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24 Ke Sach Trong Thuong Truong

24 Ke Sach Trong Thuong Truong

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Published by api-3826232

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Published by: api-3826232 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Convert to PDF byV oda n h
24 K\ue000 S\u00c1CH TR\u00caN TH\u01af\u01a0NG TR\u01af\ue001NG
Ke\u00e1 1 : Tha\u00fb Bo\u00f9ng Ba\u00e9t Mo\u00e0i
Du\u00f8ng mo\u00e4t h\u00ecnh a\u00fbnh nh\u00f6 ng\u00f6\u00f4\u00f8i ta mong \u00f1\u00f4\u00efi hoa\u00ebc kho\u00e2ng mong \u00f1\u00f4\u00efi \u00f1e\u00e5 \u00f1a\u00eft \u00f1\u00f6\u00f4\u00efc mo\u00e4t
\u00f1ie\u00e0u l\u00f4\u00efi cu\u00ef the\u00e5 (\u00f1o\u00e1i ke\u00e1 tha\u00fb mo\u00e0i ba\u00e9t bo\u00f9ng).

CHIE\u00c1U H\u00ccNH A\u00dbNH GA\u00c2Y A\u00c1N T\u00d6\u00d4\u00cfNG MA\u00cfNH
TA\u00cfO H\u00ccNH A\u00dbNH TH\u00cdCH H\u00d4\u00cfP NH\u00d6 NG\u00d6\u00d4\u00d8I TA MONG \u00d1\u00d4\u00cfI
\u00d1\u00d2NH GIA\u00d9 CAO \u00d1E\u00c5 LA\u00c1Y GIA\u00d9 CAO
DU\u00d8NG GIA\u00d9 THA\u00c1P \u00d1E\u00c5 LA\u00c1Y GIA\u00d9 CAO
TA\u00cfO CA\u00dbM GIA\u00d9C THA\u00c0N B\u00cd

DU\u00d8NG GIA\u00db LA\u00c1Y THA\u00c4T : Ta\u00f8o Tha\u00f9o da\u00e3n qua\u00e2n \u00f1i \u00f1e\u00e1n Uye\u00e5n Tha\u00f8nh b\u00f2 thie\u00e1u n\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9c be\u00f8n no\u00f9i \u201cta t\u00f6\u00f8ng qua vu\u00f8ng na\u00f8y, ph\u00ed tr\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9c co\u00f9 r\u00f6\u00f8ng m\u00f4 l\u00f4\u00f9n, \u00f1i nhanh \u00f1e\u00e1n \u00f1o\u00f9 kho\u00e2ng co\u00f9 n\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9c cu\u00f5ng co\u00f9 m\u00f4\u201d

Ke\u00e1 2: Tha\u00fb Mo\u00e0i Ba\u00e9t Bo\u00f9ng
Tha\u00fb ra mo\u00e4t \u00f1ie\u00e0u l\u00f4\u00efi cu\u00ef the\u00e5 \u00f1e\u00e5 co\u00f9 mo\u00e4t h\u00ecnh a\u00fbnh mong muo\u00e1n.

\u00d1A\u00c0U T\u00d6 CHO H\u00ccNH A\u00dbNH
GA\u00c2Y S\u00d6\u00cf CHU\u00d9 Y\u00d9 VA\u00d8 THIE\u00c4N CA\u00dbM
TA\u00cfO H\u00ccNH A\u00dbNH TO\u00c1T BA\u00c8NG CHA\u00c1T L\u00d6\u00d4\u00cfNG PHU\u00cfC VU\u00cf
DU\u00d8NG TIE\u00c0N \u00d1E\u00c5 TA\u00cfO UY T\u00cdN
UO\u00c1NG BIA KHO\u00c2NG TRA\u00db TIE\u00c0NKe\u00e1 3: Phu\u00f9 Quy\u00f9 Ke\u00e1

