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10 31 2011 Crafterminds Transcript

10 31 2011 Crafterminds Transcript

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Published by Heather Mann
#crafterminds Twitter chat transcript. Topic: How to Make Money Blogging
#crafterminds Twitter chat transcript. Topic: How to Make Money Blogging

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Published by: Heather Mann on Oct 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HashTracking.com Report531 tweets generated
impressions, reaching an audience of 
followers within the past 24hoursCalculated from up to about 1000 tweets | Generated Mon Oct 31 2011 14:12:02 GMT-0700 (PacificDaylight Time)Top 10 by number of impressions1.crafterminds: 305,4482.modpodgerocks: 288,2753.rebeccaeparsons: 93,9904.whipup: 67,5185.infarrantly: 51,4506.dollarcraft: 14,6857.craftaholicanon: 14,1458.guiltycrafter: 11,1589.spazzgirl: 9,82310.kassarie: 9,196Top 10 by number of tweets1.crafterminds: 1322.modpodgerocks: 653.rebeccaeparsons: 394.creatingathome: 225.infarrantly: 216.craftmoore: 197.kassarie: 198.whipup: 189.mheulebead: 1510.guiltycrafter: 14Top 10 by number of followers1.beadinpath: 7,8482.centsationalgrl: 7,5853.blessedlife2: 5,7634.dollarcraft: 4,8955.modpodgerocks: 4,4356.graphicsfairy: 3,9167.whipup: 3,7518.crochetlibfront: 2,9029.craftaholicanon: 2,82910.chicmodern: 2,699
about 2 minutes ago @whipupIt was so awesome to have you at#crafterminds!!
about 3 minutes ago @craftermindsyeah, i think what makes it complicated is that your eggs are in many baskets. but i love wearing a lot of hats!#crafterminds
about 3 minutes agoRT@modpodgerocks: RT@crafterminds: 1. be yourself, 2. follow what you are passionate about, 3. ignore what you arent interested in, 4. have fun#crafterminds
about 3 minutes agoWhat I saw@BlogHerwas that there is room for all of us. We get further faster when we help each other.#crafterminds
about 4 minutes ago @craftermindsthat's good to hear!! well, guess it's all relative but no matter what it's some serious work. fun work though!#crafterminds
about 4 minutes agoTotally!! RT@crafterminds: Oh, I hear you can make $$ on Youtube if you are really good at it! :)#crafterminds
about 4 minutes agoOkay, so I guess that's about it, huh? I'll be here for a few moreminutes. I love procrastinating via chat!!#crafterminds
about 5 minutes agoOh, I hear you can make $$ on Youtube if you are really good atit! :)#crafterminds
about 5 minutes ago @loveforeverblogyou just have to cobble together an income doing design & blogging, huh?#crafterminds
about 6 minutes ago... (ditto) and I have to wear something other than sweats... RT@GuiltyCrafter: but then I need to put on mascara...#crafterminds
about 6 minutes ago @GuiltyCrafterHahah, and I have to take off my pj pants. (Good thing u can wear them for vlogging)#crafterminds
about 6 minutes ago @loveforeverblogSo interesting coming from you, Kayte. I would have guessed you were doing better than most!#crafterminds
about 7 minutes agoIt happens but then I need to put on mascara... RT@crafterminds: Aww, cmon, offline is how I met you at CHA & Blogher! :)#crafterminds
about 7 minutes ago @kassarieKeep your eye on conference webpages for call for speakers!#crafterminds
about 7 minutes ago @whipupThank you so much for joining, Kathreen. It was great to
have your wisdom!#crafterminds
about 7 minutes agoI joined one in Detroit, w/ monthly networking/educational events.Then I moved to Knoxville, and haven't found 1 here.#crafterminds
about 7 minutes agobetter to learn as a group, than everyone individually. many lookingto make $ w/blogs n businesses#crafterminds
about 8 minutes agoRT@modpodgerocks:@PearlGatewayGood call -@crafterminds, reaching out locally should be a topic!#crafterminds
about 8 minutes ago @GuiltyCrafterAww, cmon, getting offline is how I met you at CHA & Blogher! :)#crafterminds
about 9 minutes ago @PearlGateway http://t.co/u6nEZploor we can all start one somehow#crafterminds
about 9 minutes ago @PearlGatewayGood call -@crafterminds, reaching out locally should be a topic!#crafterminds
about 9 minutes ago(speaking of getting offline#shouldpracticewhatIpreach
) RT@modpodgerocks:@DustyCouture #crafterminds
about 9 minutes agoRT@PearlGateway: I would like tips on how to start a local bloggers networking group {future topic??}#crafterminds
about 9 minutes ago @craftmooreYou can find info for becoming a member of CHA at http://t.co/w4zGuSlj- I am a designer member#crafterminds
about 9 minutes agoI would like tips on how to start a local bloggers networking group{future topic??}#crafterminds
about 9 minutes agoknow your strengths & find work utilizing them!#crafterminds
about 9 minutes agoAgree RT@crafterminds: I think being a member of CHA (craft & hobb assn) is a great way to find paying gigs#crafterminds
about 10 minutes agoHow do you join? RT@crafterminds: I think being a member of 

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