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Nerida Hilliard - Dark Star

Nerida Hilliard - Dark Star

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Published by temari92

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Published by: temari92 on Nov 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dark Star  Nerina Hilliard
"The ship is due to sail, " Ruiz said softly.Quite involuntarily, Leigh leaned her head back against his shoulder and his arm tightenedaround her, while they both watched the distance from the dock imperceptibly broadening,like a chasm between the old life and the new, Leigh tried not to think that the new life wasonly for a while and that one day she would have to cross the chasm and go back to the oldlife.Leigh's marriage to Ruiz Aldoret was purely a business arrangement made so that Ruizcould comply with the terms of his grandfather's will and inherit the large estate of Carastrano in Mexico. The intention was that after a short time at Carastrano, a quietannulment would arranged.But now Leigh was not at all sure that she wanted their marriage to end...
CHAPTER IThe door slammed, but still closed with a loud snap. Leigh raised her headwith a smile when a sheaf of papers was thrown unceremoniously on thetable by a red-haired girl, who seemed to dominate his irritation with
difficulty, and asked with a note of sympathy in his voice to recognize thedanger signs the green eyes:-What? You seem slightly disturbed
.-Troubled? - Kerry repeated with an involuntary gesture, as if beyond hisability to describe the reason for his anger. - Someday I'll tell this man whatI think of it ... and I swear it will not be very polite!Leigh smiled from the corner of the lips and a twinkle of amusement cameinto his eyes. They were dark blue eyes, that fascinated people, and whensomeone was examining it carefully, was also delighted with the milkywhite skin and the glow of reddish hair and stressing the perfect shape of theface. Leigh seemed to be very calm, cool and reserved, despite her hair is a pale flame that became bright red when the light fell on them, or they wereagainst a background that highlights the reddish hue.Someone took the time to study it carefully discover an array burning innature and this was indeed the right impression.Kerrigan Kerry - whose real name was Rosalyn Kerrigan, although allknown to call him by his nickname for Kerry - he knew his friend very well,and had no doubt about the qualities that lay hidden behind the glossy perfection of milky skin. Kerry knew that at that moment, Leigh did not takeher seriously.-Ah, maybe I do not have the courage - Kerry said, sitting in the corner. -Our boss can be an attractive man, but the guy is more arrogant and bossyI've ever encountered.-You get angry for nothing, Kerry.-Randomly? - Kerry repeated his face red. - I'm a beast with it and do notunderstand how you endured for three years. Three years! You have the patience of an angel.Leigh shrugged with indifference.
-I just do not care a damn with him or with his bad mood.-You're lucky ... Glad I'm not answering it! But there's one thing I mustadmit ... he never says anything without thinking first.- Never flirt with the secretaries, that's what you mean? - Leigh commentedwith the leer. - The poor would not know, even if I wanted!An angry tone of the bell, like a bunch of angry bees, "interrupted thetranquility of the parlor where Leigh worked. Kerry jumped off the table andtook refuge in the room footprint. Leigh picked up the pencil and pad andstood outside the sanctuary of the head - the same port that Kerry slam a fewminutes ago. And Kerry did not beaten violently, as he will, because AldoretRuiz was not the kind of man who would allow demonstrations of thiskind. Ruiz did not admit nor any form of intimacy or contempt by their  position in augusta factory owner and Meredith, to answer this time wouldrequire a level of security that Kerry certainly did not have.Ruiz Aldoret could freeze someone with a word spoken in a low voice andcreate a tension with a nervous glance. It was an extremely able man, had acomplete and absolute knowledge of the business and spared no effortswhen the job required his presence. On the other hand, was so efficientworker and he expected the same behavior of all other employees. Thosewho did not meet their expectations were summarily dismissed. But never unfairly dismissed, and a unique look of black eyes and cold made it veryclear that the boss did not allow discussion. Had the final say in all decisionsand was the highest authority in the company. Leigh did not feel theslightest concern when he entered the boss's office, but considered it aglance, with one eye, in order to assess whether a day was especiallydangerous. Ruiz was standing behind the table when Leigh came. The talland dark body dominated the room, fidgeted impatiently while the piles of documents were stacked on the table. Leigh played the condition of the

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