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Prison Uprise 3

Prison Uprise 3



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Prison Uprise Newsletter
Prison Uprise Newsletter

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Published by: api-3824937 on Oct 18, 2008
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Prison Uprise
The Abolishment Movement Newsletter
December, 2006
Ohio Inmates Murdered?
By Roderick Robinson

Carcinogenic, medications. (cancer causing
agents.) were dispensed on a regular basis in the
prisons in Ohio, I suspect else where too. I came
upon the discovery by noticing a high number of
inmates who had developed cancer during their
prison tenure.Some dying as a result of their
cancer. Realizing this, yet another covert method
of murdering/ or debilitating inmates through the
cumulative method of the intentional dispensing
of these carcinogenic, medications. I began to
look up what is called, the empirical formula.
The empirical formula is derived from the
mineral's structural (molecular) formula by using
the published analysis of the mineral or deriving
the analysis using basic rule... In lay terms,(
recipe.) of several of the more common
dispensed medication, some of which were
dispensed to me.Word spread to other inmates,
and more and more inmates came to me to have
me look up the empirical formulas to theirs. To
my discovery, a large number of their dispensed
medications were carcinogenic as well.
My findings were corroborated post. Confronting
then, physician, Dr. Akusoba. circa, mid 1998.
Marion Corrections Institution.. Who stated, my
findings were correct. A large number of the
medications dispensed by O.D.R.C. Ohio
Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
medical staff. did have carcinogens in them.
However, they have only been known to cause
cancer in laboratory rats. I countered, Well, how
many test have been done on humans? He
replied, he didn't know of any.

It is clear in my mind that he in fact knew of test
done on humans was unlawful. Notwithstanding,
he himself was taking an active role in the
dispensing of these carcinogenic medication as
was his colleagues throughout the state, and
possibly other states as well.
You see, what Dr. Akusoba didn't know, was his
PA, Physicians Assistant. who sat in listening to
our discourse. My espying her, through my
peripheral vision. vigorously shaking her head
no. In a failed effort to signal Dr. Aksuba. not to
confirm my findings. concerning the dispensing
of carcinogenic medications. What's so
perplexing is, I'm not a doctor, and even I know
the testing of carcinogens on humans is
unlawfully... [Except in the prisons !] And even
more perplexing , why did Doctor Akusoba
attempt to mitigate my findings, by telling me
they only caused cancer in laboratory rats? What
difference would it make if he was certain they
would not harm humans? And why was the
pysicians assistant so fervent in signaling him
not to confirm my findings. You be the judge.


On yet another occasion circa last trimester 2000
to Jan 2001. of being poisoned, I was dispensed
liquid medication, Cascara. a purgative. Again, I
had been placed in punitive segregation.
Obviously, this is where Administrative/
correctional staff, like to do their dirty work,
being that its a little more secluded from general
population. In conjunction with my being
disabled, I was placed in a cell where a camera

2 The Abolishment Movement Newsletter
December, 2006

was positioned on me 24/7. So staff could watch
me. Perplexedly, over time I developed acute
heart pain. I couldn't figure out where it stemmed
from until nurse Mary Sanford of Lucasvilles,
SOCF. atypical of her behavior. Demanded to
have the dispensing cup back, subsequent my
walking away with it. Shocked at her tirade over
a simple cup, the size of a shot glass. these same
cups, over previous years. were left with me,
et,al. by several different nurses, including nurse,
Mary Sanford. I retorted, Why are so anxious to
get this cup back? [the cup had residue from the
poison.] Then I shut up! Realizing I might tip
them off. As this is where my heart pain
stemmed from. Hence medical records prior to
my incarnation, provided my heart was fine. So I
decided to forego the chronic medication, but
feigned dosing it.How I did that was when
medical staff came to dispense the medication. I
would take a drinking cup with my back to staff.
go over to the sink turn the water on, position the
cup in front of the stream of water to give the
appearance I was filling it with water. I wrapped
my hand around the cup. So as to prevent
medical and correctional staff from detecting the
cup was actually empty. At the cell bars, I
retrieved the small dispensing cup and threw my
head back, feigning to drink its content
immediately placed the empty drinking cup to
my mouth and moving my Adams apple to feign
swallowing the laced medication all the while
spitting it back into the drinking cup. walking
back to the sink nonchalantly, place the drinking
cup on the the sink returning to my bunk and
resume my game of solitary, or entries into my
daily journals.Now prior to this, I had saved an
empty 3"x6" plastic milk bag, cutting a small
piece of one of the corners to empty its content,
milk. I sterilized it with bleach. Making a paper
funnel I poured the laced Cascara into the plastic
bag. After saving up a couple of weeks or more,
of this laced medication, I hermetically sealed the
bag with a lighter. Making sure no air could get
in or out assuring none of the laced Cascara
would leak. I then taped the bag of laced Cascara
bag in between my legal papers.And mailed them