T\u00f6\u00ef to\u00e2n ta\u00efo m\u00ecnh le\u00e2n cho ng\u00f6\u00f4\u00f8i ta tin. D\u00f6\u00efa tre\u00e2n ta\u00e2m ly\u00f9 t\u00f6\u00ef nhie\u00e2n, s\u00f6\u00ef ng\u00f6\u00f4\u00f5ng mo\u00e4, tin
ng\u00f6\u00f4\u00f8i co\u00f9 \u00f1a\u00ebc \u00f1ie\u00e5m no\u00e5i ba\u00e4t.
THAY TR\u00d4\u00d8I HA\u00d8NH \u00d1A\u00cfO
Ke\u00e1 4: Kho\u00e5 Nhu\u00efc Ke\u00e1
T\u00f6\u00ef ha\u00f8nh ha\u00ef tha\u00e2n xa\u00f9c m\u00ecnh la\u00f8m cho ng\u00f6\u00f4\u00f8i ta tin. \u00d1k \u201cphu\u00f9 quy\u00f9 ke\u00e1\u201d. Du\u00f8ng s\u00f6\u00ef bie\u00e5u lo\u00e4
ba\u00fbn tha\u00e2n, t\u00f6\u00f8ng tra\u00fbi, la\u00f8m cho \u00f1o\u00e1i t\u00f6\u00f4\u00efng \u00f1o\u00e0ng ca\u00fbm ne\u00e2n ma\u00e1t ca\u00fbnh gia\u00f9c.
T\u00d6\u00cf HA\u00d8NH HA\u00cf \u00d1E\u00c5 \u00d1\u00d6\u00d4\u00cfC T\u00cdN NHIE\u00c4M: kho\u00e5 luye\u00e4n, ha\u00ef tha\u00e1p m\u00ecnh, la\u00f8m nhu\u00efc m\u00ecnh,
cha\u00e1p nha\u00e4n s\u00f6\u00ef ha\u00f8nh ha\u00ef cu\u00fba the\u00e5 xa\u00f9c tinh tha\u00e0n.
Ke\u00e1 5: Tha\u00fb Te\u00f9p Ba\u00e9t To\u00e2m

\u00d1k \u201ctha\u00fb to\u00e2m ba\u00e9t te\u00f9p\u201d
Chie\u00e2u du\u00ef nha\u00e2n ta\u00f8i
Ta\u00ebng cho\u00e5i \u00f1e\u00e5 ba\u00f9n \u00f1\u00f6\u00f4\u00efc s\u00f4n
Ba\u00f9n lo\u00e3 \u00f1e\u00e5 ca\u00e2u kha\u00f9c
D\u00f2ch vu\u00ef mie\u00e3n ph\u00ed
Du\u00f8ng \u00edt la\u00e1y nhie\u00e0u

Convert to PDF byV oda n h
Ke\u00e1 6: Tha\u00fb To\u00e2m Ba\u00e9t Te\u00f9p
Nh\u00f6\u00f5ng \u00f1e\u00e0u ha\u00efi cho\u00efn ha\u00efi \u00edt h\u00f4n.
Khu\u00fbng hoa\u00fbng
Ke\u00e1 7: K\u00edch T\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9ng Ke\u00e1
La\u00f8m thay \u00f1o\u00e5i ta\u00e2m sinh ly\u00f9 cu\u00fba \u00f1o\u00e1i t\u00f6\u00f4\u00efng khi k\u00edch \u00f1o\u00e4ng. S\u00f6\u00ef no\u00f9ng gia\u00e4n ma\u00e1t \u00f1i sa\u00f9ng
suo\u00e1t, sai la\u00e0m. \u00d1k \u201c ha\u00f8ng t\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9ng ke\u00e1\u201d.

