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The Israel Republican Committee Meeting Minutes Sunday June 18 2006

The Israel Republican Committee Meeting Minutes Sunday June 18 2006

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Published by: api-27297538 on Oct 18, 2008
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The Israel Republican Committee
Meeting minutes, Sunday June 18, 2006
Our goals
Get people registered OVF overseas Voters form \u2013 100% online.
http://www.overseasvotefoundation.org (is this the site you had in mind)
Focus on key races and states
Content of message to audience:

2006 is a midterm election.
Do our 10000 votes count?
The White house is keenly interested in Israel voters.
We have to articulate why we are for the President. "It's the foreign policy, stupid!"
If you care about Israel, you have to vote, and you have to vote Republican.
In 2004, 40K US citizens in Israel voted, of which an estimated 70% voted

In Israel, we know why we vote Republican, because we put Israel high on our

priorities. By communicating, we can try to influence US Jews.
According to recent polls, only 31% of US Jews list Israel as a priority in voting.
The Israel Republican Committee, and all US citizens in Israel who register and vote,

can set a standard, a target, by which USA Jews can decide what their interest should
Americans in Israel recognize that Republicans are now unquestionably more pro-
Israel than Democrats. Three recent resolutions exemplify this:
Security fence resolution: 20% Democrats voted against, because the extreme left was

against it
37 Democratic representatives voted against the policy declaration against Hamas.
[Another important vote]
In each of these votes, Republicanss were closer to 100% pro-Israel
http://www.danielpipes.org/article/3625 (Kory \u2013 this is the article you distributed at

the Sat night meeting, yes?)
Israel eighth in worldwide expat registration status:
Forums to access our audience
Need a booth at July 4 AACI
YU alumni

Venues for events
Cell rent companies

PR opportunites

Article in the charedi press \u2013 rabbi say to vote \u2013 Rabbi Blum
Op ed in Post (Ruthie Bloom)
We also have to make noise.

How many races are there, which are the key races?

Where are the eligible voters in Israel for the key races?
When are the deadlines to register in each state? (Most states have to have registered

30-60 days before the election)
What is the timeline for 2006 elections and our Committee's activities?
When is our next meeting?

To Do List, who's in charge of what
[GA: I have taken the liberty of "volunteering" you according to my understanding of

the outcome of our meeting. Please comment if indicated]
Have op ed etc pieces written \u2013 Marc
Get complete list of Anglo community yahoogroups \u2013 Gidon
Get complete list of races, and which are key \u2013 Kory
Find a programmer who can create a cover website to register voters and snag their

details for us

Sems and Yeshivas \u2013 Mordechai A
Try to get a budget \u2013 Kory
Create timeline \u2013 Kory
Enlist people who have substantial US expat clients to join our committee (ie, try to

get their clients to register)
Get booth at AACI July 4 event, man the event

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