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UBD Whats Picasso

UBD Whats Picasso

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Published by Whitney Sanders

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Whitney Sanders on Nov 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Title- What’s Picasso?Time Frame- 2 sessionsAudience- K-1 teachersSummary- This professional development plan will teach teachers how to accessand use Picasso. Picasso is an on-line tool that can assist teachers in planning,preparation, and assessment of students.Learner Analysis- These students consist of kindergarten and first grade teachers.There are 6 women, with five first grade teachers and one kindergarten teacher.These teachers are all interested to see what Picasso has to offer. They are familiarwith the program however need an overview and an extra push to use this program.
Stage 1- Desired Results
Established Goals: The goal of this lesson is to familiarize teachers with Picasso so they feelcomfortable enough to use it at home and in their classrooms.Understandings:
Students will understand that…..Picasso can be accessed at home.Picasso is a tool that can benefit teachers andstudents in the lesson planning and learningprocess.
Essential Questions:How do I access Picasso at home?How do I use Picasso in my lesson plans tobenefit my students?
Student will know….How to access Picasso at home and ways to useit at work.Student will be able to…Access Picasso at home.Use Picasso for planning and instruction.
Stage 2- Assessment Evidence
Performance Tasks:
Students will participate in learning aboutPicasso and use it in their planning andclassroom.
Other Evidence:Feedback form completed at the end of thestaff development.Teacher observations.
Self-AssessmentsTeachers will self-assess theirselves throughout as the practicewith the Picasso web page. Theywill ask questions andparticipate in discussionsthroughout the class.
Other Evidence, Summarized
Stage 3 Learning Plan
Learning Activities:
Day 1-I will begin by introducing myself and giving the class a pre-assessment survey to see how and if they use Picasso this year. This will give me some background knowledge and I will then be ableto accommodate the class in my planning.
W, H
The following is the bulleted list of how the staff development will be ran.
Begin with passing out the How to Access Picasso at Home handout. As a whole, we will walk through the handout as I show the class the step by step process. The class will not participate inthis because this will be there homework when they leave the class. These steps can only beaccessed at home when they are not connected to the county wireless internet.
After going over the handout address questions and concerns and give the class their
 homework assignment.
R, E
Day 1 Part 2- Picasso (step by step)Today’s session will be very informal. Go step by step following the handout. Demonstrate forteachers how to access each step and the benefits of each. If a teacher has a specific question orcomment allow for sharing.Show the class how to access the Picasso page and login in with their teacher login.
W, H
Demonstrate where to go once they have logged in successfully. This will be based on the
 teacher pre-assessment of what part of Picasso the students want to learn more about.This can range from lesson plans, unit outlines, assessments, blogs, etc.For this staff development the teachers wanted to see how to access lesson plans, benchmark testing, and RTI documents.
E, R
Follow the handout as a guide, this will also allow teachers to take notes on each section of thehandout.Using the handout guide walk the students through Picasso. Picasso will be shown on a Smart
 Board or projector. During this time explain and take questions based on what the slideinformation is.
E, R, T
Closing-Take questions and comments based on the information that was presented.Ask teachers to complete the pre-workshop feedback form.
E2, R
Materials and ResourcesPre-assessment formWeb 2.0 presentationPaper and pencilFeedback formComputers
Self Evaluation1) How often do you use Picasso at home? CircleOnce a weektwice a week more than twice a week●I do not at all because___________________●I do not know how to access itfrom home2) What would you like to know about Picasso? Please list any aspects of Picassothat you want more knowledge on.3) How long have you used or known about Picasso?Less than 1 year1 yearMore than 1 year4) How often do you use Picasso in you classroom with lesson planning and/orassessments?●Once a week ●Twice a week ●Three times a week ●Everyday● None5) If you do not use Picasso please explain why.

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