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Published by Sara Aker

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Published by: Sara Aker on Nov 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By: Sara aker 
Chapter oneI saw him on a red leather stool waiting for the waitress to catch his attention. He had redshort curly hair; he was wearing a white V-neck, a black leather coat, he had a Spanishaccent; I heard it when he told the waitress what he wanted. I could not take my eyes off ofhim. His skin was pale. He had the lightest blue eyes I ever seen; they were lighter than theocean but darker than the air on a sunny day. I walked towards him ready to introduce
myself, I said “hello” He said in a weary voice “hello! And who might you be?” I said“Sophia and you are?” he looked at me and said “No one you want to hang around with” in a
serious tone. I must have had a blank expression on my face because he seemed to look
„curios‟. I practically ran out of the bar wishing I hadn‟t by the surprise that It was pouring 
and cold while it was warm and cozy in side. But I would not let myself go back inside andface him. I started to walk home not more than a few steps and he was at my side I slowlylooked over and did not know what to say. He just told me that he was no one I should hang around with and yet here he is. I got a feeling- I wanted to blush, smile and scream at thesame time. Should I be afraid of him or not! He slowly backed up breathing slowly and told
me “I‟m telling you I‟m something bad” I said in a low voice with my head down to afraid tolook at him “what are you?” Immediately after that I wished I hadn‟t said it what if he was a
killer, animal or even worse a vampire! He suddenly told me to come closer so I could hear
what he was going to say. I crept forward he whispered in my ear “I‟m a hybrid which is avampire and a werewolf” ”see” “your frightened if I wanted to kill you I could. I could do
anything you would be powerl
ess” I could see it in his eyes he was picturing it, killing me,
and drinking my blood. He left in a hurry. I shuffled in my pockets to find my key. I got inmy green Honda and drove home. When I got to my bed, so comfy and blue I found that Ileft my book: Romeo and Juliet open to where I left off. Closed it and took an afternoon nap.I woke up a little later wondering where he was, I could not stop thinking about him.
Chapter two
I went to the tavern later that night hoping to find him there, he wasn‟t
there. The waitress
said” the gentleman yesterday left a letter for you” she handed me a blue thin envelope
which said:Dear Sophia,
I forgot to tell you my name my name is Steven. For what I am I‟ve gotten my family killed,
my friends pushed away and my young age forever. I want to see you
Sincerely you‟re new friend,
 StevenPS: meet me at 10am, in the court street app.385 tomorrow
I did not know what to do since he is a hybrid „n‟ all. I mean with one little bite and I am
what he is. Did I want to go or stay! I later concluded that I wanted to live life, take a risk. Soof course I went. I could see him his red curly short hair, light blue eyes and his pale skin. He
said in a dangerous tone “you came!” at the end of the sentence I could hear the happine
fading away. He took a step or two to „see me in a better view‟. He sighed and lo
oked at myneck I could hear myself gasp for air. As he came closer towards me, he put his arms around
me‟ to hold me in place so he could suck my blood‟. I silently and sl
owly closed my eyes
wishing he‟d killed me earlier. He slowly let go of me and said “you smell like a sunrise”. I
did not know how to respond to that! I did not move for a minute or two. I opened my eyesonly to find out that he was standing in front of me waiting for me to run off screaming but Istayed saw that he wanted me. He slowly kissed my lips softly. I did not want him to stop.He slowly kissed my lips again but this time leaving them a little wet. I tried to breathe butwhen he started to move his hands from my stomach to my sides of my waist I wanted toscream but instead stayed quite and tried to breathe. I heard him start to say something and
then I said” what did you say?” he said with a big cheesy grin on his face “ I now see what
attracted yo
u to me” and of course I said “what attracted you to me?”. He took a second andsaid “you‟re voice, eyes, natural beauty, and that all allured me to you”. I looked down at mywatch and noticed that it was late I said in a rush tone” I am late for a date” h
e looked at me
with a sad expression and said “oh”. I said “with my book”. he then lighted up” what areyou reading?”I slowed down my pace and said “Romeo and Juliet”.‟ I love the passion theyshare between each other”. He smiled gave me a
light kiss on my lips and disappeared insecond. Not wasting time I pulled out the keys to my green Honda and left.
 Chapter threeLater as I was home looking for my book: Romeo and Juliet. I was looking through
everything. I found that „He‟ left me a message. I played it: “I want to talk love you” I dialed
his #388-
4227, I heard it starting to ring it rang five times he picked up: he said “Do youknow how much I‟ve thought about you? I don‟t
know how to stop… we need to talk
tomorrow at 12:00 at the grand central
stadium okay?” I took a deep breath and said “yes, I‟llmeet you there”.
 The next day I woke up to find that my house was not only destroyed but also filthy. Istarted to clean up, I started to wonder: what was he doing right now, I wish he would call. Istarted to make my bed put away my books and clean up my floor which was covered withclothes. I then headed out to my kitchen which was very clean to my surprise. I sat down fora few minutes and then I heard the phone ring. I got up and picked it up he
said “Hey did Iwake you up?” I said “no I had to clean” he said okay so what are we?”
I started to blush the
thought of me and him being more than friends was unbelievable and I said “I don‟t knowwhat we are, I am a simple girl and you‟re a hybrid.
 I met him at the Grand central stadium a little after 12:00.He scared me by sneaking behindme and I saw that he was there wearing a pair of black jeans, red shirt and a brown hat. I had
to ask one no two questions the first one were “do you ever sleep?" he said in a low voice “no
never". The 2nd question was "how old are you I mean hybrid wise?" He whispered in myear "2 centuries old "I just stared he was 200 years old! I gave him the longest kiss then heasked me my favorite color, food, animal, time of day and Etc. I drove home he told mewould come over a little later. I started to read Romeo and Juliet from where I left off-wherethey were planning to run off together since they could not get married to each other withtheir parents knowing. 20 minutes later I heard the doorbell ring I put the book mark where Ileft off. I opened the door only to find that it was Steven. He was wearing the same thing asbefore and had a certain colon that made me remember my dad he always smelt like the oldgrocery stor
e called Fin‟s stop and shop store. I pointed to the love seat and he sat on it, it
was blue. I asked him "do you want anything to drink?" he said "No I am okay" I then said "what do you want then?" he smiled the smile that took my breath away and said "you" Ithought he knew he had me forever I said "You already do, Remember?" he said "yes I do "I
want you forever” I knew it he was picturing it turning me into a hybrid. I said “will youpromise me one thing?” he said “yes anything for you” I said “then wi
ll you make sure notto turn me into a hybrid unless I am in pain and wish for
mercy” He
sighed gave me a kiss

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