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Huong Dan Lam Mining Cho gà

Huong Dan Lam Mining Cho gà



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Published by api-3826233

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Published by: api-3826233 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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dthiep47: vao tao project ?
khoiit1985: dung roi
khoiit1985: vo cai business intelligent gi do
khoiit1985: chon analysys project thi phai
dthiep47: ok
dthiep47: bi gio minh chon da ta source ha
khoiit1985: uh
khoiit1985: chon new data source
dthiep47: roi
dthiep47: chon provider la gi ???
khoiit1985: k nho la da so nhan next next thi phai
khoiit1985: de xem lai
dthiep47: khoi dang o nha hay ngoai tiem vay
khoiit1985: o nha
khoiit1985: provider o dau vay
khoiit1985: ko thay
dthiep47: vay bi gio khoi lam 1 file word chi h tung bc dc ko
khoiit1985: lam cai nay co vai cho can chu y thoi ah
dthiep47: uh
khoiit1985: con phan dau thi da so nhan next next
dthiep47: cai cho new data source ay
dthiep47: phai tao new connection
khoiit1985: no co phan data connection phai ko
dthiep47: uh
khoiit1985: no co san cai connection nao chua
dthiep47: chua
dthiep47: dang tao new
khoiit1985: uh
khoiit1985: cai provider de mac dinh di
khoiit1985: chon windows authentication la duoc roi
khoiit1985: server name ghi dau "."
khoiit1985: roi chon data base
dthiep47: dau co databasse nao
khoiit1985: cai cho server name ghi dau "." chua
dthiep47: roi
khoiit1985: phan connect to databse no se cho minh lua chon chu
khoiit1985: phan select or enter databsase do
dthiep47: roi
dthiep47: chon databasse nao
khoiit1985: cai data base foodmart do
dthiep47: cai do dau phai database sql
dthiep47: no la access ma
khoiit1985: import no vo sql
dthiep47: vay ha
dthiep47: roi tiep di
khoiit1985: ong biet cach import no vo sql ko
dthiep47: ko
dthiep47: dung attach hay restore
khoiit1985: de tui dua trang web huong dan cho
dthiep47: uh
khoiit1985: ong co coi duoc trang web do ko
dthiep47: import xong roi
khoiit1985: vay thi chon data base do di
dthiep47: chon acc nao vay
dthiep47: co dat pass ko
khoiit1985: con windows autenthi cation gi do duoc roi
dthiep47: roi
dthiep47: finish roi

dthiep47: bi gio tao datasource view ha
khoiit1985: uh
dthiep47: all table ?
dthiep47: roi
dthiep47: bi gio tao cube ha
khoiit1985: uh
dthiep47: khoan
dthiep47: tao view xong
dthiep47: no ra wa troi table luon
khoiit1985: dung roi
khoiit1985: xong thi phai vo may cai table lien quan de tao khoa chinh khoa ngoai
cho no moi tao cube duoc
dthiep47: uh
dthiep47: tu minh lam ha
khoiit1985: neu ong ranh thi vo sql dat khoa chinh khoa ngoai cho no trong sql do
khoiit1985: thi khi ong tao data source view may cai table cua no se tu dong co
ket noi het
dthiep47: ok
dthiep47: bi gio h tao 1 cai khoa chinh cua table product
dthiep47: vay la tao cube dc roi dung ko
khoiit1985: ong thu tao cube xem no co bao gi ko
dthiep47: ko
khoiit1985: neu tao cube duoc thi no tu tao may cai dimension luon rio phai ko
dthiep47: uh
khoiit1985: ong nhin vo cai datasource view xem may cai table no co ket noi lai
het chua
dthiep47: no dang keu minh tao identify fact and demension table ne
khoiit1985: fact table la cai table chua cac khoa ngoai
khoiit1985: con dimension table la table chua khoa chinh
dthiep47: uh
dthiep47: bi gio tuy theo bang ma minh chon fact hay dimension ha
khoiit1985: ong muon mining ve cai gi thi ong chon table do
khoiit1985: ma tui ko biet lua table
khoiit1985: mining sai het roi
khoiit1985: phan do ogn nghien cuu them diu
dthiep47: vay thoi ha
khoiit1985: xong roi ong chon new mining structure nua
khoiit1985: chon associas rule gi do
khoiit1985: chon phan su use existing cube
khoiit1985: de mining tren cai cube do
dthiep47: roi
khoiit1985: roi vo do chon table nua
dthiep47: no keu select case level column
khoiit1985: ong dang o phan nao vay
khoiit1985: tui dau thay cho lua case level gi dau ta
dthiep47: chon associas rule gi do
dthiep47: tiep dp
dthiep47: tiep theo do
khoiit1985: no chi keu minh chon input voi predict table thoi ma
khoiit1985: ah
khoiit1985: thay roi
khoiit1985: cai do minh muon mining ra ket qua nao thi minh chon phan do
khoiit1985: muon miing ra cai brand name hay productname thi chon cai do
dthiep47: uh
khoiit1985: roi phan sales fact o duoi thi tui cung ko ro nua
khoiit1985: chac chon het wa
dthiep47: roi xong roi
dthiep47: xong mining structure

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