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2012 Schedule of Classes

2012 Schedule of Classes

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Schedule of Classes Spring 2012 for Lewis and Clark Community College. Visit www.lc.edu/schedule for most complete and up-to-date list of this semester's offerings.
Schedule of Classes Spring 2012 for Lewis and Clark Community College. Visit www.lc.edu/schedule for most complete and up-to-date list of this semester's offerings.

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Published by: Lewis and Clark Community College on Nov 01, 2011
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Spring 2012 Schedule of Classes
ACCOUNTINGAccounting for Small Business3 Credit $330Provides an introduction to basic accounting terminology, concepts and procedures. Covers accountingcycle of proprietorship and double entry theory. Includes recording transactions, preparing financialstatements. Culminates with a practice set using all principles covered. Includes instruction in preparingand processing transactions and financial statements on computer. Prerequisite: None. (PCS 1.2, 3credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hours lab)ACCT-130-01 10:50--12:05PM TTH 01/17-05/10 BA 3409ACCT-130-80 - TBA TBA 01/17-05/11 TBASection 80 is an Online Course and costs $350 (includes $20 Online Fee).Financial Accounting3 Credit $330Covers accounting cycle, including: double entry theory, recording transactions, accruals and deferrals,depreciation and theory of accounts. Includes preparation and analysis of major financial accountingstatements. Prerequisite: None. (PCS 1.1, 3 credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hours lab)ACCT-131-01 08:00--09:15AM MW 01/18-05/09 BA 3409ACCT-131-02 01:00--02:15PM MW 01/18-05/09 BA 3409ACCT-131-03 08:00--09:15AM TTH 01/17-05/10 BA 3409ACCT-131-60 06:30--09:20PM T 01/17-05/08 BA 3409ACCT-131-80 - TBA TBA 01/17-05/11 TBASection 80 is an Online Course and costs $350 (includes $20 Online Fee).ACCT-131-AC65 07:30--09:25PM W 01/18-05/09 MA 0209Managerial Accounting3 Credit $330Covers accounting procedures as they apply to management function of decision making, includingdefinition of cost, methods of tracking and applying cost to production, calculation and disposition of variances from standards, budget preparations, and quantitative methods of managerial decisionmaking. Prerequisite: C or better in ACCT 131. (PCS 1.1, 3 credit hours: 3 hours lecture)ACCT-132-01 11:00--12:15PM MW 01/18-05/09 BA 3409ACCT-132-02 09:25--10:40AM TTH 01/17-05/10 BA 3409ACCT-132-60 06:30--09:20PM TH 01/19-05/10 BA 3409ACCT-132-80 - TBA TBA 01/17-05/11 TBASection 80 is an Online Course and costs $350 (includes $20 Online Fee).ACCT-132-N6 06:30--09:20PM M 01/23-05/07 N3 0112Section N6 meets at N.O. Nelson CampusCost Accounting3 Credit $330Examines techniques and procedures used in cost determination, with attention given to managerial useof cost data for control and decision making, and methods of data accumulation. BR>Prerequisite: C orbetter in ACCT 132 and either MATH 116 or MATH 16B. (PCS 1.1, 3 credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hourslab)ACCT-233-AC65 07:30--09:25PM M 01/23-05/07 CW 3319
Spring 2012 Schedule of Classes
Intermediate Accounting II3 Credit $330Studies financial accounting theory in depth, emphasizing generally accepted accounting principles asapplied in the development of accounting data and in problems of valuation issues relating tostockholders146 equity, dilutive securities investments, issues related to income measurement, andpreparation and analysis of financial statements. Includes exposure to the use of QuickBooks as itrelates to specific course topics. Prerequisite: C or better in ACCT 132. (PCS 1.1, 3 credit hours: 3 hourslecture)ACCT-236-AC65 05:30--07:25PM M 01/23-05/07 CW 3319Accounting Co-Op1 Credit $110Provides students the opportunity to obtain further knowledge and skills related to accounting in thebusiness field through a planned and supervised paid or unpaid experience. Students will achievepractical work experience, earn a competitive wage, and apply what has been learned in the classroomto actual work situations. This course is a variable credit course. Prerequisite: completion of a minimumof 