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First Christian Courier-October 15, 2011

First Christian Courier-October 15, 2011

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Published by Dennis Sanders
The October 15 edition of the Courier, the newsletter of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Minneapolis.
The October 15 edition of the Courier, the newsletter of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Minneapolis.

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Published by: Dennis Sanders on Nov 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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October 15, 2011
Inside the Courier 
A Look at the BriteSide, page 2
Search committeeat work, page 3
• New ecumenical
lectionary groupforming, page 3
Book club news,page 3
On the Web: 
Steve Rusinak
Pull Out All the Stops 
organ concert Oct. 30
moving the organ to our newlocation.The organ will probably bemoved November or Decem-ber, when it will be refur-bished and re-voiced for theSouth Sanctuary of the Minis-try Center. The design teamhas just recently received arc-hitectural designs for the or-gan installation, and bids arecurrently being solicited forthe move and construction.According to Pastor Brite,mid-December is the mostcurrent prediction for whenthe new building will beready. FCC is still looking atJanuary as the month whenwe will move.
“Pull Out All the Stops!”, a going
cert for FCC‟s grand pipe organ, will be
held Sunday, Oct. 30 at 1 pm. Current organ-ist Bryon Wilson will be joined by former or-ganists, including Bev Singewald, Jerry Bon-
strom, and Donald Ulm, in this “re
verent, fun
and fancy” organ concert
.The concert is free, but a freewill offeringwill be taken to help support the costs of 
The Grande Sale
Thursday, Oct. 134
7 pmFriday, Oct. 1412
7 pmSaturday, Oct. 159 am
1 pmClean up after
Christian Courier 
First Christian Church of Minneapolis (Disciples of Christ)
Page 2
Another transition as Search begins
“There is pain and promise,
harriedness and hope, old and 
new coming together”
Transitions are never easythings; the transition this congre-gation has gone through for thelast 30 years proves that. Transi-tions have elements of the posi-tive and the negative; thechanges mean some tearing aboutof long-established habits or rela-tionships for the establishment of new ones. There is pain andpromise, harriedness and hope,old and new coming together.As we anticipate the move intothe Ecumenical Ministry Center,it will involve adjustments, toler-ance, patience, maybe someamount of civil argument, and alot of work.Another piece of upcomingtransition lies in the fact that aSearch Committee has beenformed for a permanent pastor.(See story on page 3 for list of members.) Their job is, first, toput together a profile of congre-gational life and goals, with thegoal of submitting that profile tothe Upper Midwest Disciples re-gional structure.They then will receive candidateprofiles of Disciples ministerswho are looking for positionsand, over time, settle on one can-didate to recommend to theBoard and Congregation as thenext permanent pastor of FCC.This process will probablytake 12 to 18 months. I personal-ly think that there will be astrong amount of interest frompotential pastoral candidates; thiswill be a place where pastoralcreativity will be an asset, and
 pastors like that! As for me, I‟m
beginning to begin that searchprocess as well; maybe the twoprocesses will come together at
the same time, or maybe I‟ll be
gone sooner (or later?).
It‟s a
time of transition, containing allthose elements mentioned above.You may wish to visit withthese dedicated folk, and let themknow what you think is neededfor the future of FCC.
I‟d like to see YOU on Sunday!
A Look at the Brite Side 
In our prayers 
Gracious God, welift up these personsin our prayers, ask-ing the blessing of  your Grace and out- pouring of your Loveupon them.
We pray in sympathy with the family of 
Ralph Morehouse
, a long-time member of our church family, who passed away at age 103; inconcern for
Ruth White
, who suffered a stroke and has moved into anursing care facility, and for
Irene Hackett
who is having a secondcornea transplant operation; in thanksgiving for all the
givingtime and talents to the Grande Sale and to the many working commit-tees and task groups of the church; in hope for those seeking employ-ment and those trying new careers, including
Jay Hille
stad’s brother
who is studying for the ministry, and
Bob Brite’s friend
whohas a job after long unemployment; for all our homebound membersincluding
Lois Swenson
Dorothy Stegner
, Amen.
 Christian Courier Page 3
Doug Armstrong,Em
ma‟s son, gave
a reading recentlyfrom his book 
“Even Sunflo
wersCast Shad
ows” at
ma‟s home in
Crystal. The nov-el is based on
Emma‟s early life
in a small Kansastown. Copies arein our church li-brary.
Search Committee work underway
The Search Committee met with Regional Min-istry Partner Tammy Rottschaefer on Tuesday, Oc-tober 4. The committee is comprised of DeanCreighton and Mike Hesano, co-chairs, Max Hur-locker, Sandy Morgan, Serena Carlson, Arlene Hil-lestad, and Kirsten Cackoski, with Tom Curry andDeb Murphy being ex officio members. There is a
lot of “homework” (most of it information gathe
r-ing) to be done by the committee before they will
 begin to look at candidates‟ papers. As of now,
there is no specific time frame other than to be asdiligent as possible with the work that needs to bedone.
Book Club list of reads for winter 
New members are al-ways welcome to join
FCC‟s book club,
which meets monthly.You can come to anymeeting
no long-termcommitment required!Here is the lineup of books and meeting places forthe next several months:
October 24:
The Red Scarf Girl
, Ji-Li Jiang:meeting will be at Barb and Allison Creighton'shome at 7 pm
November 28:
by David Rhodes,meeting will be at Diane Hackett's home at 7pm
January 23:
Silas Marner 
, George Eliot, meet-ing will be at Bobbie Hall's home at 7 pmContact the church office if you need addresses ordirections.
An appreciation, and a correction
Kirsten Cackoski wishes to express her apprec-iation on behalf of her family for the prayers andconcern shown at the loss of her sister-in-lawSharon Pell-Lie. We apologize for listing Sha-
ron‟s name incorrectly in the prayer list.
New Lectionary Group forming 
Members from the three partner churches of the new Ministry Center (FCC, Lyndale, and Sa-lem) are launching a new lectionary study groupas a way to bring people from the churches to-gether for Bible study.The group plans to meet on Tuesday after-noons from 4 pm to 5:30 at Intermedia Arts(where Salem and Lyndale are currently housed),2822 Lyndale Ave. S.
We‟ll read, discuss
, and share responses tothe lectionary texts for the coming Sunday. Cof-fee and tea will be available.The first meeting will be Tuesday, Oct. 18.
Baby Bouler shower Oct. 23
The Carter Circle is hostinga shower for the soon-to-arrivebaby of Jennifer and ClydeBouler on Sunday, October 23,shortly after the worship ser-vice. All are welcome to join us.
The baby‟s gender is
not yetknown, so green and yellowgifts are welcome. You can find the family regis-tered at Babies-R-Us and Target.PS -
Jennifer‟s due date is October 31, so if B
a-by Bouler makes an early appearance before the23rd, we will reschedule.
Son reads from novel based on Em 
ma Armstrong’s early years

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