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First, Second, Third Conditionals Exercises With Answers

First, Second, Third Conditionals Exercises With Answers



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Published by Raquel Gruner

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Raquel Gruner on Oct 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Some friends are planning a party. Everybody wants to party, butnobody's really keen on preparing and organizing the party. So everybodycomes up with a few conditions, just to make sure that the others will also dosomething.
1)Complete the Conditional Sentences Type I.
1) If Caroline and Sue _____________________ (prepare) the salad, Phil _____________________ (decorate) the house.2) If Sue (cut) ____________________ the onions for the salad, Caroline (peel) ________________________ the mushrooms.3) Jane (hoover) _______________________ the sitting room if Aaron and Tim(move) _________________________ the furniture.4) If Bob (tidy up) _______________________ the kitchen, Anita (clean) ____________________________ the toilet.5) Elaine (buy) _______________________ the drinks if somebody (help) ___________________________ her carry the bottles.6) If Alan and Rebecca (organize) ______________________ the food, Maryand Conor (make) ____________________________ the sandwiches.7) If Bob (look after) ________________________ the barbecue, Sue (let) ____________________________ the guests in.8) Frank (play) ______________________________ the DJ if the others (bring) _____________________________ along their CDs.9) Alan (mix) ____________________________ the drinks if Jane (give) _________________________ him some of her cocktail recipes.10) If they all (do) ___________________________ their best, the party (be) _________________________.
2) Complete the Conditional Sentences (Type I) by putting the verbsinto the correct form.
1) If you (send) ___________________ this letter now, she (receive) _________________________ it tomorrow.
2) If I (do) _____________________________ this test, I (improve) __________________________________ my English.3) If I (find) ________________________ your ring, I (give) ___________________________ it back to you.4) Peggy (go) _____________________ shopping if she (have) _________________________ time in the afternoon.5) Simon (go) _______________________ to London next week if he (get) _____________________________ a cheap flight.6) If her boyfriend (phone / not) ___________________________ today, she(leave) ___________________________ him.7) If they (study / not) __________________________ harder, they (pass / not) ________________________________ the exam.8) If it (rain) _____________________________ tomorrow, I (have to / not) ___________________________ water the plants.9) You (be able/ not) ____________________________ to sleep if you (watch) _______________________________ this scary film.10) Susan (can / move / not) ___________________________ into the newhouse if it (be / not) _______________________ ready on time.
3) Complete the Conditional Sentences Type II.
Janine is a daydreamer. She imagines what would happen if she won thelottery.1) If I (play) _________________ the lottery, I (have) ____________________________ a chance to hit the jackpot.2) If I (hit) _______________________ the jackpot, I (be) ________________rich.3) If I (be) _____________________ rich, my life (change) _________________________ completely.4) I (buy) ____________________ a lonely island, if I (find) ___________________________ a nice one.5) If I (own) ________________________ a lonely island, I (build) ___________________________ a huge house by the beach.
6) I (invent) ________________________ all my friends if I (have) ___________________________ a house by the beach.7) I (pick) ____________________ my friends up in my yacht if they (want) _______________________ to spend their holidays on my island.8) We (have) ________________________ great parties if my friends (come) ____________________________ to my island.9) If we (like) ________________________ to go shopping in a big city, we(charter) _____________________ a helicopter.10) But if my friends' holidays (be) ____________________ over, I (feel) _________________________ very lonely on my lonely island.
4) Complete the Conditional Sentences Type III.
What a match – your favourite team has lost again! So after the game,the supporters discuss what could have been different.1) If the midfielders (pass) _________________________the ball more exactly,our team (have) ________________________ more chances to attack.2) If the forwards (run) _______________________ faster, they (have score) _____________________________ more goals.3) Their motivation (improve) __________________________ if they (kick) ____________________________ a goal during the first half.4) The fullbacks (prevent) _________________________ one or the other goalif they (mark) _______________________________ their opponents.5) If the goalie (lump up) _________________________, he (catch) ________________________________ the ball.6) If the referee (see) _________________________ the foul, he (award) ___________________________ a penalty kick to our team.7) Our team (be) ________________________________ in better form if they(trained) _______________________________ harder the weeks before.8) The game (become) _____________________________ better if the trainer (send) ________________________________ a substitute in during thesecond half.9) If it (be) ______________________________ a home game, our team (win) ____________________________________ the match.

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