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Www Hackers Book Com Chapter Common Ways to Attack

Www Hackers Book Com Chapter Common Ways to Attack

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Published by api-3745308

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Published by: api-3745308 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright\ue000 2004:\ue000 www.hackersbook.com
Dear\ue000 customer,
thanks\ue000 for\ue000 your\ue000 order\ue000 and\ue000 your\ue000 download\ue000 from\ue000 the\ue000 online\ue000 reader\u2019s\ue000 area\ue000 of
the\ue000 chapter\ue000 \u201eCommon\ue000 ways\ue000 to\ue000 attack\ue000 a\ue000 network\u201c.
We\ue000 hope,\ue000 you\ue000 enjoy\ue000 reading\ue000 this\ue000 chapter\ue000 on\ue000 your\ue000 computer\ue000 screen\ue000 before
you\ue000 receive\ue000 the\ue000 copy\ue000 of\ue000 our\ue000 book.
Please\ue000 do\ue000 not\ue000 give\ue000 this\ue000 file\ue000 or\ue000 prints\ue000 of\ue000 this\ue000 file\ue000 to\ue000 third\ue000 parties.\ue000 It\u2019s\ue000 only\ue000 for

our\ue000 customers!
Best\ue000 regards,
Ingo\ue000 Haese

Copyright\ue000 2004:\ue000 www.hackersbook.com
Common\ue000 ways\ue000 to\ue000 attack\ue000 a\ue000 network
Exclusively\ue000 for\ue000 Hacker\u2018s\ue000 Black\ue000 Book\ue000 by\ue000 anonymous

Pinging\ue000 is\ue000 normally\ue000 the\ue000 first\ue000 step\ue000 involved\ue000 in\ue000 hacking\ue000 the\ue000 target.\ue000 Ping\ue000 uses
ICMP\ue000 (Internet\ue000 Control\ue000 Messaging\ue000 Protocol)\ue000 to\ue000 determine\ue000 whether\ue000 the
target\ue000 host\ue000 is\ue000 reachable\ue000 or\ue000 not.\ue000 Ping\ue000 sends\ue000 out\ue000 ICMP\ue000 Echo\ue000 packets\ue000 to\ue000 the
target\ue000 host,\ue000 if\ue000 the\ue000 target\ue000 host\ue000 is\ue000 alive\ue000 it\ue000 would\ue000 respond\ue000 back\ue000 with\ue000 ICMP
Echo\ue000 reply\ue000 packets.

All\ue000 the\ue000 versions\ue000 of\ue000 Windows\ue000 also\ue000 contain\ue000 the\ue000 ping\ue000 tool.\ue000 To\ue000 ping\ue000 a\ue000 remote
host\ue000 follow\ue000 the\ue000 procedure\ue000 below.

Click\ue000 Start\ue000 and\ue000 then\ue000 click\ue000 Run.\ue000 Now\ue000 type\ue000 ping\ue000 <ip\ue000 address\ue000 or\ue000 hostname> (For\ue000 example:\ue000 ping\ue000 yahoo.com).\ue000 Now\ue000 you\ue000 should\ue000 get\ue000 the\ue000 reply\ue000 as\ue000 shown below.

For\ue000 more\ue000 parameter\ue000 that\ue000 could\ue000 be\ue000 used\ue000 with\ue000 the\ue000 ping\ue000 command,\ue000 go\ue000 to
DOS\ue000 prompt\ue000 and\ue000 type\ue000ping\ue000 /?.
Ping\ue000 Sweep

If\ue000 you\ue000 are\ue000 undetermined\ue000 about\ue000 your\ue000 target\ue000 and\ue000 just\ue000 want\ue000 a\ue000 live\ue000 system,
ping\ue000 sweep\ue000 is\ue000 the\ue000 solution\ue000 for\ue000 you.\ue000 Ping\ue000 sweep\ue000 also\ue000 uses\ue000 ICMP\ue000 to\ue000 scan
for\ue000 live\ue000 systems\ue000 in\ue000 the\ue000 specified\ue000 range\ue000 of\ue000 IP\ue000 addresses.\ue000 Though\ue000 Ping
sweep\ue000 is\ue000 similar\ue000 to\ue000 ping\ue000 but\ue000 reduces\ue000 the\ue000 time\ue000 involved\ue000 in\ue000 pinging\ue000 a\ue000 range
of\ue000 IP\ue000 addresses.\ue000 Nmap\ue000 (http://www.insecure.org)\ue000 also\ue000 contains\ue000 an\ue000 option
to\ue000 perform\ue000 ping\ue000 sweeps.

Tracert:\ue000Tracert\ue000 is\ue000 another\ue000 interesting\ue000 tool\ue000 available\ue000 to\ue000 find\ue000 more

interesting\ue000 information\ue000 about\ue000 a\ue000 remote\ue000 host.\ue000 Tracert\ue000 also\ue000 uses\ue000 ICMP.
Tracert\ue000 helps\ue000 you\ue000 to\ue000 find\ue000 out\ue000 some\ue000 information\ue000 about\ue000 the\ue000 systems
involved\ue000 in\ue000 sending\ue000 data\ue000 (packets)\ue000 from\ue000 source\ue000 to\ue000 destination.\ue000 To\ue000 perform
a\ue000 tracert\ue000 follow\ue000 the\ue000 procedure\ue000 below.

Copyright\ue000 2004:\ue000 www.hackersbook.com
Go\ue000 to\ue000DOS\ue000 prompt\ue000 and\ue000 type\ue000tracert\ue000 <destination\ue000 address> (For
example:\ue000 tracert\ue000 yahoo.com).
But\ue000 there\ue000 are\ue000 some\ue000 tools\ue000 available\ue000 like\ue000 Visual\ue000 Traceroute\ue000 which\ue000 help\ue000 you
even\ue000 to\ue000 find\ue000 the\ue000 geographical\ue000 location\ue000 of\ue000 the\ue000 routers\ue000 involved.
Port\ue000 Scanning

After\ue000 you\ue000 have\ue000 determined\ue000 that\ue000 your\ue000 target\ue000 system\ue000 is\ue000 alive\ue000 the\ue000 next
important\ue000 step\ue000 would\ue000 be\ue000 to\ue000 perform\ue000 a\ue000 port\ue000 scan\ue000 on\ue000 the\ue000 target\ue000 system.
There\ue000 are\ue000 a\ue000 wide\ue000 range\ue000 of\ue000 port\ue000 scanners\ue000 available\ue000 for\ue000 free.\ue000 But\ue000 many\ue000 of
them\ue000 uses\ue000 outdated\ue000 techniques\ue000 for\ue000 port\ue000 scanning\ue000 which\ue000 could\ue000 be\ue000 easily
recognized\ue000 by\ue000 the\ue000 network\ue000 administrator.\ue000 Personally\ue000 I\ue000 like\ue000 to\ue000 use\ue000 Nmap

(http://www.insecure.org)\ue000 which\ue000 has\ue000 a\ue000 wide\ue000 range\ue000 of\ue000 options.\ue000 You\ue000 can
download\ue000 the\ue000 NmapWin\ue000 and\ue000 its\ue000 source\ue000 code\ue000 from:

Apart\ue000 from\ue000 port\ue000 scanning\ue000 Nmap\ue000 is\ue000 capable\ue000 of\ue000 identifying\ue000 the\ue000 Operating
system\ue000 being\ue000 used,\ue000 Version\ue000 numbers\ue000 of\ue000 various\ue000 services\ue000 running,
firewalls\ue000 being\ue000 used\ue000 and\ue000 a\ue000 lot\ue000 more.

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