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November Quill 2011

November Quill 2011

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Published by strsmith

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Published by: strsmith on Nov 02, 2011
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 G LD NUGGETS is a blog for and by GPOC members. Gold Nuggets is an informational hub for members to keepup-to-date with GPOC news and events. We encourage you to email your news items and information to the webmaster at www.gpoc.com. Join GPOC on FACEBOOK! You need your own Facebook account.Access GPOC on FACEBOOK through a link on the GPOC website.
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Official publication of The Gold Prospectors of Colorado volume 38 no.11
Box 1593, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
Historical Review of Sluices,continued
2November Calendar 
3November Activities
4Prospectors Beware
4Prospecting the Internet
5Feathers Can Defeat Mercury
52012 Board of Directors
6Wilderness Act
6Historical Newspaper Accounts
6Historical Review of Sluices
7-16Clicking on blue highlighted websites will give you a direct link 
Historical Review of Sluices Duringthe 1800
The first in a series of articles on thesluice. By Lin Smith
Sluice boxes are one of the mostreliable methods of gravityconcentration and are used to workmany types of gold bearing placerdeposits. Sluice boxes have been usedfor 100's of years and because of theirsuccess rate, they continue to be oneof the most popular methods in goldrecovery. Their basic design principlesare used in all types of equipment frompoop tubes, to rocker boxes, to LongToms, highbankers and dredges. Asluice has many advantages whichinclude: being hand fed, portable,inexpensive to build or buy and run,simple to operate, reliable, quiet, non-powered and effective in their ability toretain gold. Regulations in Coloradoprohibit the use of motorizedequipment in many areas and mayrequire a Plan of Operations. With asluice many areas will be accessible toyou that otherwise might be limited byregulations.
continued on page 2 
Hydraulic mining - the sluice and tunnel, Timbuctoo, Yuba County, CADigital ID:
(b&w film copy neg.) cph 3a28237 http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3a28237
Reproduction Number:
LC-USZ62-27447 (b&w film copy neg.)
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.20540 USA
(If you look closely on the bottom of the sluice you will see round log riffles)
GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.11 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at www.gpoc.com
Ben Higleypresident@gpoc.com
 Vice President
Wayne Wittkoppvicepresident@gpoc.com
Elise Pearcesecretary@gpoc.com
Bill Smithtreasure@gpoc.com
Stacey Smithwebmaster@gpoc.com
Lin Smithquill@gpoc.com
Contact Infofor all club activities
Bob Hale(719)213-3383
Marty Witcherclaims@gpoc.com
TrusteesOne Year
Gary Beaderstadt
Two Year
Diane Anderson
Three Year
Jim Blakenship
Gold Prospectors of ColoradoP.O. Box 1593Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
The Prospector’s Quill is the official newsletter ofthe Gold Prospectors of Colorado. The opinionsare those of the authors and do not necessarilyreflect those of the club or its members. Theeditor, club, officers, and contributors do notassume any liability for damages resulting fromuse of information in the Prospector’s Quill.Articles of interest are welcomed. All articlessubmitted for publication are subject to editing.Submission of articles must be received beforethe 20th of the month. Unless noted, non-profitsmay reprint or quote from articles, provided
credit is given to the author’s and publication
and a copy of the newsletter the article appearsin is sent to the editor of The Prospector
s Quill atPO Box 1593, CS CO 80913. All pictures are theproperty of the photographer and are not to becopied or reproduced.
The information is provided solely for the reader 
general knowledge.
GPOC assumes no responsibility for its completeness or accuracy.Although care has been taken to produce the information in the Quill, information is provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information.
I want to thank you in advance for pointing out my mistakes! However, it is YOUR responsibility to research resources and make sure that you are in compliance with all laws and regulations, as well as following the GPOC CODE of ETHICS.
The GPOC is a 501(c) charitable organization
Prospector’s Quill
Lin Smithquill@gpoc.com
There are a vast array of sluices available for purchase on the market.Because a manufactured sluice will cost from $75 to $150 you will need toevaluate the cost of materials, your experience in fabrication and theavailability of materials ( and whether you have health insurance or not)whether buying a sluice would be more economical than building one.Whether you buy or build your own sluice you will probably find that youwill be doing modifications
to your sluice depending upon the type of goldyou will be sluicing. Your personal preferences, the type of gold you will berecovering, the topography, size and feed rate of material and watersupply will determine the type of sluice configuration you choose.
How a Sluice box Works
A sluice box is a straight, artificial waterway which contains riffles arrangedin a definite pattern which create a small vortex of water which causesgold to settle to the bottom of the sluice and behind the riffles.Concentrated gold-bearing material is fed into the top of the sluice wherethe water flows in. This material is placed into suspension in the waterand flows across the riffles and down the sluice. The riffles will cause thevelocity of the water to slow allowing the gold and heavy black sands todrop out of suspension into pockets towards the back of the riffles. Lightermaterial will flow down and out of the sluice into a tailing pile.Water is essential in the operation of a sluice box as sluice boxes mimicthe same action that occurs in a stream bed creating a suspendedmedium. Water, gold, minerals and other particles are suspended and thenseparate and stratify depending upon their relative weight. A sluiceconcentrates and collects gold in pockets behind its riffles and on itsbottom. The chemical properties of gold will cause it to stay in this positionbut it can and will wash out of your sluice if you do not have theappropriate water flow, angle, feed rate, riffles or catching system andproper cleanup procedures.
