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Predicted Increase in Disasters and Volcanic Activity in October 2011 Proves Correct

Predicted Increase in Disasters and Volcanic Activity in October 2011 Proves Correct

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Tremors do seem to be increasing and the Earth does seem to be awakening. Look at the news articles of October and decide for yourself...
Tremors do seem to be increasing and the Earth does seem to be awakening. Look at the news articles of October and decide for yourself...

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Susan Seymour Hedke (b. Susan. S. K. Haub). on Nov 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Predicted Incand especiallyActivity in Octhis Correct?
S. Seymour Hedke ______________________
Predictions of an increase ininvolving volcanic activity, fromway.Two thirds of Thailand is suppoeruptions have increased in the l
In the introductory sentence of t
an acceleration of disasteOctober 2011”.
 The support for this increased
My research of the last six yearland that sank long ago. This wialso climate anomalies.Although there are a numberreasons why I expected thincrease a major reasonbecause of an astrologicdiscovery made back in 2005,which a connection between“bow “aspect pointing at tGalactic Centre and the wordisasters in our Earth’s histowas found.Such a bow aspect began in thmonth of October and wcontinue through 2012 and 201
On the right – the Bow aspect
ease in DisastersVolcanicober 2011. Was
October 31 2011 ___________________________
the number of disasters, especiallyOctober 2011 onward seem to be going into f edly now underwater and small swarms of volcast month, as forecast most recently in an articl
his article the following forecast was made:
and of volcanic awakening can be e
activity follows after an introduction.
s suggests that the Mayan Prophecy is all aboull of course be related to other natural disasterisisalinaestryisill.ulfillment in a minornic earthquakes andentitled:
e Nine”
pected from this
t a volcanic rising of s like earthquakes as
I discovered the significance of the bow aspect after analyzing the charts of thousands of disastersthat occurred in a 2000 year period. (If you have already read my work you may understand what Iam explaining, in which case please scroll down to look at the list of significant disasters thatoccurred in October). I spent a number of years writing a book of over 530 pages about it:
TheGALACTIC CENTRE 2012 and the Great Waves Coming in December.
The method has allowed me tocorrectly predict a number of natural disasters including the
Haiti earthquake
on January 12 2010,New Zealand’s
Christchurch Earthquake
on September 3 UTC 2010, and the 7.4 earthquake on
December 2010
at the time of the full lunar eclipse, when the whole earth began shaking. Alsopredicted in advance was the increase in a number of disasters in 2010 including riots, which morethan doubled, also large earthquakes, where there were globally more large earthquake of magnitude 7 and over than since records of the USGS began in 1973. This was despite USGS loweringa number of earthquakes that would have originally also been on this list of magnitude 7 and overquakes!
As I expected the volcanic eruptions todramatically increase in 2010, I alsowrote an article in June 2009 entitled:
 2010 The Year of the Volcano”.
Ipredicted here, as also in my book thatthe spring of 2010, when the Sunentered Aries (March 20-21), would bethe time when the volcanoes wouldbegin awakening. On the very day theSun entered Aries the Iceland volcanoEyjafjallajökull did awaken, and evengrounded planes all over Europe whenthe Moon also entered that sign in midApril.
I also correctly predicted the eentitled: “
Judgment Day 21 Ma
aspect mentioned. Stronger eveThe most significant bow backby the North Node of theMidheaven and Uranus in Pisces 
Indian Ocean Earthquake an(right)
ruption of another volcano in Iceland on May
Most of these predictions trusted in thn than a bow aspect is a “bow and arrow” aspleft. This was involved also icorrectly predicted disasters.In 2012 the transit of the Mcan create a bow and arrowexisting Saturn – Neptune bobow and arrow is createdopposite the Galactic Centre sThe Tsunami in December 2“bow and arrow” aspect. In f two bows on that day. The bothe Sun and Pluto conjunct ththe Full Moon was oppositein 2004 was madeoon close to the.
d Tsunami 2004
Similar aspects to the Gpresent by other worst everthe famously loud and eKrakatau in 1883 where ovby the tsunami as the island
Krakatau erupts August 2(left)
1 2010, in an articlestrength of the bowect, as shown belown a number of theoon or other bodiesa
spect with the now. In 2013 a strongerhen Jupiter will beooting the arrow.004 showed such aact there were evenand arrow involvedGalactic Centre andshooting the arrow.alactic Centre werenatural disasters likeplosive eruption of r 30,000 were killedof Rakata collapsed.
6 1883 16:57 GMT

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