom from prison offeredhim in exchange for acooperation with theadministration of GloriaMacapagal Arroyo.To avoid shaminghis man, Lim did thedismissal by just tellingthe person to walk awaywithout any more discus-sion.The former chief of the Army’s Scout Rang-ers once led a band of rebel soldiers in the1989 coup d’etat againstthen President CorazonAquino, mother of theman who appointed himto the Customs’ No. 2 position.Lim was detained bythe Arroyo administra-tion after having beenaccused of trying to leadhis full-battle-gearedmen in a march againsther when the contro-versial
 Hello Garci
tapescandal went at its high-est.After attending a trialof the rebellion chargesalong with Senator An-tonio Trillanes IV, Limmarched with Magdalosoldiers and renegades toseize Manila Peninsula
Hotel, that almost du
- plicated the seize of thesame group of Oakwood
Hotel also in Makati
He ran for senator 
under the banner of Lib-eral Party but he landed beyond the top 12 butwithin the top 20.After the one-year  ban for appointment toelection losers, P-Noynamed him to the No. 2 post with fellow defeat-ed senatorial candidateRuffy Biazon gettingthe top post as CustomsCommissioner, replac-ing the controversial An-
gelito Alvarez red after 
failing to account for the2,000 missing container vans.
Having learned from
the behavior of his man,other sources of 
 Dyaryo Magdalo
said that Limexpressed doubts on hisother men he named tosurround him and to takecare of the trust reposedin him.As one of his counter-measures to ensure hisown men never talks withstrange characters, Limissued a public order af-ter having been informed by some members of themedia that “importersare confronted with dif-
culties in processing
their respective ship-ments reportedly due tostrict rules currently im- plemented in the Bureauof Customs (BOC).”To ensure that any- body, especially thecomplaining importers,
talk to him in con
-dence, Lim announcedhis cellular phone num- bers 09152312637 and09279496623 and emailaddress boc@gendanny-lm.org and they can callor text him.
He further said in this
order dated October 21,2011:“I wish to inform allduly-accredited import-
ers that this ofce per 
-forms an above-boardimplementation of Cus-toms Laws and Regula-
tions. This ofce will
neither abuse its author-ity nor circumvent rulesin the exercise of its duty.“I personally guaran-
tee that the ofce will
not cause disruption of the normal trade facilita-tions, unless supported by valid reasons as pro-vided by the TCCP. This
ofce will faithfully ex
-ercise its mandate in thehighest standards of pub-lic duty in order to pro-tect the interest of our State and its people.“We shall remainsteadfast in our war against corruption andsmuggling at the BOC,a task that is sought byPresident Benigno S.Aquino III and the Filipi-no people. I am request-ing the support of all
importers in this ght by
way of providing infor-mation directly to me.”Recently, Lim issueda memorandum callingon licensed customs bro-
toms Arrival OperationsDivision led by then Act-ing Examiner Estelita B. Nario for outright smug-gling into the country theassorted jewelry weighing2.2 kilos valued US$3,368.Kwok was apprehendedat the arrival area of NAIAwhile disembarking from
Cathay Pacic Airwaysight from Hong Kong on
March 8, 1997 or 12 years before her apprehension byPASG at her condominiumunit in Pasig City.
Diamonds deposited atBSP
The precious gems andother glamorous pieces of stones were reported tohave been deposited in-side a vault of the BangkoSentral ng Pilipinas for safekeeping.Early this year, after a tiresome legal battle to put Kwok behind bars for smuggling diamonds, of-
cials of the PASG turned
over the diamonds to thecare of the Bureau of Cus-toms, as well as the docu-ments pertinent to thesmuggling case.The turnover wassparked by the issuanceof Executive Order No. 18on December 9, 2010 byPresident Benigno Simeon“Noynoy” Aquino III or-dering the abolition of theanti-smuggling agency.With the turnover,PASG Director Jeffrey Pa-tawaran informed VioletaMejia of Bangko Sentral
ng Pilipinas that the Ofce
of the President has signi-
ed willingness to pay all
the obligations of the de-funct PASG.In can be recalled that
PASG ofcials led charg
-es before the Departmentof Justice against Kwok for violating the Tariff andCustoms Code of the Phil-ippines and National In-ternal Revenue Code after the precious articles wereseized inside her condo-minium unit.Initially, the panel of three investigating pros-ecutors absolved Kwok of any crime.
However, the PASG
appealed and then Secre-tary Agnes Devanaderareversed the resolution
nding probable cause
that Kwok committedcrimes of smuggling andtax evasion.
Kwok diamonds looted! 
kers transacting in theBOC to stop bribing any-one using his name as hehas neither authorizedanyone to solicit “tara”nor will accept bribes.“Let it be a publicknowledge that: I nei-ther asked for ‘Tara’ nor appointed anyone to so-licit either for myself or 
for my ofce,” Lim de
-clared.Lim has committedto snuff at birth all at-tempts to undermine or sabotage his missionsand mandate by unscru- pulous men in the BOCor by anyone closely as-sociated to him.
“I am at a rm belief 
that a tight moral rec-titude deserves highestrespect from all -- thatno one: even a friend, anally, and a family mem- ber, has a birthright todesecrate what it rep-resents and stands for.I live with this convic-tion,” Lim said.So far, the BOC Intelchief is highly reveredtoday as the face of in-tegrity and gallantryexpected of a public of-
cial and as a former 
Filipino soldier.

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