Tala ch\u00f4i c\u00f4\u00f8 v\u00f4\u00f9i ba\u00efn \u201cch\u00f4i c\u00f4\u00f8 v\u00f4\u00f9i ng\u00f6\u00f4\u00f8i ngu nh\u00f6 anh th\u00ec la\u00f8m to\u00e2i ch\u00f4i ke\u00f9m \u00f1i\u201d
Kho\u00e5ng Minh \u00f1a\u00f5 t\u00f6\u00f8ng du\u00f8ng l\u00f4\u00f8i no\u00f9i gie\u00e1t che\u00e1t hai t\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9ng
M\u00f4\u00f8i t\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9ng kho\u00e2ng ba\u00e8ng k\u00edch t\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9ng

Ke\u00e1 8: Ha\u00f8n T\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9ng Ke\u00e1
La\u00f8m cho \u00f1o\u00e1i t\u00f6\u00f4\u00efng thay \u00f1o\u00e5i ta\u00e2m sinh ly\u00f9 la\u00f8m ma\u00e1y y\u00f9 ch\u00ed va\u00f8 t\u00f6\u00ef tin. Du\u00f8ng gia\u00f9n tie\u00e1p, du\u00f8ng
ng\u00f6\u00f4\u00f8i kha\u00f9c \u00f1e\u00e5 ta\u00f9c \u00f1o\u00e4ng.
Ke\u00e1 9: Rung Ca\u00e2y Doa\u00ef Kh\u00e6
Gia\u00f9n tie\u00e1p la\u00f8m \u00f1o\u00e1i t\u00f6\u00f4\u00efng s\u00f4\u00ef, qua \u00f1o\u00f9 \u00f1a\u00eft mu\u00efc \u00f1\u00edch. Nh\u00f6ng m\u00ecnh va\u00e3n the\u00e1 chu\u00fb \u00f1o\u00e4ng. \u00d1k
\u201c tro\u00e0ng ca\u00e2y du\u00ef kh\u00e6\u201d.
Gie\u00e1t ga\u00f8 kh\u00e6 s\u00f4\u00ef
Ke\u00e1 10: Tro\u00e0ng Ca\u00e2y Du\u00ef Kh\u00e6
Du\u00f8ng ha\u00f8nh \u00f1o\u00e4ng gia\u00f9n tie\u00e1p khie\u00e1n cho \u00f1o\u00e1i t\u00f6\u00f4\u00efng th\u00edch qua \u00f1o\u00f9 ta\u00e1n co\u00e2ng ba\u00e1t ng\u00f4\u00f8 ma\u00f8 \u00f1a\u00eft
mu\u00efc \u00f1\u00edch.

Ta\u00efo ne\u00e2n t\u00ednh huo\u00e1ng \u00f1\u00f6a \u00f1o\u00e1i t\u00f6\u00f4\u00efng va\u00f8o trong pha\u00efm vi kie\u00e5m soa\u00f9t
Thoa\u00fb ma\u00f5n nhu ca\u00e0u \u00f1e\u00e5 sai khie\u00e1n, da\u00efy ba\u00fbo
Th\u00f6\u00ef hie\u00e4n ke\u00e1 hoa\u00efch g\u00ec \u00f1o\u00f9 th\u00ec ca\u00e0n \u00f1\u00f6a va\u00f8o hoa\u00f8n ca\u00fbnh heat s\u00f6\u00f9c thua\u00e4n l\u00f4\u00efi

