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Abbreviation and Drug Formula

Abbreviation and Drug Formula



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Published by api-3739910

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Published by: api-3739910 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TIME OF ADMINISTRATIONAbbreviationDerivationMeaning
A.c.ante cibumbefore mealsAlt. die.Alternis diebus alternate daysAlt. horalternis horisalternatehoursAlt. noct.Alternis noctesalternate nightsA.m.ante miridiemmorningB.i.dbis in dietwice a dayH.horahourH.d.hora decibitusat bedtimeH.s.hora somniat sleeping timeM. et N.mane at noctemorning andnightO.domni diedailyO.n.omni nocteeach nightP.c.post cibumafter mealsP.m.post miridiemafternoonPp.r.npro re natawhen requiredQ.hquaque horaevery hourQ 2 hevery 2 hoursQ 3 hevery 3 hoursQ 4 hevery 4 hoursQ.i.d or 4 i. d.quarter in diefour timesa dayStatstatimat once T.i.dter in diethree times a day
1 kg = 1000 grams1 quart=2 pints1 kg = 2.2 lbs or pounds1 liter=1000 cc1 gram= 1000 mg1 pint =1/2 liter or500 cc1 grain= 60 mg1 pint=16 fluid ounces1 gm= 15 grains1 ml=15 gtts1 gallon= 4 liters or 4000 cc1 gtt=4 megtts1 gallon = 4 quarts1 gm=1 ml1 quart = 1 liter1 gm=1 gtt
1 table spoon=15 ml or cc1 tsp=5 ml or cc1 fluid ounce=30 ml or cc1 cup=6 oz or 180cc1 fluid oz= 2 tbsp1 glass=8 oz or 240cc1 tbsp=3 tps1 ml=15 to 16minims
Urios CollegeCOLLEGE OF NURSINGButuan City
PREPARATION OF DRUGSAbbreviationDerivationMeaning
Aq.Aquawaterq. dest.Aqua destillatadistilled waterComp.compositumcompoundConf.confectionconfectionD.deturgiveDil.DilutusduluteEmpl.EmplastrumplasterEtetandFl.FluidumfluidInf.InfusuminfusionLin.LinimentumlinimentLiq.LiquorliquidLot.LotiolotionMist.MisturamixtureN.N.R.new andnon-officialremedyOl.OleumoilPil.pilulapillPulv.Pulvisa powderS. fr.Spiritus frumentiwhiskySp.spiritusspiritS. v. r.spiritus vini rectificatusalcoholS.v.g.Spiritus vini gallicibrandySyr.Syrupussyrup Tinct.Tineturatincture Troch.TrochiseumlozengeUng.UnguentumointmentVin. Vinumwine
Urios College
ABBREVIATIONS and SYMBOLSAbbreviationDerivationMeaning
a.Anaof eachAdd.Addleadd toAdd part. Dol.Adde partem dolenteto the painfulpartAd. Libad libitumas much asdesiredC.congiusgallonCCentigradećcumwithcccubic centimeterCap.Capiatlet himtakeContin.Continuatorlet it becontinuedDim.Dimidiusone halD. in p. aeq.Dividatur in partesdivide in equal partsAequalesDiv.dividatusdivideDur. Dolor.Duranted dolorewhile pain lastsFt.fiatlet it or let tem be madegmgramgram, gramsgr.granum, granagrains, grainGarg.GargarismagargleKgkilograma thousand gramsL.litera literlb libra a poundM.miscemixm.minimusminimml.millilitera thousandth of a literN. B.nota benenote wellNo.numeronumberOoctariusa pintEart, vic.Parttibus vicibusin divided dosesQ. s.quantum sufficitas much as is sufficientRxrecipetakeSsinewithoutS. or Sig.signagive the followingDirectionsS. o. s.si opus sitif necessarySssemione hal Tspteaspoonteaspoonful Tbsptablespoontablespoonful

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