33 total semester hours including a minimum 21 hours of business related courses of which at least 9hours are in accounting, and a GPA of 2.00 or better and permission of program coordinator. (PCS 1.2,1-4 credit hours: 80 hours must be worked for each credit hour granted.)ACCT-280-C1 - TBA TBA 01/17-05/11 TBAANTHROPOLOGYCultural Anthropology (IAI: S1 901N)3 Credit $330Introduces the ideas, methods, and analytical strategies of anthropology through materials focused onthe diversity and dignity of human life on a world-wide scale. Taking a holistic and integrated approach,it explores how different cultures deal with the facts of human survival through economic, political,religious, family, and other social systems. Current international issues, including population growth,economic globalization, and human right of indigenous peoples are examined. Prerequisite: None. (PCS1.1, 3 credit hours: 3 hours lecture, 0 hours lab)ANTH-232-01 12:00--01:15PM MW 01/18-05/09 MA 0309ANTH-232-02 09:25--10:40AM TTH 01/17-05/10 MA 0309ARCHITECTUREIntroduction to Architecture3 Credit $330
Provides an overview of the “Culture of Architecture.” Topics include architectural education,
architectural aesthetics, cultural and philosophical considerations, technical and legal aspects, andarchitecture as a profession. Prerequisite: None. (PCS 1.1, 3 credit hours, 3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours)ADCG-133-60 06:00--08:30PM M 01/23-05/07 TR 0156Architectural Graphics3 Credit $330
Spring 2012 Schedule of Classes
Presents the tools and equipment of architectural graphic communication. The concepts of projectionviews are learned through laboratory exercises. Emphasis is placed on the development of graphic skillsthat are standard in the practice of architecture. The skills learned include architectural lettering, lineweights, line quality, lettering, sketching symbols, and dimensioning. Prerequisite: None. (PCS 1.2, 3credit hours; 1 hour lecture, 4 hours lab)ADCG-134-60 05:30--09:30PM W 01/18-05/09 TR 0120Architectural Rendering3 Credit $330Presents techniques in color and pattern rendering, tools, and media used to produce architecturalrenderings. Architectural and basic landscape graphics are covered. Skills are developed in the use of manual and electronic media to graphically communicate concepts and ideas. Prerequisite: ADCG 134.(PCS 1.2, 3 credit hours; 1 hours lecture, 4 hours lab)ADCG-200-01 11:00--01:10PM TTH 01/17-05/10 TR 0120Architectural Design I4 Credit $463Involves completion of a, set of plans for a commercial structure which includes conception,development, material considerations, interior space, and site considerations. Also will includeelectrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Prerequisite: DRFT 140. (PCS 1.2, 4 credit hours: 3hours lecture, 2 hours lab)ADCG-232-60 01:30--04:00PM MW 01/18-05/09 TR 0120Revit4 Credit $440Introduces Revit, an object-based software package used to create architectural designs, coveringbuilding layout, structural layout, plans, elevations, schedules, detailing, and annotation. Students learnthe process of creating architectural plans and models. Prerequisite: DRFT 140. (PCS 1.2, 4 credit hours,2 lecture hours, 4 lab hours)ADCG-255-01 08:00--10:30AM TTH 01/17-05/10 TR 0120Advanced Revit4 Credit $440Builds on the concepts from ADCG 255. Students learn higher level Building Information Model (BIM)design concepts including project levels, structural layout, groups, links, vertical circulation, floors, roofs,exterior skin, families construction documents, and conceptual modeling. Students learn the process of creating advanced architectural plans and models. Prerequisite: ADCG 255. (PCS 1.2, 4 credit hours, 2lecture hours, 4 lab hours)ADCG-256-01 05:00--10:00PM M 01/23-05/07 TR 0126Architectural Building Systems4 Credit $463Introduces the design and construction of buildings as systems of space, structure, and environmentalcontrol that interact with environmental and cultural systems. Students learn what a building is, how itis made, and why it is designed and constructed in a specific manner. Prerequisite: DRFT 140. (PCS 1.2,4 credit hours, 2 lecture hours, 4 lab hours)ADCG-258-01 08:00--10:30AM TTH 01/17-05/10 TR 0156

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