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Carbon Capture J., May June2011

Carbon Capture J., May June2011

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Published by Ritesh Agarwal

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Published by: Ritesh Agarwal on Nov 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May / June 2011 Issue 21
GCCSI reports - industrial reuse of CO2 and CCS with bio-energy
Clean Energy Ministerial agrees steps to speed up CCS deploymentIEA clean energy progress reportCCS demonstration in developing countriesBellona - a CCS roadmap for Poland
 The role of EarthObservation in CCSAir Liquide’s airseparation technologyClean DevelopmentMechanism as a realoption for CCS
 A lot of companies are makingstructured packings for carboncapture, but none has ever beatenthe performance and reliabilityof Sulzer Chemtech equipment.Sulzer’s MellapakPlus offers up to40% more capacity than a conven-tional structured packing, depend-ing on pressure, among many otheradvantages. Our products andextensive application know-howwill help you put a chill on globalwarming. Contact us today.
MellapakPlus:The highest capacity metal sheet packingfor CO
Conventional structured pa
For more information, visit www.sulzerchemtech.com
Sulzer Chemtech Canada, Inc.
5218-68 AvenueEdmonton, Alberta T6B 2X7, CanadaPhone: +1 780-577-7999Fax: +1 780-577-7980E-mail: Ganapathy.Murthy@sulzer.comWebsite: www.sulzerchemtech.com
Clean Energy Ministerial agrees steps to speed up CCS deployment
Energy Ministers from around the world have agreed to proposals to help speed up theglobal deployment of carbon capture and storage
IEA Clean Energy Progress Report
 The International Energy Agency has released its first Clean Energy Progress Report,which assesses global deployment of clean energy technologies and providesrecommendations to countries on future action and spending
CCS Demonstration in Developing Countries
Without financial support from industrialized nations, the majority of developingcountries are unlikely to take significant steps toward CCS development in theforeseeable future concludes a World Resources Institute working paper by FranciscoAlmendra, Logan West, Li Zheng, and Sarah Forbes
A CCS Roadmap for Poland
Poland stands in a strong position and at a critical decision point regarding the future of its fossil-based energy supply
Carbon Capture Journal
2nd Floor, 8 Baltic Street East, London EC1Y 0UPwww.carboncapturejournal.com Tel +44 (0)207 017 3405Fax +44 (0)207 251 9179
Keith Forward
Karl Jeffery
Advertising and Sponsorship
John Finder
 Tel +44 (0)207 017 3413 jfinder@onlymedia.co.uk 
GCCSI report finds a role for Industrial Reuse of CO2
Advancing the work of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Technology Action Plan, theGlobal CCS Institute and Parsons Brinckerhoff have released a report investigating theindustrial use of captured CO2 to accelerate the uptake of CCS
GCCSI report- CCS with bio-energy
 The use of bio-energy with carbon capture and storage creates the possibility of decreasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, according to a newly releasedGlobal CCS Institute report
The role of Earth Observation in CCS
Over the last two years the European Space Agency (ESA) has been funding a projectbased on satellite Earth Observation (EO) technologies that could be applied to CO2storage monitoring. By Adam Thomas and Ren Capes, Fugro NPA
Air separation units for coal power plants
Jean-Pierre Tranier, Nicolas Perrin, Richard Dubettier from Air Liquide discuss what hasrecently been achieved and what could be expected in the next decade from ASUdevelopments in order to significantly improve the oxy-combustion and IGCC processes
Clean Development Mechanism as a real option for CCS - How do we get there?
Could much needed assistance for CCS could come in the form of the CleanDevelopment Mechanism? By Steven M. Carpenter, VP, Advanced Resources International
Projects and policy CaptureLeaders
Carbon capture journal (Print) ISSN 1757-1995Carbon capture journal (Online)ISSN 1757-2509
May - June 2011 -
carbon capture
Carbon Capture Journal is your one stopinformation source for new technicaldevelopments, opinion, regulatory andresearch activity with carbon capture,transport and storage.Carbon Capture Journal is delivered on printand pdf version to a total of 6000 people, allof whom have requested to receive it,including employees of power companies,oil and gas companies, government,engineering companies, consultants,educators, students, and suppliers.Subscriptions: £195 a year for 6 issues. Tosubscribe, please contact Karl Jeffery onsubs@carboncapturejournal.comAlternatively you can subscribe online atwww.d-e-j.com/store
Front cover:Surface deformation across In Salah, Algeria,derived from Persistent Scatterer Interferometry spanning 2003 - 2010. Image© Fugro NPA 2011, SAR Data © EuropeanSpace Agency 2003-2010, Background image© CNES/Spot Image
 Transport and storage
Chemistry curbs spreading of carbon dioxide
 The presence of even a simple chemical reaction can delay or prevent the spreading of stored carbon dioxide in underground aquifers, new research from the University of Cambridge has revealed
May/June 2011Issue 21
Legal Column
In this column last July I made mention of an application to DECC that had been made byEndeavour International. The application was made under provisions of the Petroleum Act1998 which allow a party seeking access to offshore oil and gas infrastructure to apply tothe Secretary of State requesting that he review the applicant’s negotiations with theinfrastructure owner and, under powers granted in the Act, secure the access sought bythe applicant and specify the terms upon which that access is to be granted...Calum Hughes, principal consultant in CCS regulation and policy at Yellow Wood Energy
Status of CCS project database
 The status of 78 large-scale integrated projects data courtesy of the Global CCS Institute

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