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Published by Interweave

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Published by: Interweave on Nov 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C. June Barnes
Dimensional Quilt Art 
stitch, fold,embellish
Dimension throughSurface Manipulation
The surace o a project can be manipulatedto exaggerate its texture, giving the work di-mension through depth. This eect can beachieved by padding or stung some areas o the design, or through the use o shrinkage,a technique I explored in my previous book,
Stitching to Dye in Quilt Art
. Further explora-tions have resulted in some new discoveries.In the example shown on the opposite page,I used the amazing shrinking properties o wool/viscose elt to manipulate stitched shapesadded to a background. The trick with thissort o technique is to leave areas o the workunstitched, allowing the elt to shrink to itsmaximum extent. In some areas the top layer isnot attached to the elt, leaving the abric reeto expand outward into dimensional shapes.Circles o the same size were cut out o coloredabric and acrylic elt. Lengths o “scoubidou”plastic laces were stitched to the underside o theabric circles with water-soluble thread, radiatingoutward rom the center, and a button was attachedin the middle (
 digm
). The abric circles werethen attached to the acrylic-elt circles, with thescoubidou laces sandwiched between the abricand the elt. The layers were quilted together.The assembled units were then stitched to agrid made rom contrasting abric and backedwith black wool-viscose elt. Only the centers (thearea around the button) and the circumerenceso the circles were attached to the background.When the work was washed, the wool-viscose eltshrank most where it was not attached to the abriccircles, orcing the circles to extend outward.
Diagram showingthe positioning o thescoubidou threads andbutton on each circle.
Untitled piece showingacrylic-elt circlesmanipulated to stretchinto dimensional shapes.
Exploring Dimensional Quilt Art:
stitch, fold, embellish

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