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Jurisprudence: Every Muslim and Judge’s Jurisprudence Handbook

Jurisprudence: Every Muslim and Judge’s Jurisprudence Handbook

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Published by api-3824061
Formly: The Reliance of the Traveller (Ahmad ibn Naqib al Misri ) A Classical
Manual of Islamic Sacred Law translated by Noah Ha Mim Keller ( 1991 )

Formly: The Reliance of the Traveller (Ahmad ibn Naqib al Misri ) A Classical
Manual of Islamic Sacred Law translated by Noah Ha Mim Keller ( 1991 )


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Published by: api-3824061 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Say, ‘Are they equal, those who know and those who do not know?’”
Koran [39.9]
“Say [to them, Oh Muhammad]: This is
 My Path
, Iinvite to Allah, and so do those who follow me with[spiritually guided] insight.”
Koran [12.108]
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Every Muslim and Judge’sJurisprudence Handbook
The Reliance of the Traveller (Ahmad ibn Naqib al Misri ) A ClassicalManual of Islamic Sacred Law translated by
( 1991 )
1998 Judicial sections in 353 chapters in 28 books
A Classical Everyone Handbook of Islamic Daily Jurisprudence Practicesby Ahmad Ibn Naqib Al-Misri,Islamic Suprime JudgeDied 769/1368Muhammad.com’s version 2.0 2004Translated by Shaykh Noah Ha Mim Keller Keller’s version is 1.04 1991
Simplified and Supplemented 
By Ahmad Darwish As-shaykh
Ghumarian Muhaddith and Sammania Order ShaykhMuhammad.com Founder 
Please pass it on freely -Thanks
What is 1.2.31 = Book No 12 = Chapter No 2 3= Section No 3
“Over centuries, it was and still, the Muslim scholars’ habit to improve and correct each other work, in thename of Allah, not for show off. I pray that shaykh Keller review this work and perfect it. Amen.” Ahmad Darwish Al-Shaykh (of Muhammad.com neither asks nor accepts money.)
Preface in the Name of the Merciful, the most Merciful Allah
Allah created all humanity from Adam to all the prophets such as Noah, AbrahamMoses, Jesus and Muhammad to guide and genuinely care about people’sspirituality and to regulate their materialistic needs via the revelation for theobjective of justice and pursuit of happiness here and the hereafter.The Transcendence of Allah above His creation. He is not a body with a form, or a limitary, quantitative substance, not resembling bodies in quantifiablility or divisibility, or in being a substance or qualified by substance, or being anaccident or qualified by accidents.He does not resemble anything that exists, nor anything that exists resemblesHim. There is nothing whatsoever like unto Him, nor He is like unto anything. Heis not delimited by magnitude, contained by places, encompassed by directions,or bounded by heavens or earth.Allah, “The Merciful willed to the Throne” (Koran 20.5) in the way He says andthe meaning He intends, 'willed' in a manner transcending contact, settledness,fixity, indwelling, or movement. The Throne does not bear Him up, but is borneup by the subtlety of His infinite power, as are the angels who carry it, and all arepowerless in His grasp.Allah is above the Throne, the heavens, and all else to the farthest reaches of thestars, with an aboveness that does not increase His nearness to the Throne or heavens, or His distance from the earth and what lies beneath it.He is as exalted in degree above the Throne and the heavens as He is above theearth and its depths, though He is near to everything in existence, nearer to aworshipper than his own jugular vein, and is witness to everything. His nearnessno more resembles the nearness of objects to one another than His entityresembles the entities of objects. The Seat, Throne, and its carrying Angles arecarried by Allah.He does not dwell in anything, nor anything indwells in Him. He is as exaltedabove containment in space as he is above confinement in time. He was, beforecreating time and space, and is now even as He was.He is distinguished from His creation by His attributes. There is nothing in Hisentity other than Him, nor His entity is other than Him.
He is beyond change and motion, events neither occur within Him nor changesbefall Him. He remains in His attributes of Majesty exalted above change, and inthe attributes of His perfection beyond the need of any increase in perfection.The existence of His entity is known by human reason, and in the Everlasting lifeis beheld by the eyesight of the righteous as a beatitude and favor, toconsummate their perfect joy with the sight of His Noble Countenance.
Preface of honoring, venerating and praising Prophet Muhammad’s birthand Prophethood.
All Honor from Allah to Prophet Muhammad is in the Precedence of hisprophethoodIn the authentic Prophetic Sayings reference Muslimun, it was reported that theProphet Muhamnmad, venerated by Allah and given peace said, “Allah theMighty, the Glorified has written the destiny of creation before creating heavenand earth by fifty thousand years when His throne was over water. Among whatHe has written in the memorandum – which is the essence of the book – is thatMuhammad is the Seal of the Prophets.”Erbad [Al Erbad son of Saria] said that the Prophet Muhamnmad said, “Indeed Iwas with Allah as the Seal of the Prophets when Adam lay in his clay shapebefore the soul was breathed into him.”Maysarah [Maysarah Adabi] said, “’Oh messenger of Allah, when were you aprophet?’ He said, ‘When Adam was between the stage of the spirit and thebody.’”Suhay [Suhay son of Salih Alhamidani] said I asked Abu Jafar [Abu Jafar Muhammad, son of Ali], “’How come Muhammad preceded the other prophetswhile coming after them?’ He replied that, ‘Allah, when He took the oath from thesouls of the children of Adam and their descendants and made them bear witness (“Am I not your Lord?” chapter 7: verse 172) Prophet Muhammad wasthe first to say ‘Yes, indeed.’ Therefore he preceded them though he was the lastto be sent.’”
 When your Lord brought forth descendants from the loins of Adam'schildren, and made them testify concerning themselves (He said): 'Am I not yourLord.' They replied: 'We bear witness (that You are.) …
Sheikh Taqi Adeen [Asobki] said, “It is reported that it came to us that Allahcreated the spirits before the bodies therefore the indication of his statement, “Iwas a prophet…” referring to his honorable spirit or his reality. This reality issomething our brains fell short of recognizing for only our Creator knows it and

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