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Leaving That Which Does Not Concern You

Leaving That Which Does Not Concern You

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Published by api-3824061
Adapted from Minhaj al Abideen of Imam AL Ghazali Radhiallah uTaa'la anhu
Adapted from Minhaj al Abideen of Imam AL Ghazali Radhiallah uTaa'la anhu

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Published by: api-3824061 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lessons at DeenPort.com

A lesson on leaving that which does not concern you based on the commentaries of
the famous hadith, stories and comments made by Imam al-Ghazali in his book
Minhaj al-Abideen.

Teacher: Shaykh Abdal Aziz Ahmed
Born and educated in Nottingham. Qualified as a teacher from Leicester, taught in England, Scotland, USA, South
Africa and Saudi Arabia.

He has travelled to Tunisa, Hijaz, Yemen, Turkey and East Africa for Islamic Studies. Studied under Al-Habib Ahmed Mashur, Al Haddad (Jeddah), Shaykh Abdul Rahman Al Khitamy (Kenya), Fethullah Gulen (Turkey), Abdul Qsim Bin Zein (Qairnawan, Tunisia). Spent 10 years with Shaykh Mahmud Galal, a lecturer at Al Azhar. Translated Al Risalah Al Jamiah of Ahmed Bin Zein Al Habashi. Edited some books from Riali Al Nur and speeches of Fethullah Gulen.

Leaving that which does not concern you
On the authority of Abu Huriarah, the Messenger of Allah, upon him be peace,
\ue006 \ue007 \ue008\ue009 \ue00a
\ue00c\ue005\ue00d \ufffd\ue00e\ue003\ue00c\ue005\ue00f\ue010\ue011 \ufffd\ue012\ue013\ue003\ue014\ue015 \ufffd\ue016\ue003\ue017\ue00a\ue018 \ue003\ue016\ue009
From the excellence of a person\u2019s Islam is his leaving that which does not
concern him.
(Tirmidhi, Ahmed and Ibn Majah)
This is said to be one of the most importantah a d ith in the Islamic tradition.
One can understand its importance from the statement of Al-Qalyubi that\u2018if

someone concentrates on the necessities of his life, his living in this world and safety on the journey back (to his Creator) \u2013 and these are very few compared to the things that do not concern him - he will be protected from much harm. Safety from much harm is itself much good\u2019.

He adds that \u2018whoever knows that his words are part of his actions would
speak very little except about that which concerns him.\u2019

Theha d ith is also connected to the principle that Muslims are like \u2018one body\u2019.
Those who practice \u2018excellence in their Islam\u2019 help each other in their spiritual
development. Speaking about that which does not concern you, at worst,
leads those around you into bad habits and characteristics and at best wastes
your time and theirs. In this regard, when al-Ahnaf ibn Qays was asked from
where he learned gentility (\ue019\ue01a\ue01b\ue010\ue011), he replied, \u2018from myself\u2019. When asked how
this could be, he replied \u2018whenever I saw something that I did not like in
someone I worked on never allowing that characteristic to appear in myself.\u2019

It is important that one concentrates only on that which concerns you, for
example, reading Quran, makingistig h fa r (seeking forgiveness), etc. The
scholars and righteous ones took a lot of care to avoid falling into that which
does not concern them. It has been reported that Hasan bin Sinan passed by
a room with a newly built wall. He said to himself \u2018how long ago was this wall
built?\u2019 On realising what he had said, he condemned his ownnafs saying \u2018O
deceitful soul how dare you ask about that which does not concern you\u2019. He
then treated this fault by fasting for one year.

Speaking only about that which concerns you is the way of the righteous and
the opposite is the way of Shaytan. Shaytan wants people to waste their time
as he knows that one\u2019s lifespan is a \u2018gem\u2019 and \u2018one\u2019s capital\u2019 in this world. If it
is wasted he is pleased. For this reason, the one that calls others to that
which does not concern them is described as a\u2018sh a yta na \u2019 (female of Shaytan)
and the one that follows is asha yt an . He upon him be peace said:

\ue01c\ue01d \ue005
\ufee5\ue008\ue005\ue01e\ue003\ue001\ue005\ue01f \ue00a\ue020\ue005\ue021\ue003\ue022\ue005\ue006 \ue023\ue024\ue008\ue005\ue01e\ue003\ue001\ue005\ue01f
The male shaytan follows the female shaytan.
(Ibn Majah, Abu Dawud and Ibn Hibban)

Al-Munawi says that he or she is called ash ayta n a because of his or her
\u2018distance from the truth, turning from worship and inviting to that which does
not concern him\u2019. Shaytan takes you away from Allah.

Al-Hasan said that \u2018from the signs of Allah\u2019s rejection of a slave is his allowing
him to get involved in that which does not concern him.\u2019
For this reason, the Messenger, upon him be peace, warned that:
\ue000\ue001\ue002\ue004\ue006 \ue007 \ue008\ue00f\ue001\ue026 \ue008\ue009\ue013\ue00b \ue019\ue027\ue00c\ue028\ue00b\ue025 \ue01d\ue009\ue008\ue001\ue029\ue010\ue011 \ue012\ue02a\ue006 \ue008\ue02b\ue02a\ufee5\ue02c \ue02d\ue008\ue002\ue010\ue011 \ue00c\ue028\ue00b
The people with the most sins on the Day of Resurrection are those who
spoke the most about that which did not concern them
(related by al-Suyuti who said it was sound)

Speaking about that which does not concern you can be a cause for Allah\u2019s blessings to be restricted. Malik ibn Dinar said \u2018if you see hardness in your heart and weakness in your body and lack of provision, know that you have spoken about something which does not concern you.

The Messenger feared that the vices of the tongue would overcome his
nation. It is reported that Sufyan bin Abdullah, may Allah be pleased with him
asked him, upon him be peace, what he feared most for him. He, upon him be
peace, took his own tongue indicating the enormity of the vices of the tongue.
The Messenger of Allah, upon him be peace, taught Ali, may Allah enoble his
face, a supplication for increasing his ability to memorise the Quran. It

included the words:
\ue02e\ue02f\ue002\ue001\ue002\ue004\ue006 \ue007 \ue008\ue009 \ue005\ue030\ue031\ue01a\ue032\ue00d\ue025 \ue003\ue024\ue025 \ue02f\ue002\ue00f\ue018\ue033\ue011\ue034
And show mercy to me by not burdening me with that which does not concern
May Allah show us all mercy by keeping us away from that which does not
concern us and protect us from the evils of ournafs and our tongues. Amin.

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