What A Sluice Box Is Made Of
Sluice boxes are made with materials that are considerably lighter andmore durable than materials that were available to the early miners. Earlyminers would use what was readily available. Today, sheet aluminum orcomposite plastic make a sluice lighter, more portable and durable. Youcan use wood as a cheap alternative for your sluice, however keep in mindthat wood can absorb water, making the sluice less portable and durable.If your wooden sluice dries out it can warp and crack causing you to loosegold from areas of the sluice that are not water tight.The following historical account of sluices will show you the similarities anddifferences between the old sluices and the modern sluice. We can learnfrom the mistakes and successes of these sluices.
continued on page 7 
GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.11 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at www.gpoc.com
meetings meetings events eventsa en ar 
For further information contact:
Please refer to the information below for further events. 
Claims CommitteeMeeting
All members are welcometo participate in themeetings. Current andfuture claims will bediscussed as well asdeveloping plans ofoperations. This can be agreat opportunity to learn
Board Meeting
Gold Hill Police Station955 Moreno Avenue,CS, CO
7:00 PM
Claims Committee
Western Museum ofMining and Industry225 Northgate Blvd.CS, CO
10:00 AM-12:00PM
Heritage LectureRockefeller Plan
Western Museum ofMining and Industry225 Northgate Blvd.CS, CO
see info below
Gold Assay
Western Museum ofMining and Industry225 Northgate Blvd.CS, CO
10:00 AM-1:00PM
Reservationsrequired719-488-0880 the process and resourcesfor filling and maintaining aclaim.
Pickup Your EarlyHoliday Gifts For YourFavorite ProspectorProspector
s StoreThere will be a 10%discount for everyone onhats, T-shirts, andsweatshirts. Those whohave volunteer couponscan combine them withthe 10% for a savings ofup to 50% off.
General Membership
Silent Auction 
s Store 
will discounts on hats, T-shi 
Speaker: Cindy Moon
Can Find In Colorado" 
7:00 PM3400 N.NevadaCS, CO
info below 
be available with rt 
s, and Sweatshirts 
"Lost Treasures You 
Denver Museum of SciNov. 3 thru December 6:30 PM-9:00PM RooInvertebrate Paleontol
$110 member DMSN, $The early stage in the hrepresented by the latPaleozoic, ending witextinction. Trilobites, br were especially abundgroups that were mosearly stage. There is nohttp://secure1.dmns.orginvertebrate-paleontologpaleozoic.aspx
ence & Nature1 Thursdays303ogy
40 nonmember DMSNistory of invertebrates isPrecambrian and thethe Permian-Triassicachiopods, and crinoidsnt. Examine the fossilt important during thisclass on Thanksgiving.products/154-y-i-precambrian-
Cindy Moon Guest Speaker November 9th 
My father walked and prospected the Colorado Rocky Mountainsfor over 40 years and after his death in 1988 our family decided todo some research on many of his personal records. After tenyears of research and trips into the Rockies I completed my first ofthree books I intend to write. The first book titled
"Lost Treasures You Can Find In Colorado" 
is all new material. None of theinformation in the book has ever been released before thepublishing of this book. The stories are about real places thatpeople can search for lost treasures, ghost towns, mines andsuch. I sell my book both wholesale and retail through my web sitewhich iswww.colorado-trails.comand through multiple outletsthroughout Colorado. I am currently working on two new books.The first is about the Spanish Treasure Trail Monuments I'velocated in Colorado and the second is about an incredible SpanishTreasure Storage Site located by following Spanish Treasure TrailMonuments. These two new books will certainly make believersout of you! I alsohave completed the first of four planned CD/ DVD's on Spanish Trail Monuments. The first Volume is titled,"Sydney's Guide to Spanish Trail Monuments, Vol. I" where I amdocumenting the following of ancient Spanish Trail Monuments tohidden sites.
Heritage Lecture Western Museum of Mining and Industry 
November 3rd 7:00 PM-8:30 PM
Join our guest lecturer Jonathan Rees as he will present on theRockefeller Plan. The Rockefeller Plan, created by John D.Rockefeller, Jr., was a refinement of employee representationplans and was developed tohelp calm labor relations at ColoradoFuel and Iron Company
after the Ludlow Massacre.
Silent Auction November 9th 
What a great way to get rid of anysurplus equipment or supplies that youno longer need. The annual GPOCSilent Auction will be held during theNovember General Membershipmeeting. Bring in your clean itemswhere you can either donate them to theclub or you can earn money you can useto invest in even more equipment!
The Gold Assay Process: Magic or Chemistry? 
November 26th 10:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.
Join us at the Western Museum of Mining & Industry to discoverhow ore is processed to extract gold. Hands-on learners of allages will crush and classify ore as they learn the basics of goldore assaying--determining the value of gold in the rock. This fastmoving, interactive assay demonstration will overview the math,mechanics, and chemistry of this exciting process. Customaryadmission applies, and reservations are requested. Please call719-488-0880 or email us at RSVP@wmmi.org 

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