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Marin Q3 2011 Benchmark Whitepaper

Marin Q3 2011 Benchmark Whitepaper

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Published by Ralph Paglia

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Published by: Ralph Paglia on Nov 02, 2011
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Online Marketing -
Quarterly Benchmarking Report
Key Trends & Insights
July – September, 2011
2Copyright © 2011 Marin Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Online Marketing – Quarterly Benchmarking Report – September 2011
The third quarter o 2011 unveiled several important paid-search trends. On a year over year ba-sis, advertisers increased click-through-rates (CTR), while reducing their overall costs-per-click(CPC). These trends point to advertisers realizing increased eciencies rom paid search, whilegrowing their search programs.On the subject o eciency, we also ound that a larger percentage o advertisers were usingPhrase and Exact type o keyword matching, and realizing strong perormance gains as a result.Lastly, our data suggests that ad targeting on tablet devices (e.g. Apple iPad) is showing signi-cantly better perormance compare to desktop or mobile targeting.
Research Methodology
To uncover key trends or the third quarter o 2011, we sampled the Marin Global Search In-dex, which includes over 1000 advertisers and agencies that invest over $2.1 billion annuallyin paid-search. The Marin Global Search Index consists o enterprise-class marketers -- largeradvertisers and agencies who spend in excess o $1 Million annually on paid-search, social anddisplay. As such, our data sample and ndings skew towards the behavior o larger organizationsand more sophisticated advertisers.We kept the study longitudinal by ocusing on a representative set o US based advertisers andmeasuring key perormance indicators (KPIs) on a year over year (YoY) and quarter o quarter(QoQ) basis. Wherever possible, we used medians and indexed values to more clearly highlightoverall trends instead o absolute values. This allows us to mitigate the eects o outliers, andmake the ndings more representative o the perormance o the typical Marin client. Onechange we made in this study was to separate out any impressions and clicks generated romthe “Content” networks (now known as the Display Network on Google). Unless stated otherwise,the data in this research brie pertains only to the “Search” network.
3Copyright © 2011 Marin Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Online Marketing – Quarterly Benchmarking Report – September 2011
1. Growth in Click Volume and Overall Perormance:
On an annual basis, advertisers saw clickvolume rise by 22% without an accompanying increase in spend. In act, improvements in clickvolume can be largely attributed to stronger CTR and a lower average CPC. The combination oimproving CTRs and declining CPCs point to a signicant eciency gain or Marin’s clients overthe past year.

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