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37 Mm Launch Able Munitions

37 Mm Launch Able Munitions

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Published by ali_winston

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Published by: ali_winston on Nov 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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L1 37 MM Launcher
L6 Folding Stock Multi-LauncherL6 Fixed Stock Multi-Launcher
The full stock gas gun can fire all Defense Technology/Federal Laboratoriesrounds and most 37/38 munitions with 50 yard, 75 yard and 100 yard increments.
Color Code –
Classification –
Odor – Pungent peppery/chemical like odorMethod of Delivery – Liquid, Pyrotechnics, Blast Dispersion (powder), FoggingPhysiological Effects – involuntary eye closure
profuse tearing
intense burning sensation on all exposed skin and moist body parts
difficulty in breathing, a crushing chest sensation
excessive nasal drip
CS is less toxic than CN, therefore fewer people are allergic to CSChemical agents may also have little to no effect on the following types ofpersons:
-drunks (alcohol inebriation)
-those under the influence of narcotics-insane case-emotionally charged or distraught-individuals with an impaired neurological system
1.Remove the subject from the contaminated environment.2.Remove the subject’s contaminated clothing if possible.3.Place the contaminated subject into the fresh air, face into the wind ifpossible. Remember that chemical agents are micro-pulverized particles. The wind will blow some of it from the contaminated surface.4.Flush the contaminated area with copious amounts of water. Officers may de-contaminate other officers, but per G.O. K-3, suspects must be flushed out byan ambulance within 45 minutes of exposure.
The Spede-Heat™ Short Range is designed to deliver one chemical or smokecanister from a gas gun down range 75 - 150 yards to the intended target zone.Burn times 20 to 25 sec.The Skat-Shell® is widely used as a crowd management tool for the rapid andbroad deployment of chemical agent by a single grenadier. The Skat-Shell®contains separate sub-munitions (5) that function individually once the round isdischarged. The scattering effect and the rapid burning of the sub-munitionsprovide a wide area of coverage, minimizing the potential of being thrown back.Burn time 20-25 sec.

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