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Eagle Ranch Thanksgiving 2011

Eagle Ranch Thanksgiving 2011

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Published by Bryan Nicoll

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Bryan Nicoll on Nov 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thanksgiving 2011
Ts sca Taksv css   sy    sas, Ks C, a samy. Wa maks s sy scas a m a a ca bj  Ea Rac sa, Ksv a  Rac as a c.Tay, I ky  m a myay a  a s,  aa,   s msc  ssas . B w  Ksa s w, Lacy, as sas, Ksa aac m sva ms ab ssby.Eac m, I ca m  cs sccss ca w  Cas Ga.Fay, ss a G was ca ma s w  s msy, w m as sas   Gac Hmas s.N y was Ks’s sas as a c aEa Rac sma  am  s  , b  was as m-a  w  sa s w amy’sjy. Lacy a Ks av w cw a b m a a aws c av b scv.T Ea Rac mss s  js  c w v   a sas  vs, b as   c a c’s c. T aamac s sca.I  say a  jb  a  Racs  a  ss a ay  avs. Ks’s , a  c  smak   vs  s, s a smy  avs y by  ass s vv  s msy.
A Reason to Give Thanks
by Eddie Staub, Founder & Executive Director 
Eagle Ranch provides a Christ-centered home or boys and girls in crisis and in need o hopeand healing. Partnering with their amilies,we pursue amily restoration and reunication.We seek to infuence and equip others who sharea similar calling to impact children, amiliesand uture generations.
Our Missio
Cm Hm
By Kesh Coffee 
As a y by, I was  ca my ; Ks was  v’s sa. I was mak ccs a vv   w cw.T y csscy I a as ac was  ac a my was s css.
By Kesh Coffee 
My a was  a  my , mym a  w ss, a Ica scs  ms by  mI was 14. O my s v c a c I a  my, b  w I   aamy a  scy a y a.I was ab  xc s w Iav a  Lv Hm  1995. I wasvy xc     Rac. Dw, I kw sm was mss my , a I s  v a scy a cms m a sabm a sab as.I mmb E Sab k -cy a m a ask m  I wa cm  Ea Rac. My sswas “ys, I .”T Lv Hm was sc as aCsa vm. My s-as, J a Gy Hav,m wa a Csa amy’sm k k.L a  Rac was  asy. Tsc was   m – av mak my b,  cs, a csqcs. I was y asy. I ca sy say a bas  b I   my m a  Rac, I av babys mw a as 200 acs a   Ea Rac s!
Kesh at Eagle Ranch in 1995.High school sweethearts,Kesh and Lacy, celebratingKesh’s 18th birthday (above).
I  Ea Rac a 18 a w  Cas Ga. W I was 20, Ima my  sc swa,Lacy, w I sa a w va  Rac. L was’ asy. W ca   a sy  ay w y may cs a - aa. Dvc sm k  wb  ass s, bcas  cs, a was wa w kw.Fay, w b ac a w w az Cs was  y w c  . W cmm vs  Hm a ba  b as. T sss I aa Ea Rac cam back  m.I kw I a  mak ccs, a Iwas’ b by my as. N maw ba  as b, G ca akbkss a mak smw. As  maa sa  amy bcam w, I kw Iwa     Rac  aya v back.
My Bs Ifc
“It’s been a privilege and blessing to be a part of Kesh’s life and to watch him grow in Christ and to become an effective husband, father and housedad.” 
Todd Williamson
Former Eagle Ranchassistant counselor
The most infuential person during my time atthe Ranch was my assistant counselor, ToddWilliamson. Todd continues to be a mentor tome. He and his wie, Patty, are the godparents o our children. We otenseek advice rom them in raising our own girls. We model our amilyater theirs and the values I learned rom Eagle Ranch.
G as s my m a  Rac,b as a by a as a sa, aw m a  Hm. A ms, s c b    s,a   b  a a. I’m a  b ab  aw my xc a y -sa  sa a  a.I ca a   v away mm a  wk     ams.L as a sa s mb. D m a  Rac,  asav s a G b s  ac  bys a Jss vsm, a  s  w ms  a.Ea Rac s a sca ac. Y ca a v as y v   cams.G s  sm awsm wk  vs  vy vv a  Rac.Fm  sa,   c,  s a vs, ca aass a ca vs bywa w av  as  wss.A  a, my amy a I a s-ay vy ak!Cm back  Ea Rac, w myamy, as sas as b ay- xc. Lv  s as sa cma  w I wasa c as b a cm ca.
T wss bavs a sm m, a a sas, w sa sa  w sbys a – say a may –as a ms bk my a. T b vc   a  aw Cs wk  m a my amy ms  s ys s amaza wa.
T y csscyI a as a c was ac a my was s css.L as a sas mb a acsa m m  js w mcG vs m.
Kesh & Todd at each other’s weddings (above).

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