Ke\u00e1 11: My\u00f5 Nha\u00e2n Ke\u00e1
Du\u00f8ng s\u00f6\u00f9c ha\u00e1p da\u00e3n cu\u00fba ng\u00f6\u00f4\u00f8i \u00f1e\u00efp, \u00f1e\u00e5 \u00f1a\u00eft mu\u00efc \u00f1\u00edch. D\u00f6\u00efa tre\u00e2n ye\u00e1u \u00f1ie\u00e5m cu\u00fba nam gi\u00f4\u00f9i
de\u00e3 b\u00f2 quye\u00e1n ru\u00f5 b\u00f4\u00fbi ng\u00f6\u00f4\u00f8i \u00f1e\u00efp.
Ke\u00e1 12: Nam Nha\u00e2n Ke\u00e1
Nh\u00f6 my\u00f5 nha\u00e2n ke\u00e1 nh\u00f6ng du\u00f8ng \u00f1a\u00f8n o\u00e2ng. Du\u00f8ng t\u00ecnh ca\u00fbm th\u00f6\u00f4ng, ge\u00f9t, phu\u00ef n\u00f6\u00f5 suy \u00f1oa\u00f9n,
suy ngh\u00f3 mang t\u00ednh bo\u00e2 pha\u00e4n kho\u00e2ng suy ngh\u00f3 toa\u00f8n cu\u00efc.
Kh\u00ed cha\u00e1t nghe\u00e4 thua\u00e4t - Ve\u00f5 b\u00ed a\u00e5n - \u00d1a\u00ebc \u00f1ie\u00e5m no\u00e5 tro\u00e4i
Rung \u00f1o\u00e4ng khi nghe a\u00e2m thanh, l\u00f4\u00f8i no\u00f9i d\u00f2u da\u00f8ng, quye\u00e1n ru\u00f5.
Convert to PDF byV oda n h
Ke\u00e1 13: Th\u00f6\u00f8a Gio\u00f9 Be\u00fb Ma\u00eang
Tha\u00e1y c\u00f4 ho\u00e4i to\u00e1t la\u00f8 ha\u00f8nh \u00f1o\u00e4ng, d\u00f6\u00efa tre\u00e2n t\u00ednh huo\u00e1ng m\u00f4\u00f9i xua\u00e1t hie\u00e4n, de\u00e3 tha\u00f8nh co\u00e2ng.
Kho\u00e2ng bo\u00fb qua ba\u00e1t c\u00f6\u00f9 c\u00f4 ho\u00e4i na\u00f8o \u2013 Ta\u00e4n du\u00efng ca\u00f9c s\u00f6\u00ef kie\u00e4n \u2013 \u00f1u\u00f9ng th\u00f4\u00f8i c\u00f4
T\u00ecm c\u00f4 ho\u00e4i theo h\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9ng kha\u00f9c - \u201cs\u00f6\u00f4ng mu\u00f8 la\u00e1y te\u00e2n cu\u00fba Kho\u00e5ng Minh\u201d
Ke\u00e1 14: Ta\u00efo Gio\u00f9 Be\u00fb Ma\u00eang
Ta\u00efo \u00f1ie\u00e0u kie\u00e4n \u00f1e\u00e5 co\u00f9 c\u00f4 ho\u00e4i to\u00e1t xu\u00f9a\u00e2t hie\u00e4n ma\u00f8 ha\u00f8nh \u00f1o\u00e4ng. T\u00f6\u00ef cha\u00e2m mo\u00e0i cho t\u00ecnh huo\u00e1ng
m\u00f4\u00f9i xua\u00e1t hie\u00e4n.

Ta\u00efo \u00f1o\u00e4ng l\u00f6\u00efc la\u00f8m vie\u00e4c cho c\u00f4 ho\u00e4i tha\u00eang tie\u00e1n
La\u00f8m \u00f1\u00f6\u00f4\u00f8ng ta\u00efo c\u00f4 ho\u00e4i pha\u00f9t trie\u00e5n, gia\u00f9 ba\u00e1t \u00f1o\u00e4ng sa\u00fbn ta\u00eang
Quan he\u00e4 \u00f1o\u00e1i ngoa\u00efi kho\u00e2ng ma\u00e1t bao nhie\u00e2u tie\u00e0n \u2013 Ta\u00efo c\u00f4n kha\u00f9c \u00f1e\u00e5 ba\u00f9n n\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9c
La\u00f8m cho \u00f1o\u00e1i ta\u00f9c khinh \u00f1\u00f2ch \u2013 Bie\u00e1n kho\u00e2ng tha\u00f8nh co\u00f9

