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English Proficiency Test for Aviation Set 04 answer

English Proficiency Test for Aviation Set 04 answer

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Published by Jivko Kostadinov

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Published by: Jivko Kostadinov on Nov 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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본 자료는 영어 시험 대비 사내 배포용으로 활용되도록 작성된 학습 자료입니다. 따라서 주관팀의 인가 없이 사외로 유출 시에는 회사 규정에 의거 불이익을 받을 수 있습니다.
TASK 1-2Before I became an airline pilot, I flew a single-engine propeller aircraftbecause the purpose of my flying was to get my pilot licenses and I wantedto fly an aircraft for rent at a reasonable price. When I was receiving myflight training back in 1995, the average cost to rent such aircraft was about50 US dollars. If I chose to fly a bigger and fancier airplane, it wouldhave costed me much more than I can afford.TASK 1-3I consider my job important because for me it provides me with enoughincome to take care of my family and for the community, it plays a majorrole in transporting people from one place to another. Some people saythat pilot, as a job will become obsolete in the future, but I think it will bequite a while until people gets convinced to ride on a plane with no pilotsonboard.TASK 3-1In this picture, I see an aircraft that has crashed on its nose. Looking atthe right side of the aircraft, it has a lower wing with two engines attachedunder the wing. I do not see any structural damage on the main body butthe nose part of the aircraft is broken apart from its body. The landinggear beneath the nose part of the aircraft, nose gear, looks collapsed andthat probably made the aircraft crash on its nose. The color and length of the grass on the ground tells me that the time of the year is around summer.Though aircraft is outside of the paved area, the paved surface near theaircraft and the ditch looks wet. That leads me to think that it has beenraining or has just stopped raining. The sky looks still gloomy or ratherovercastted by rainy cloud.TASK 3-2It was a Boeing 747 with full passenger on board making a landing in arainy day. A thunderstorm was passing over the airport and it producedstrong wind and some rain. Due to the gusty wind, the pilots on the B747had to make the landing manually since they felt uncomfortable to let the
본 자료는 영어 시험 대비 사내 배포용으로 활용되도록 작성된 학습 자료입니다. 따라서 주관팀의 인가 없이 사외로 유출 시에는 회사 규정에 의거 불이익을 받을 수 있습니다.
autopilot make the auto-landing. The pilots on the heavy jumbo expectedthat they would encounter some windshear, but they could not manage totouch down near the designated touchdown zone.The aircraft floatedover the runway and made a touch town on the half way down. Theremaining runway was not long enough but it was too late to abort thelanding. The pilot tried to stop the aircraft on the runway but it was littletoo short for the heavy jumbo to come to a full stop especially on a wetrunway. By the time the aircraft was at the end of the runway, the aircraftwas skidding and went out of the runway. Fortunately and unfortunately,a ditch next to the runway stopped the aircraft from skidding any furtherbut the nose gear collapsed.TASK 4-1Sunair 219 requested radar vectors to Gisborne Radar because they werenot sure of their position. When pilots get lost during their visual flight,they usually call up any radar service agency and ask for radar vectors.Once the airplane is contacted on the radar, radar service agency canprovide the pilot with an azimuth information as well as any possibleconflict with other aircraft.TASK 4-2When the pilot was instructed by the controller to turn right foridentification, the pilot did not follow the instruction and instead, the pilotinformed the controller that he was equipped with a transponder. Thepilot knew that the right turn instructed by the controller was only foridentification purpose and that inform the controller of his equipment statusand request a squawk code would be much more effective.TASK 5Yesterday, a heavily loaded cargo plane was taking off from an airport.Although the numbers were within the limit of the airplane, the pilot feltuncomfortable with his performance calculated based on the load sheet.Despite the pilot’s concern regarding safety, he decided to carry out hisduty as a pilot. During the takeoff roll, he felt that it would be difficult toget the plane in the air within the available runway length. Fortunately, hewas able to lift off a few feet before the end of the runway, but he was still
본 자료는 영어 시험 대비 사내 배포용으로 활용되도록 작성된 학습 자료입니다. 따라서 주관팀의 인가 없이 사외로 유출 시에는 회사 규정에 의거 불이익을 받을 수 있습니다.
uncomfortable with the airplane’s climb performance. He knew that hisclimb performance had to be better in order to comply with all the obstacleclearances and other requirements. He found out that his luck discontinued when his plane was over the metropolitan area where it wouldbe no factor if he was able to comply with the required climb gradient.The airplane hit the top of an antenna tower with the belly of the airplane.The airplane hit it so hard the pilot could feel the impact. The pilot calledthe tower immediately and declared an emergency. The controlleracknowledged the declaration and told the pilot that all the necessaryassistance would be provided including a radar vector back to the airportand calling up a fire and rescue team.TASK 6-1Tower, this is Air Pacific 111. I can’t proceed with takeoff at this time.Please cancel my takeoff clearance. Request for taxi back to the ramp.TASK 6-2Tower, this is Air Pacific 111. I am not able to proceed with the takeoff atthis time. I just noticed that a great amount of ice has accumulated on thewings of my airplane and with such condition I can not continue with myflight. I need you to give a taxi clearance back to the ramp for de-icingTASK 7-1According to what I see and hear, it seems that the airport is being attackedby somebody, possibly by terrorists. For that reason, I don’t think itwould be a good idea to continue to land at this airport. Withouthesitating, I will fly away from the airport as far as possible and as fast as Ican. Since I have no idea what is waiting for me on the ground, I will notrisk the life of myself and the passengers’. The first thing I need to donow is to contact the previous controller or anybody I can speak to and findout what is going on and what I can do. I won’t even think about gettingany near the airport again, and most probably I will divert to another airportonce I acquire all the necessary information.

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