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Games to Play With Webelos

Games to Play With Webelos

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Published by Mollyann Hesser
Games to play for advancement or just fun
Games to play for advancement or just fun

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Published by: Mollyann Hesser on Nov 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Games to play with WebelosThis is my collection of Cub Scout games for a new or an experienced Cub Scoutleader. Over the many years of Scouting, I've pulled bits and pieces from varioussites around the web and leaders books. I thought it would be nice to put them alltogether in one place. Please try to document where you got a particular file if you could. None of the text on this site is copyrighted. If you come acrosssomething that has a copyright on it, please let me know.
Signs Up Game
This is to teach Webelos scouts how to properly use “the sign.” Play it for about15 minutes.Have all scouts sit in a circle facing inward.One scout is chose as 'IT'. He stands up as everyone else in the circle closestheir eyes.The scout walks once around the outside of the circle and taps one scout on theback.When he gets back to his spot, he sits down and says, "Heads Up!".Everyone starts talking, making lots of noise, and keeping their eyes watchingeveryone else in the group.The scout that was tapped makes the Scout Sign whenever he wants.The first scout to see the sign, put his hand up, and stop talking wins.The winner gets to walk the circle and tap the next person.
T-Shirt Relay Game
1 extra large t-shirt for each team.A judge for each team.Notes:The judge should make sure the shirt is pulled all the way down on each scoutand no short-cuts are taken in the heat of competition.This works on teamwork and everyone is involved the whole time.Instructions:Teams line up in single file.The shirt is given to the first scout in each line.On 'Go' signal, the scout puts the shirt on and then holds hands with the nextscout in line, facing the scout.All the other scouts work the shirt from one scout to the next so he is wearing it.He then turns and holds hands with the next scout, and so on.Teams need to have the same number of players or some need to put the shirton twice
Birds of a Feather Game
Slips of paper with a bird name written on each one - chicken, turkey, goose,duck, chickadee, crow. If you have 24 people, make 4 of each. If 42, make 7 of each.Preparation:Hand out a paper slip to each scout.Notes:Since the groups constantly change, there is no real team that wins. It shouldonly take about three minutes to get a winner so many rounds can be played.If you are going to give out any small prizes, do it right after the round since you'llhave no idea who gets the prize later.Instructions:On 'GO' signal, scouts mill about the room exchanging slips as many times asthey can with as many different scouts as possible. They do not look at what iswritten on the paper.On 'STOP' signal, scouts stop and look at their paper.On 'FIND YOUR FLOCK' signal, scouts try to find all others of their kind and thensit down together. The last group to sit is out, taking their papers with them.Repeat until only one flock is left.Alternate: When finding your flock, you can only make the noise of the bird youhave, no talking.Alternate: Use any animals rather than just these birds
Blowhard Relay Game
Required:straw for each scoutitem to race for each teamNotes:Items should be light, such as styrofoam or paper, but not round like a ball. Thisshould be done on non-carpeted floor, such as a gym or cafeteria floor.Depending on what holiday is close, you can use themed items, such as spidersand ghosts, elves and snowmen.Instructions:Each scout receives a straw.Teams line up at the starting line. The first scout in line is on his knees with theracing item in front of him.On 'GO', first scout in each team uses his straw to blow air at his item to move itaround the course and back to the next scout.
Buddy Tag Game
Required:Need at least 12 scouts, the more the better Instructions:All players except for two form into buddy pairs and link one arm. Pairs spreadout over area. There is one player as 'It' and one player being chased - the'runner'.The 'runner' may run up beside any buddy team and link his arm with one freearm of a buddy. This makes 3 scouts together which is not allowed. So, themember of the buddy team that the 'runner' did not link arms with is now the'runner'.'It' can tag the 'runner' at any point. As soon as he is tagged, he is 'It' and 'It' isnow the 'runner'.Usually, the tag is made when someone does not realize a 3rd has joined histeam. Be careful about one scout being 'It' for too long. Change the game byhaving 2 Its and Runners at the same time.
Bizz Buzz Game
Notes:Improve mental quickness and concentration.Good for a filler while sitting around.Instructions:Group sits in circle facing in.In a clock-wise direction, scouts count up from 1.Instead of 7 and all multiples of 7, and all numbers that contain 7, say 'Buzz'.For example, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Buzz, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, Buzz, 15, 16, Buzz, 18, ...If there is a mistake, start over at 1 with the next scout in line.Once it is going well and the group has reached 50 or so, stop them and add'Bizz' to the game. Now, substitute 'Bizz' for 5.For example, 1, 2, 3, 4, Bizz, 6, Buzz, 8, 9, Bizz, 11, 12, 13, Buzz, Bizz, 16, Buzz,18, 19, Bizz, Buzz, 22, ...If the number is a multiple of 5 and 7, or has 5 and 7 in it, like 35 or 57 or 70 or 75, say 'BizzBuzz'!Try for a group record or reaching 100.Eliminate scouts that make mistakes until only the champion is left.

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