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11th of September-The Third Truth

11th of September-The Third Truth

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Published by Noman Hashmi

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categoriesTypes, Research, History
Published by: Noman Hashmi on Nov 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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11. September: Die dritte Wahrheit
11th of September - the third truth.
(English version)
Originally published in German by NEXUS magazine, October-November 2010:
pages 2, 32-49;
This English translation of the article is published with the kind permission of the NEXUS’ editors and that of the author – Dimitri A. Khalezov.Copyright notice: Anyone is permitted to freely re-publish this article in any language, except in German, providing that no meaning of the article is modified in any way, and providing that theoriginal source of the information, the author’s name, and the NEXUS magazine are duly mentioned, along with all additional links at the end of the article. Re-publishing in Germanis permitted on the same terms, but only beginning from December, 2010.
The third truth about eleventh of September 
The official story of September 11
is like a bag full of lies and this seems to be a provenfact for the alternative community. What did really happen? A new series of revelationsfrom a former member of the Russian nuclear intelligence has shocked even the oneswho believed to have a clear view behind the curtain.
Dimitri Khalezov 
How exactly did the WTC buildings collapse? The analysis work of anexpert for nuclear explosions leads us to a shocking conclusion.
When ordinary people saw how two planes struck the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center inNew York and how the Twins Towers then collapsed in clouds of dust during 9/11 events, theywere too shocked by the incidents to subject the events to any level of scrutiny. Since then, thestrange notion has been embedded into the people’s minds: that hollow aluminum planes couldallegedly penetrate thick steel buildings in their entirety, and that aviation fuel (kerosene) couldallegedly “melt” these steel buildings into fluffy microscopic dust…Sooner or later, these ridiculous notions have to be discarded. The Twin Towers’ collapse hadabsolutely nothing to do with any planes or with any fires allegedly caused by the “planes”. This isan obvious fact that occupies minds of millions of Americans who are unhappy with the officialinterpretation of the World Trade Center’s destruction for the last 6 years, at least. When theinitial shock caused by the 9/11 events subsided, many people began to realize thatinconsistencies in the official version were simply too many.First; what attracted their attention was that the order in which the Twin Towers collapsed did notcorrespond to the order in which they were struck by the planes. The South Tower which was hit
second, collapsed first, and the North Tower that was hit first, collapsed second.Thismeans thatit took for the “fires” 1 hour and 42 minutes “to collapse” the first Tower and only 56 minutes – tocollapse the second Tower. Considering that the fires in both Towers were caused byapproximately same quantities of kerosene and considering that the Towers were Twins (i.e.absolutely identical in their strength), it was the first clear indication that their collapse had nothingto do with the fires. The next realization came when the 9/11 researchers began to consider thatthe World Trade Center building #7 (an enormously strong modern metal-frame type 47 storieshigh skyscraper) also collapsed in similar manner late afternoon the same day, but without beinghit by any plane. If the collapse of the Twin Towers was officially blamed on kerosene allegedlycarried by the “planes”, the collapse of the WTC-7 was unexplainable to such an extent that theofficial Report of the 9/11 Commission preferred not to mention building #7 collapse at all – as if the collapse of a 47-stories high modern skyscraper was not worth mentioning. Comparison of these three events and a lot of irregularities surrounding their collapse brought the first 9/11researchers to the realization that they were being cheated by authorities and the World TradeCenter destruction had anything to do neither with kerosene, nor with the “planes”, because theplanes were
not actually needed 
. The mere collapse of the WTC building 7 late afternoonSeptember 11, 2001, proved that the actual terrorist planes were redundant and the collapse of the World Trade Center would occur in any case – irrespective of any “planes”. Someone simplyneeded the World Trade Center to collapse and that is why it collapsed. From this point the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement” has started.People then began to accuse the US Government of intentionally demolishing the World TradeCenter in an industrial process known as a “controlled demolition”. More and more people inAmerica started also to accuse their own government of being the main culprit behind the 9/11attacks and eventually more than 65% of the US population expressed their disbelief into theofficial explanation of the 9/11 attacks and of the World Trade Center’s collapse. In fact,everybody who watched the contemporary 9/11 coverage attentively enough could remember these screen pictures where the “third explosion” was mentioned:And, understandably, the most of the people who disagree with official “kerosene” theory, accusethe US Government of intentionally demolishing the World Trade Center. However, they do nothave much understanding about demolition processes in general and of the World Trade Center’sactual construction in particular. That is why quite a few “conspiracy theories” appeared thatrange from claims that the WTC was allegedly “wired with explosives” to claims that it wasallegedly demolished by so-called “nano-thermite” (a mystic substance hitherto unheard of) thatwas allegedly “used as a coating” of any and every metal piece of the Twin Towers’ bearingstructures. There are even more bizarre conspiracy theories that blame the Twin Towers’collapse on alleged “high-tech weapons” – such as alleged laser beams originating from space,for example. Of course, none of these conspiracy theorists can agree with each other and spendtheir time not only accusing the US Government of being allegedly the main culprit behind 9/11,but also accusing each other of “muddying the waters of the truth”. The problem of all these

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