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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

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Published by sencer110
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy

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Published by: sencer110 on Nov 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Massage TherapyLearn To Massage Like aProfessional
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Table of Contents
Introduction3What Really Is A Massage4The Logic of Massage5Benefits of Massage5Before You Start9Massage Methods10Giving the Massage12Massaging the Feet15Infant Massage16Pregnancy Massage19Massage Oils21Making Your Own Massage Oils23Massage Oil Recipes24Self-Massage25Sensual Massage31Handheld Massagers34Acupressure36How Acupressure Works37Locating a Pressure Point40Acupressure Techniques42How to Apply Pressure43Breathing46Things to Be Careful Of46Acupressure for Specific Problems47Colds and Flu48Headaches and Migraines52Chronic Back Pain54Weight Control55If You Feel its Not Working56Conclusion57
Who doesn’t love a good massage? The power of touch isabsolutely amazing. It can heal aches, cure ailments, and just make aperson feel wonderful!Many people will dole out big money to have a professionalmassage. And why wouldn’t they? Getting a massage is an amazingwalk into total relaxation and feeling good. Nothing can be moreprofound than the feeling you have after a great massage.Another amazing benefit of massage is bringing you closer to aperson you care about. There’s no better way to establish trueintimacy than through the power of touch!But massage is about so much more than intimacy. It’s abouthealing problems, making your muscles feel better when they ache,and achieving a sense of relaxation that just isn’t possible through anyother means.I had my first massage when I was given one as a weddingpresent. I was completely unprepared for what would ensue duringthis session. I thought I would lay down on a table and have somehulking woman knead my skin until I hurt. Boy was I wrong!My masseuse was a young girl fresh out of school and practicingin her first job. She stood about five foot two and had long, blond hairreminiscent of my own. I thought to myself, “How can she give me agood massage?” I was pleasantly surprised 45 minutes later when I emergedfrom the massage room feeling more relaxed than I ever had in myentire lifetime. No, nothing inappropriate happened. What did occurwas a complete and total healing, therapeutic experience that was waybeyond my wildest dreams.After this experience, I began to wonder whether or not it waspossible to have that same experience at home. Sure, I would have toconvince my husband, but it was worth a try. So I started researchingthe art of massage and how to give a great massage without anyformal training.

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