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Bits Test

Bits Test

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Published by TechRav

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Published by: TechRav on Nov 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ethan Goldberg <frischbits@gmail.com>
November 2, 2011 10:44:41 AM EDT
Tzvi Pittinsky <Tzvi.Pittinsky@Frisch.org>
Friday November 4, 20117 Cheshvan, 5772Parshat Lech LechaCandle Lighting at 5:30 PM
What Is Frisch Bits?
It was a bright fall morning when I woke up to go to my first day at The Frisch Yeshiva High School. My body was mixed with a multitude of feelings: anxiety,nervousness, but most of all excitement. Since then all of the other feelings haveabated; but the excitement has remained, and will stay with me forever. From themoment I walked in, I noticed the tremendous amount of events and programs taking place in Frisch. These amazing events, however, were considered ordinary among theFrisch students. After hearing this, I decided that the students had to see these"ordinary" events from a new perspective. In a heartbeat I realized that what theschool needed was a newsletter. But not just any newsletter, one that would capturethe greatness and engagement of all Frisch programs.I then proposed this idea to a dear friend of mine, Zach Flamholz. I asked him what he thought of anonline newsletter, and if he would head it with me. Zach informed me that the school, since his arrival, hadbeen missing a paper that would week in and week out report on school events to the whole Frisch
 community. He therefore enthusiastically responded that he would love to be part of this incredible new type of Frisch publication. Since the paper's conception, more and more students have been asking us to be part of the newsletter team. I believe, and I'm sure that many will soon agree, that this will become thestrongest newsletter in Frisch history.
Enjoy Reading,Enjoy Reading,
 Andy Agus  Andy Agus 
Mind Behind Frisch Bits
Featured Story
2011 Frisch Club Fair
On Wednesday, September 21, Frisch held its annual ClubFair showcasing the various co-curricular activities that theschool offers. At this event, each club or team has a smallstation at which students can learn about the various clubsand sign up to receive information regarding tryouts andmeetings. The Club Fair is an excellent way for clubs toattract new members to participate. Rabbi Staum, the faculty member in charge of co-curricular activities, explains that"Club Fair is a chance to give students exposure to Frischlife outside of the classroom. It is a way to get kids involvedand give them a taste of the various opportunities they have
Featured Story
Remembering 9/1110 Year Anniversary
Everyone is aware of the terrorist attacks on the World TradeCenter, and has heard stories of both horrifying tragedy andmiraculous survival. Not all, however, have heard an actual recountby a survivor from one of the towers. A few weeks ago, on theMonday after the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Frisch's own RabbiRussell Moskowitz, a survivor from Tower 2, addressed all theFrisch students and faculty. He described how unreal it was to have felt completely safe andcalm at one moment, and utter chaos in the next. He also spoke of heroic actions taken by many people inside the burning towers. For
out o cass. e aso stresses tat n g scoo co-curricular activities are almost as important as regular classes."Clubs and teams provide students with opportunities topursue specific interests, and having the chance to bond withother students who share those interests makes it evenbetter." Not everyone was thrilled with the Club Fair. A freshman,choosing to remain anonymous, says that she felt thestudents running their booths were not enthusiastic enoughabout their clubs, and did not try to draw in new students who already feel a tad uncomfortable. Another student feelsthat the upper-classmen stressed that the main reason to jointhese clubs is not for enjoyment, but merely to havesomething to put on college applications. Contrastingly,Melissa Maza, a sophomore transfer student, says that shefelt the Club Fair helped her better acclimate to Frisch, as well as the various educational opportunities providedoutside of the classroom. The Club Fair attracted many students, many of whom are now new participants in clubsand teams that they had not previously discovered.example, even though the loudspeaker said Tower 2 was safe, oneman went floor-to-floor telling the men and women to evacuate. This was necessary because at that time no one in Tower 2 knew  what had happened to Tower 1, or how serious the situation was.Luckily Rabbi Moskowitz made the right choice and left thebuilding immediately. In his speech he expressed his thanks toHashem for sending an angel (the man who went floor by floor to warn people to get out) to give him the message that ultimately saved his life.  A few weeks later I had the opportunity to interview RabbiMoskowitz. In this interview he explained to me that there wastotal confusion in Tower 2 because no one knew what was going on. He mentioned how he was encouraged by many of the tower'semployees to go back to work and not to worry. No one everthought the World Trade Center towers could go down. Rabbi Moskowitz added that most people who had been in the Towers eight years ago, when a bomb exploded below Tower 1, were still working at the WTC. They encouraged everyone to leavebecause it was unwise to hypothesize as to what happened, and they had experienced an attack. Rabbi Moskowitz also mentioned thatimmediately after exiting the building he called his mother to assureher that he was okay, but that he was still unaware of what wasgoing on. Lastly, the Rabbi told me that he went back to GroundZero a few years later to pay his respect to the many men, women,policemen, firemen, and volunteers who lost their lives on 9/11. I would like to personally thank Rabbi Russell Moskowitz for giving me an opportunity to interview him and to let him know his story isextremely touching.
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