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Solid Geometry

Solid Geometry

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Published by api-3822924

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Published by: api-3822924 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CUBOID: Let length=l, breadth=b and height=h units. Then,

Volume=(l*b*h) cubic units
Surface area=2(lb+bh+hl) squints
Length of longest diagonal =\u221a (l\u00b2 + b\u00b2 +h\u00b2).

CUBE: let each edge of a cube be of length \u2018a\u2019. Then,
Volume =a*a*a cubic units
Surface area =6(a*a) squints
Length of longest diagonal =\u221a3 a.
CYLINDER: let radius of base= r &height =h Then,
Volume=3.14(r*r) h cubic units
Curved Surface area= 6(a*a)
CONE: Let radius of base=r & height = h. Then,
Slant height, l = sq root [(h*h)+(r*r)]
Volume = 1/3 [3.14*(r*r)*h]
Curved Surface area = 2*3.14*r*l sq. units
SRHERE: Let the radius of the sphere be \u2018r\u2019. Then,
Volume = 4/3 * 3.14(r*r*r) cubic units
Surface area = 4*3.14*(r*r) sq. units
1. Three cubes of sides\u2019 1cm, 6cm and 8cm are merged into one cube without
leaving any space. What is the length of side of new cube? Also its surface area
2. If the volume and total curved surface area of a cube are same then what is the
measure of side of the cube?
3. A road roller of diameter 3.5 m has to press a ground of area 1100sq meter. How
many revolutions should it make?
4. Find the volume of the cube if the area of one of the faces is 81sqm?
5. The volume of a box with a square base is 128cc. The height of the box is twice
the breadth of the box. Find the height?
6. If a cylindrical tank of diameter 14cm and of height 9cmis to be filled by water to
2/3rd of its height then what is the volume of the cylinder that is left empty?
7. Three cylindrical tanks of diameters 2m, 4m and 8m and of same height are to be
filled simultaneously. What is the ratio of time taken in which they are filled?

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