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Published by beccamunson
Blue Valley Acceptable Use Guidelines
Blue Valley Acceptable Use Guidelines

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Published by: beccamunson on Nov 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Administrative Guidelines
for Board of Education Policy 3518“Use of Communication Technologies by Students”
 Use of technology is an important aspect of the education experience of BlueValley students. C
ommunication technologies 
afford new and exciting learningopportunities for the student. With those new opportunities also come new challengesregarding acceptable and responsible use. These administrative guidelines define therights and responsibilities of both the student and of the district relative to acceptableuse of
communication technologies 
.Student use of
communication technologies 
(whether or not owned or operatedby the school district) on school grounds or at school activities is a privilege for theeducational benefit of the student. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result indisciplinary action including, but not limited to, temporary or permanent loss of use.
Definition of
Communication Technologies 
 For the purposes of these guidelines, communication
include theInternet, World Wide Web (WWW), on-line services, e-mail, other internet-relatedservices, school and school district computer networks, and other applicable services ortechnologies either now in use or implemented in the future.
Communication technologies 
include technologies (whether or not owned by the school district) in useon school grounds or at school activities.Intended Use of
Communication Technologies 
Communication technologies 
are for the educational benefit of students. Studentuse of communications technology services and equipment for purposes other thaneducational without administrative approval may be restricted.
Blue Valley School District Rights and Responsibilities
 The district, as an education provider, has the responsibility to (a) help studentsto develop information skills necessary for successful educational use of
communication technologies 
, (b) develop student skills necessary for the appropriate and responsibleuse of
communication technologies 
, and (c) integrate the use of
communication technologies 
with approved curricula and activities. When unacceptable use of
communication technologies 
on the part of the student does occur, the district will takeappropriate disciplinary action and will notify parents\guardians and other officials aswarranted.BLUE VALLEY U.S.D. #229 ADMINISTRATIVE GUIDELINES1
 In order to ensure the security of district information resources, includingconfidential student files and personnel files, the district may restrict access to
communication technologies 
and reserves the right to access student electronic filesand account information on district owned computers.Student Rights and ResponsibilitiesStudent use of
communication technologies 
is a privilege intended for theeducational benefit of the student
Students must comply with the terms of theseguidelines, any applicable district Board policies, administrative guidelines, andoperating procedures relative to the use of
communication technologies 
. In using
communication technologies 
, the student willA) respect the rights of privacy of other students and district personnel;B) remember that all student communications represent the district and thusreflect on the integrity, ethics, and good name of the district as a K-12 publiceducation institution;C) apply the same standards of behavior, conduct, and courtesy as are expectedin the school, classroom, or other district setting;D) comply with all laws, Board policies, and administrative guidelines regardingthe use of copyrighted materials;E) not seek unauthorized access to school, district, other public, or privatecomputer networks, computers, or electronic files for any purpose; andF) comply with any and all related Board policies, administrative guidelines, andoperating procedures relative to acceptable and responsible use.
Unacceptable and Inappropriate Use
The following forms of use of
communication technologies 
are unacceptable andinappropriate and will be considered violations of Board policy and administrativeguidelines. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action, including but not necessarilylimited to, temporary or permanent loss of use. For example, it isunacceptable\inappropriate for students toA) create, copy, knowingly distribute, or post a computer virus;B) send messages using someone else's name or provide personal informationabout another individual;C) send messages that are inconsistent with school rules;D) send a message that is sexist, racist, or otherwise prejudicial or inflammatory;E) send messages or download files that knowingly contain obscene language,graphics, pictures, or attached graphics files, either encoded/encrypted or un-encoded/de-crypted;F) send chain letter-type messages that are not related to coursework;G) engage in online chat sessions that are not related to coursework;H) lend his/her account and/or password to other students and/or adults;BLUE VALLEY U.S.D. #229 ADMINISTRATIVE GUIDELINES2

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