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P2 Changes PIP

P2 Changes PIP

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Published by thamestunnel

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Published by: thamestunnel on Nov 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project information paper
After phase one consultation, weanalysed all the feedback that wereceived during the consultationperiod and interim engagementevents. We considered thisinformation alongside thedevelopments in engineering designand any new information.This information paper explains howour proposed scheme has changedcompared to that presented at phaseone consultation and why. This isa high-level overview of the changes,for more detailed informationplease see our
Site information papers
Phase two schemedevelopment report
Main tunnel sites andtunnelling strategy
We require sites to build the maintunnel at:
each end of the main tunnel inwest and east London
suitable intervals along the route of the main tunnel
in locations where the type of geology that the main tunnel goesthrough changes.
our preferred sites related to ourtunnelling strategy for phaseone consultation and phasetwo consultation.
We have reviewed our preferred sites and tunnelling strategy to come
up with a revised and rened scheme for phase two consultation.
Phase one consultation preferred tunnelling strategyPhase two consultation preferred tunnelling strategy
Drive HDrive IDrive KDrive JDrive L
Acton Storm TanksHammersmith Pumping StationBarn ElmsBell Lane CreekKing George’s ParkTideway WalkKing’s Stairs GardensDruid StreetGreenwich Pumping StationAbbey Mills Pumping StationMain tunnelConnection tunnelLee Tunnel (under construction)Acton Storm TanksDormay StreetKing George’s ParkCarnwath Road RiversideKirtling StreetChambers Wharf Greenwich Pumping StationAbbey Mills Pumping StationMain tunnelConnection tunnelLee Tunnel (under construction)
Drive BDrive ADrive CDrive DDrive EDrive FDrive G
ChangesMain tunnel sites
At phase one consultation the construction of ourpreferred main tunnel started in the west at Barn Elms(drives A and B). The central section was to be built fromTideway Walk (drive C) and the eastern section fromAbbey Mills Pumping Station to King’s Stairs Gardens
Tunnel (which is already under construction) to BecktonSewage Treatment Works.At phase two consultation, we are proposing that themain tunnel extends to Acton Storm Tanks, where we alsoneed to intercept a CSO (drive H). The main tunnel would
Mills. The sites at both ends of the main tunnel would onlybe used to take the tunnel boring machines (TBMs) out of the ground and are known as reception sites.
Barn Elms/Carnwath Road Riverside
At phase one consultation, Barn Elms was our preferredsite to construct the main tunnel and to intercept theexisting local CSO (West Putney Storm Relief CSO). Weproposed to drive a short section of the main tunnel toHammersmith Pumping Station site (drive A) and thendrive the main tunnel towards Tideway Walk (drive B).After phase one consultation we reviewed the size of ourmain tunnel sites in areas of clay geology and we nowlonger need as much space as we previously thought.Because of this we have re-assessed potential sites in thewest. At phase two consultation, we propose to useCarnwath Road Riverside to drive the main tunnel toActon Storm Tanks (drive H).Carnwath Road Riverside is now our preferred site. Themain reasons are:
the existing wharves and the width of the RiverThames at this point would allow the use of largerbarges to remove material excavated duringconstruction of the main tunnel
uses of the River Thames than at Barn Elms.For more information on the selection of this site pleasesee the Carnwath Road Riverside
Site information paper 
.We would still need a site at Barn Elms to intercept theWest Putney Storm Relief CSO located there. At Barn Elms
time on site.
Tideway Walk/Kirtling Street
At phase one consultation, Tideway Walk was ourpreferred site to construct the main tunnel and tointercept the two local CSOs (Heathwall Pumping StationCSO and South West Storm Relief CSO). This site wouldreceive the main tunnel from Barn Elms (drive B) and drivethe main tunnel to King’s Stairs Gardens (drive C). Sincethen, the site has been granted planning permission andwork has started on a new residential development. Thismeans that the site is no longer available to the project.At phase two consultation, we propose to use KirtlingStreet, which is located to the west of the Tideway Walksite. We propose to use Kirtling Street as a double drivesite (drives I and J). This means we would drive one sectionof the main tunnel westward to Carnwath Road (drive I)and drive another section of the tunnel eastward toChambers Wharf (drive J).Kirtling Street is now our preferred site to tunnel both east
in a mainly industrial area. It also has more space toaccommodate the tunnelling activities associated with amain tunnel double drive site. By including the land atCringle Street (next to the Kirlting Street site) we there isalso more river frontage, which would provide betterarrangements for jetties and barges.As Kirtling Street is not located next to the two CSOs wealso need to intercept, we propose using another site atthe Heathwall Pumping Station including the use of Middle Wharf.For more information on the selection of this site pleasesee the Kirtling Street and Heathwall Pumping Station
Siteinformation papers
Phase two preferred site –Carnwath Road RiversidePhase one preferred site –Barn ElmsLocal authorityboundaryN
W     a   n   d     s   w    o   r    t    h   B    r    i    d      g   e   
     P   u    t   n   e   y      B   r    i   d   g    e
Barn Elms and Carnwath Road Riverside sites
Phase two preferred site –Kirtling Street and HeathwallPumping StationPhase one preferred site –Tideway WalkLocal authority boundary
   N   i  n  e    E   l  m  s    L  a  n  e
  A  3  2  0  5
                K               i           r              t                 l               i           n           g                     S              t           r           e           e              t
Tideway Walk and Kirtling Street sites

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