to the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati, Ohio. During
this time my heart pain vanished. [The hereafter,
is a transcript of one of the 15 page motion,
mailed to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, on
4/11/01.] Exhibit A. Please do not remove
exhibit A. from the plastic bag. It is sealed in
such a manner so as to deter tampering. The
evidence is Cascara inside a 3x6 plastic bag in a
motion to judge Potter U.S District Court,
Northern District Court Toledo Ohio. The
suspected laced cascara induced Angio pain.
Deduced by petitioner, through the process of
elimination, and the fact SOCF staff had
scheduled 3 medical round trips to Cardiology
petitioner had not previously consented to, nor
discussed. [I refused to go on. To do so would
have been pure folly. hence it would availed
them in building a medical history of staff
helping me for heart pain,( I never told them I
was experiencing.) Then In the event of my
untimely demise., staff would of pulled up my
medical history to say they had been trying to
help me. But God gave me the prevision to see
what they were up to long ago.This is how they
have murdered those who no longer have a voice.
And gotten away with it.] The Ohio State
medical board has evidence supporting
petitioners allegations. Respectfully Submitted,
Roderick P. Robinson 4/11/2001.

[Post my release from prison, at my request. A
Cardiologist ran a stress test on me, confirming I
had had a heart attack in my past. I submit to
you, the medical staff named herein this journal.
Were the perpetrators who did this to me.]

[Staff knew I had previous cases in Judge,
Potters Court. So as a diversionary tactic. I
mailed this evidence to the Sixth Circuit Court of
appeals. Naive, thinking with such profound
evidence as attempted murder. That Sixth Circuit
Court, would rush it over to the Court for which
it was intended. Little did I know then the courts,
et al. were involved too.] Now here's the really
perplexing part, Based on my deduction, My
evidence never left the institution. I say this by

3 The Abolishment Movement Newsletter
December, 2006

reason, and I'm sure you'll concur. After viewing
the following transcript letter from the clerk. that
did in fact, come from the Sixth Circuit Court of
Appeals. Received stamped by SOCF, APRIL

Dear, Mr. Robinson, The clerk's office received a
ss1983 complaint which should have been filed
with the district court.The complaint also had
attached a bag with what looked like blood. No
matter what you thought the effect would be---
and I'm assuming it was done for shock value-
blood or any other bodily fluid is not an
acceptable attachment to a court document. Any
court document. Everything is being returned to
you-don't even think about mailing it or any
similar fluid- filled packages to the Clerk's office
again. Sincerely yours signed Janis E. Yates.
Chief Deputy Clerk. cc: , Warden, Southern Ohio
Correctional Facility.

Now if you'll recall, the page, of the 15 page
motion. attached to the laced Cascara was very
concise as to the content of the bag. So, If Janis
E. Yates actually saw the evidence first hand.
How could she possibly assume it contained
blood? I couldn't have been more explicit
concerning the bags content, of having laced,
Now Sgt. McGraw (female) SOCF, Didn't have
me sign for the foregoing, ostensible returned
evidence. Which is atypical of ODRC Policy.
and even more non plused. Is the fact SOCF staff
didn't give back my original motions. Clearly this
was for the sole purpose of sweeping this whole
matter under the rug. Now you know THE
TRUTH ! all these inmates purportedly dying of
massive heart attacks in the prisons. Were,
without question, murdered in much the same
way these attempts made on me. Now I
purposefully left out some information by reason
in the event this matter gets into court. and staff
attempt to replicate that bag of laced cascara. I
have a big surprise for them. But if it doesn't get
into the courts I'll reveal other things I did, to
counter their artifices in the book.. As I stated in

the foregoing, during the time I was saving the
laced Cascara my heart pain vanished. And as
I've indicated in the body of my journal.. medical
staff set up 3 unbidden trips to cardiology. I
refused to go on these trips by reason, Had I
gone. In the event staff succeeded in murdering
me. I would have helped them with medical
records supporting I had a heart problem, I was
written up for not going, but those write- ups
were later rescinded. For obvious reasons.

I am the author of the foregoing denouncements.
Roderick Robinson
You can reach Rod at this myspace address and
leave him a message, and sign his petition.
Thanks Rod for sharing this with us.
Abuse, Torture in Maryland Prison

The following article is from :
Mr Anthony Mustafah Chisley
Deputy Chairman to the Maryland Branch of the

New African Black Panthers Party-Prison
Chapter (NABPP-PC)

Anthony wrote to me " Even though we ended
the hunger strike, the psychological/physical
abuse & torture still exists. So the struggle
continues. We ended the hunger strike for now
but are attempting to organize, plan, consolidate
support as you (and people around the world!)
did, with the signing up to participate in the

Anthony recommends the book "Are Prisons
Obsolete"? by Angela Davis. Anthony asked to
post his solidarity & admiration to the prisoners
across America, and free world people. Sends his
greetings & Solidarity, love to all within contact.

We will be hearing alot more from Anthony. He

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