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Question Bank CN

Question Bank CN



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Published by: api-3803382 on Oct 18, 2008
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100 mark theory

1. What is the principle difference between connectionless communication and
connection oriented communication?
2. What are two reasons for using layered protocols in communication networks?
3. What are the functions of following layers in OSIISO reference model:
i) Physical layer.
ii) Data link layer.
iii) Network layer.
iv) Transport layer.
4. Suggest various network topologies for
i) Broadcast networks ii) Point to point networks
List their advantages and disadvantages.
5. Which OSI layer is responsible for the following ?
i) Determining the best path to route packets.
ii) Providing end-to-end communication with reliable service.
iii) Providing node-to-node communication with reliable service.
6. Give the detailed comparison of OSl and TCP reference model for Networks.
7. Why do LANs tend to use broadcast networks?
8. List the six network topologies used for a point to point subnet topology?
9. Define LAN, MAN and WAN
10.Explain how data is transmitted and received in a seven layer OSI mode?
11.What are service primitives? Explain with examples.
12. Explain the service primitives used in connection oriented communications

13.State with reasons which of the seven layers of the OSlmodel wih play
a role in the following circumstances:
i) A user would like to use a preferred path for communication.
ii) A user wants to have secret communication for selected messages.
iii) The network supports a packet service with packet length of 1024
bytes. A user wants to send short messages of 128 bytes each.
iv) A user wants to acquire real time data from a remote site .
14. Explain in detail network software design issues.
15. How the computer networks are classified into different categories? Explain
16.What is interface, service and protocol? Explain how interface works with ,the
help of neat diagram.
17.What principles, are applied to arrive at seven layers of OSI-1S0 model?,
Give reasons for failure of this model.
18.Explain clientserver network
19 Explain in brief any four issues involved with design & implementation of
wireless networks.
20 Give classification of networks based on
i) Geographical Distance
ii) Protocol stack used
iii) Physical medium used
20. Explain peer-to-peer network
21.Explain following terms with reference to layered architecture '
i) Interfaces
ii) Services
iii) Protocol

Physical Layer

1. Explain the characteristics of transmission line.
2. Explain the transmission media ?
3. Which factors are consider while designing the transmission media ?
4. What are the different transmission medium used in communication?
5. What is the advantage of co-axial and fiber optic cable?
6. Explain the following media:
a) STP, b) UTP, c) FOC d) Co-axial;
7. Explain the message switching in telephone network.
9. Compare datagram and virtual circuit.
9. Write the difference between packet, circuit and message switching.
10. Draw the block diagram of modem and explain.
12. List the functions of modem at the transmitting end.
13. Explain the functions of modem at the receiving end.
14. Explain the working of modem.
15. List the features of modem.
16. List the different types of modem.
17. What is full duplex and half duplex modem?
18. What do you mean by four wire modem?
19. Write a short note on standard modem.
20. Explain the features of following modems:
a) Bell 103 mo.del11
b) Bell 212 modem
c) Bell 202 modem
21. Explain the Bell103 modem.
22. Explain the frequency division multiplexing.
23. Give the advantages and disadvantages of FDM.
24. What is TDM? Explain.
25.Explain working of modem with the help of blockdiagram.

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