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GRE Vocabulary

GRE Vocabulary

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Published by: api-3740487 on Oct 18, 2008
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power verbal ( grouping vocabulary)
<\uac1c\ub150\ubcc4 gre\ube48\ucd9c \uc5b4\ud718 \uc815\ub9ac \ubaa8 \uc74c >
\uac00\ub974 \ub2e4 \ub2e4(cut) : \uac1c\ub150
carve :to cut with care or precision carved fretwork
cleave :to divide by or as if by a cutting blow : split
: to separate into distinct parts and especially into groups
(cf.)to adhere firmly and closely or loyally and
dichotomize :to divide into two parts, classes, or groups
disjoint :1 obsolete ; having no elements in common disjoint mathematical
dissect :to separate into pieces ; to analyze and interpret minutely.
: expose the several parts of (as an animal) for scientific dissever
dissever :sever, separate: to come apart : disunite
sever :to put or keep apart : divide; especially
: to remove (as a part) by or as if by cutting
slice :to cut with or as if with a knife : to stir or spread with a slice
split :to divide lengthwise usually along a grain or seam or by layers; rend
sunder :to break apart or in two : to become parted, disunited,
: separate by or as if by violence or by intervening time or space
\uac00\ubcbc\uc6b4( light) : \uac1c\ub150
airy : 1\uacf5 \uae30 \uac19\uc740 ,\uacf5 \ud5c8\ud55c \ud5c8\ud55c;2\uac00\ubcbc\uc6b4 ,\uacbd\ucf8c\ud55c \u3008\ubc1c\uac78\uc74c \ub4f1 \u30093\ucf8c\ud65c\ud55c
\ucf8c\ud65c\ud55c;4 \ubc14\ub78c\uc774 \uc798 \ud1b5 \ud558\ub294;5 \ud558\ub298 \ub192 \uc774 \uc19f \uc740

6\uacf5 \uae30\uc758 \uae30\uc758,\ud56d\uacf5 \uc758 \uc758(aerial);7\ub4e4 \ub72c \ub72c,\uacbd\ubc15\ud55c \uacbd\ubc15\ud55c; 8\uc810\uc794\ube7c\ub294
cobweb: like spider web;
diaphanous :\ud2b9 \ud788 \u3008\ucc9c\uc774\u3009 \ud22c \uba85\ud55c \uba85\ud55c;\ub0b4\ube44\uce58\ub294 ;\uc601\ubb18 \ud55c \ud55c;\u3008\uac00\ub2a5 \uc131\uc774\u3009

ethereal : 1\uacf5 \uae30 \uac19\uc740 (airy); \uc544\uc8fc \uac00\ubcbc\uc6b4 ;\ud76c\ubc15\ud55c ;2\ubbf8\ubb18 \ud55c \ud55c,\uc601\ubb18 \ud55c
\ud55c;3 \ucc9c\uc0c1\uc758 \ucc9c\uc0c1\uc758, \ud558\ub298 \uc758 \uc758(heavenly)

fibrous :\uc12c\uc720 \uc758 \uc758[\uac00 \ub9ce\uc740 ],\uc12c\uc720 \uc9c8\uc758 \uc9c8\uc758; \uc12c\uc720 \ubaa8 \uc591\uc758
gossamer: sheer;
imponderable: weightless
tiffany :a sheer silk gauze formerly used for clothing and trimmings

: a plain-woven open-mesh cotton fabric (as cheesecloth)
power verbal ( grouping vocabulary)
\uac10\uae08,\uad6c \uc18d/ \uc81c\ud55c\ud558\ub2e4:\uac1c\ub150

confine: limit; imprison / n. a boundary or bounded region; border; syn. limit
constraint: compulsion; repression of feelings
custody: imprisonment; care; protection; guardianship
detain: vt. to keep in custody; to withhold
detained:a) a keeping in custody;

b) punishment in which a student is required to stay after school

duress: forcible restraint, especially unlawfully
fetter: shackle
incarcerate: vt. to imprison; jail / to shut up; confine
manacle: fetter or chain for the hands or feet / fetter with manacles ;

restrain /

obligatory: binding; required
quarantine: isolation of person or ship to prevent spread of infection
restraint: controlling force
seclusion: a secluding or being secluded, retirement, isolation; isolation;


sequester: retire from public life; segregate; seclude
shackle: chain; fetter
stringent: strict, severe; tight, difficult; rigid

\uac70\ub9cc\ud55c \uac70\ub9cc\ud55c/ \uac74\ubc29\uc9c4: \uac1c\ub150

arrogant: unduly or excessively proud, as of wealth, station, learning, etc
bloated: swollen or puffed as with water or air
brazen: insolent
bumptious: self-assertive
cavalious: haughty, arrogant; supercilious
conceit: whimsical idea; extravagant metaphor
contumely: scornful insolence; insult
disdain: contempt ; scorn / look on with contempt ; treat with scorn or


domineer: rule over tyrannically
elated: in high spirits ; proud / overjoyed;
haughtiness: pride; arrogance
hubris: arrogance; excessive self-conceit
imperious: commanding ; haughty ; arrogant ; urgent / domineering
imperiousness: lordiness; domineering manner; arrogance
power verbal ( grouping vocabulary)

impertinent: insolent

impudent:. 1 orig., immodest; shameless; saucy; insolent syn. impertinent
insolent: haughty and contemptuous
lofty: very high
mincing: affectedly dainty
overweening: presumptuous; arrogant
peremptory: not to be disobeyed or questioned ; dogmatic ; imperious;
pert: impertinent; forward
presumption: arrogance; effrontery
presumptuous: arrogant; taking liberties
pretentious: claiming great merit or importance / ostentatious; ambitious
smug: neat, spruce, trim, etc. / narrowly contented with one's own

beliefs, morality, etc.; self-satisfied to an annoying degree; complacent

stilted: bombastic; inflated
supercilious: contemptuous; haughty
vain: adj. without force or effect; futile, fruitless, unprofitable, unavailing,

;indulging in or resulting from personal n. vanity; conceited
vainglorious: boastful; excessively conceited
\uac71\uc815 \uac71\uc815/ \uc5fc\ub824 \ud558\ub294:\uac1c\ub150
apprehensive: fearful about something; quick to understand ; perceptive;
hypochondriac : one who suffers from morbid anxiety ; worrier without

misgivings: doubts
perturb: make afraid or anxious; disturb greatly
qualm: a fit of nausea qualms: misgivings
solicitous: anxious or concerned about someone's welfare; eager to help

worried; concerned
\uac81\ub9ce\uc740/ \uc18c \uc2ec\ud55c:\uac1c\ub150

appall: fill with fear or terror ; dismay ; shock deeply
craven: cowardly
dastard: coward
daunt: intimidate
power verbal ( grouping vocabulary)

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