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Stu Greenleaf, candidacy papers

Stu Greenleaf, candidacy papers

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Published by jmicek
State Sen. Stu Greenleaf, R-Montgomery, files to run in NH primary.
State Sen. Stu Greenleaf, R-Montgomery, files to run in NH primary.

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Published by: jmicek on Oct 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Greenleaf places name on New Hampshire Ballot:More a Campaign for America...Less a Candidacy for Office
Huntingdon Valley, PA -
Suffocated by skyrocketing debt, worried about the future, andsearching for its economic heartbeat, the United States of America and her citizenscontinue to search for great and innovative solutions on the journey toward a brighter future.On Friday, October 28th, Stewart J. Greenleaf placed his name on the New Hampshire ballot – not to run for President, but to put forth ideas to help America reach these goals.“My name is on the New Hampshire ballot for President of the United States becauseevery four years New Hampshire voters listen, they process, they seek out the best ideasand they elevate those ideas into the national debate,” Greenleaf said. “We must resolveour national debt not only so our nation survives, but so that we as Americans thrive and prosper once again.”A problem solver, optimist, and Pennsylvania State Senator representing a district in thelong shadow of Independence Hall, Greenleaf believes there’s a debt-free way forwardfor our nation and its taxpayers by collateralizing the dollar based on our nation assets.“My goal is to help inspire a debate about solving our national debt, about putting our reckless spending behind us, and building a bright future based on our shared nationalassets. We as a free people own - conservatively - $127 trillion in assets. We mustleverage what we own, restore our credit, and return to the path of prosperity and progress.”Seeking the office of the President isn’t Greenleaf’s goal. A passionate public servant inhis home state of Pennsylvania, Greenleaf seeks to add to the debate in New Hampshireand stimulate a real and robust discussion on eliminating our national debt and making itunconstitutional for future Presidents and Congresses to pass unbalanced budgets in thefuture.
“My family - my wife, my children, my grandchildren - we have a wonderful life andquiet, cheery home. My goal isn’t about moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. My goalis to enter ideas into the great debate that is the 2012 Presidential Election.”“Too often today, with the press enamored with the issue of the day and too many ideasdismissed out of hand because of partisan bickering, garnering attention for new ideasrequired this unusual step.”Greenleaf resides in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and serves more than 240,000Pennsylvanians in the 12th Senatorial District.“My goal is national solvency now and for the future, so that American workers andAmerican businesses can get back to expanding, innovating and prospering again. I wantour still competitive industries to have the chance to compete and I want to ensure thatour advanced technologies and new products are not stolen and counterfeited. I want theAmerican worker to have every possible opportunity for employment in this country,”Greenleaf said.Attached is a four page document with five critical ideas Greenleaf believes our nextPresident, regardless of their political party, must implement.
 Attachment included below
A Debt-Free USA is a Free USA
“A debt-free USA is a truly free USA – no longer hostage to foreign creditors, no longer enslaving future generations to unconscionable indebtedness, no longer trapped in aneconomic paralysis. By restoring American solvency, we will restore American sovereignty and our greatness as an engine of enterprise and prosperity for all our citizens.”
- Senator Stewart Greenleaf 
Prior to 1971 the U.S. dollar was backed by gold. Since then our currency has not been backed by anything of value - except for more than $2 trillion in income taxes collected by the federal treasury from American workers.We as a nation, we as American taxpayers, own great resources - conservativelyestimated at $127 trillion. Federal assets such as mineral and timber rights and the valueof land and property holdings are vast and dwarf even our staggering $15 trillion nationaldebt.Greenleaf noted that foreign governments hold several trillion in US Treasury bonds, andthe United States is in debt to China for about $1.5 trillion – a fact that impacts federal policies regarding trade, intellectual property rights, economic competitiveness, andnational security.“Backing the dollar with the value of federal assets would allow us to print $15 trillion to pay off our debt to foreign creditors and to the Federal Reserve, which has been buyingUS Treasury bills in an effort to keep the economy afloat,” Greenleaf said. “The moneythat has been printed in recent years is pretty much Monopoly money because it isn’t backed by anything of actual value.”Based on an estimate $127 trillion in assets, the $15 trillion to pay our debt wouldrepresent about 11.25 percent or our total federal assets. This versus continuing to spend25% of every tax dollar annually to service our $566 billion annual interest on our currentnational debt.

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