Ke\u00e1 15: Th\u00f6\u00f8a N\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9c \u00d1u\u00efc Tha\u00fb Ca\u00e2u
Nha\u00e2n lu\u00f9c t\u00ecnh huo\u00e1ng xa\u00e1u ma\u00f8 ha\u00f8nh \u00f1o\u00e4ng, trong tai hoa\u00ef luo\u00e2n tie\u00e0m a\u00e5n may ma\u00e9n. \u00d1k
\u201cta\u00efo n\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9c \u00f1u\u00efc tha\u00fb ca\u00e2u\u201d.
Bie\u00e1n ha\u00efi tha\u00f8nh l\u00f4\u00efi \u201cchuye\u00e4n mua ng\u00f6\u00efa\u201d \u2013 Nha\u00e2n lu\u00f9c b\u00f2 nguy hie\u00e5m ma\u00f8 ha\u00f8nh \u00f1o\u00e4ng
Chuye\u00e5n hoa\u00ef tha\u00f8nh phu\u00f9c.
Ke\u00e1 16: Ta\u00efo N\u00f6\u00f4\u00f9c \u00d1u\u00efc Tha\u00fb Ca\u00e2u
Ta\u00efo \u00f1ie\u00e0u kie\u00e4n cho t\u00ecnh huo\u00e1ng xa\u00e1u xua\u00e1t hie\u00e4n ma\u00f8 ha\u00f8nh \u00f1o\u00e4ng.
Ga\u00e2y s\u00f6\u00ef o\u00e0n a\u00f8o ma\u00f8 qua\u00fbng ca\u00f9o \u2013 Ga\u00e2y \u00f1o\u00e5 v\u00f4\u00f5 \u00f1e\u00e5 qua\u00fbng ca\u00f9o \u2013 Bie\u00e1n kho\u00e2ng tha\u00f8nh co\u00f9.
Ke\u00e1 17: Thua\u00e4n Tay Da\u00e9t Bo\u00f8
\u00d1ang th\u00f6\u00efc hie\u00e4n co\u00e2ng vie\u00e4c mo\u00e4t thua\u00e4n l\u00f4\u00efi la\u00f8m luo\u00e2n co\u00e2ng vie\u00e4c hai.
Ke\u00e1 18: Ngh\u00f2ch Tay Da\u00e9t Bo\u00f8
\u00d1ang th\u00f6\u00efc hie\u00e4n co\u00e2ng vie\u00e4c thou nha\u00e1t, ta\u00efo \u00f1ie\u00e0u kie\u00e4n va\u00f8 th\u00f6\u00efc hie\u00e4n luo\u00e2n co\u00e2ng vie\u00e4c th\u00f6\u00f9
Ke\u00e1 19: Gia\u00fb Ye\u00e1u Che\u00e1 Ma\u00efnh
D\u00f6\u00efa tre\u00e2n t\u00ednh chu\u00fb quan. \u00d1k \u201cgia\u00fb ma\u00efnh che\u00e1 ye\u00e1u\u201d gia\u00fb be\u00e4nh, t\u00f6\u00f8 ch\u00f6\u00f9c\u2026
Ke\u00e1 20: Gia\u00fb Ma\u00efnh Che\u00e1 Ye\u00e1u
Gia\u00fb ma\u00efnh ma\u00f8 \u00f1o\u00e1i t\u00f6\u00f4\u00efng tha\u00e1y m\u00ecnh ye\u00e1u ma\u00f8 de\u00e3 che\u00e1 ng\u00f6\u00ef.
Ke\u00e1 21: Bie\u00e1t Ma\u00f8 Gia\u00fb La\u00f8 Kho\u00e2ng Bie\u00e1t
Gia\u00fb ngu, nai, la\u00f8m cho \u00f1o\u00e1i t\u00f6\u00f4\u00efng gia\u00fbm s\u00f6\u00f9c ta\u00e1n co\u00e2ng, ma\u00e1t ca\u00fbnh gia\u00f9c, hay co\u00f9 \u00f1e\u00e0u kie\u00e4n
chua\u00e5n b\u00f2 ke\u00e1 kha\u00f9c. \u00d1k \u201ckho\u00e2ng bie\u00e1t ma\u00f8 gia\u00fb bie\u00e1t\u201d.

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