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Autumn Newspaper

Autumn Newspaper

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Published by Andrew Tagg

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Published by: Andrew Tagg on Nov 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Local library services acrossCalderdale are threatened inproposed cuts to the service.
cameroncalls for cutsto bills
The Prime Minister has promised that the Government will work 'harder andfaster' to bring down energy bills.
Calder Valley MP, Craig Whittaker, discusses the importance of protectingCalderdale’s green spaces with Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Stephen Baines
svvs w ll ppl v m pw v pl pss. Dvlpmms m ll ds d p vm.ts ppls xpl w gvm’s pl ppsls
iss   vmlsdds d d ds;
Sls  1,000 ps  
ps  swd dvs m  m s 
rpl Lb’s p dwb w bdpl;
expll s  ps  g Bl,  nl Psd as  osd nlB wll .Ll csvvs  wDvd cm w sd: “W mss  ppp ps
Pl-dsd d pl-lddvlpm s   ’s s.”csvvs  mmd w w mms  v pl ssm  s p, 
dlv w d p  l . Vs c :www.wmp..
News from your localConservatives inCalderdale
Delivered by your local Conservative team - at no cost to the taxpayer
Promoted by Stephen Baimes on behalf of Calderdale Conservatives, 16a Church Lane, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, HD6 1AT. Printed by Harmsworth Printing, Derby Northcliffe House, Meadow Road, Derby, DE1 2BH.
PeoplePower for GreenGrowth inCalderdale
 ls  vw  SWd p (Ps1, S g) s bmpld  dsss bsl. t l ds xll d l qsm mdms b  bm  pbl dm.t s ms d wll-d p m clddlrl d hBoS cpl wllb vd b s vw.t sl wll xpl ppsls d  s zs  ppl pld wll b  md l.t ssd  s bsll ld d w 
v w  mj  sds.ts s pblm ld,d sld, v b dlw l d  LblDms ppvd  ll d sv w wsppd   b  
d  w   d
s ppsls, s msl ws p b l m.nw, w  s w
sld b ppvd b cbsl d sl b.
 w wll b l clv hll, Svl P rd,h Sw rd, ems dM h rd.Vs s : www.s.ll.m
Skircoat green getS Parking reVieW
i   k     gg , gv     01484 717 959
Cllr John Hardy discovers the parkingproblem blighting Skircoat
s  adw fd llw csvvs Swb Bd wvlvd w  llmm   p  mpv  lvl pl   w. as sl  pss m ll csvv m   b w Pl
dsd  SwbBd.“al s s dws,” sd cll Pl, “wd’ l  s s  d w wll  pss  pl -p  Pl Sd  v l pl
Swb Bd”.csvv ddadw f sd “i vb l   ppl Swb Bd d   m s s l  pl. W  csvv m mmd  mpv pl   w!”Vs s : www.swbbd.ll.m
l lb svsss clddl d  ppsd s  sv.Dsp  Lb Dmslm   d“Svd  Lbs”d  lmp  apl ww s m ppsswp s   sv.t Lb Dm ld clv sd   ms
lb bd d pps  mb  s  sv. ts mm  ls  wll lbs  gldd Sld. alv d dssss   b p s
Mwl  mbllb sv, wpls s  mpl   l ps  gld & Sld wds ld b ddw  s  dspssbl.“S m  s Lb Dms,” sd cll kWs, “  b sv  lbs d w x b  wld x!”t csvvs v
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Dms d Lb  b
d dm  clsvs.Vs s : www.lddsld.
Stainland and Greetland in danger
Cllr Keith Watson outside Stainland library which isunder threat from the proposed cuts
do you care about your community?
do you want to help yourcouncil do a better job?
Conservative Councillors campaign all year roundfor and with local people. If you would like tohelp improve our community why not considerbecoming a Conservative Councillor?
For more information contact Stephen Baines on01422 353061
Conservative campaign bringsimprovements
Delayed review looks to deal with growing problem
call foractionto bringdownbills
he Prime Minister haspromised that theGovernment will work'harder and faster' tobring down energy billsas he calls the energycompanies, the energyregulator Ofgem, andconsumer groups toDowning Street for asummit on energy bills.In an article formoneysavingexpert.com, the Prime Ministerexplained:"We can't control volatileworld energy prices. Butwe can still help peopleget their bills down. So today we are bringing  together the industry,consumer groups andOfgem for an energysummit that will focuson getting people thehelp they need to reduce their bills in time for thiswinter."The Prime Ministeremphasised the action the Government isalready taking to helpconsumers:Working with Ofgem to reform the energymarket, for example byencouraging customers to switch suppliers andby ensuring transparencyover the cheapest tariffs.Giving the mostvulnerable householdsfree or heavily subsidisedinsulation immediately,delivered by the energycompanies.
Paying a £120rebate to more than600,000 of ourmost vulnerablepensioners.
Maintaining thewinter fuel paymentand cold weatherpayments.
Introducing theGreen Deal, whichwill offer improvedinsulation foreveryone at no costfrom next year.The Prime Ministerended by emphasising  the Government'sdetermination to get billsdown:"Our intention is for today's summit to be thestart of a much moreactive engagementwith consumers, withus all working harderand faster to deliveran energy market thatis trusted, simple and transparent. A market that puts the consumer
energy bills down asmuch as possible."We are determined thateverything that can bedone will be done to helppeople bring their energybills down."
at the heart of the coMMunity
SaVingtoDMorDentoWn centre
 s b mdsss v  psw ms d d    d s    tdmd .rl  bl sd v spms.fl ss spvld. W ld vw spms w d v l bv pl pmss.Wls spms 
b ds d   tdmd wld vb  d ll  bl m w.“W w d   db wd”, sd clli cp, “w tw dB lls,  llsds, w w ll bsss dmm lds  d   blp     w.”Vs s : www.dmd.ll.m
uddendenfootCommunity Associationhas been working for some time to secure the CivicCentre as an asset transferfrom Calderdale Council.“What we need is a focalpoint at the heart of ourcommunity,” said localcampaigner, Jill Smith-Moorhouse, “An amenity that will enable us toprovide opportunities forlocal people, across allage groups, to socialiseand enjoy a wide range of activities.”The Community Associationbelieve that transferring  the Civic Centre to the localcommunity will enableresidents to shape thefacility to the needs of local people. “CalderdaleCouncil need to realise,”said Jill “just how important the Civic Centre is to theLuddendenfoot ward andhow much people careabout the quality of theirlives.”The CommunityAssociation intend a majorrefurbishment of thebuilding to upgrade sportschanging facilities, improvedisabled access, and adda cafe, IT suite and localhistory museum.We wish them well with theenterprise.Visit us at: www.luddendenfoot.yourcllr.com
Urgent reforms are needed to helpcut the cost of energy
Campaigner Jill Smith-Moorhouseoutside the Civic Centre
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Breathing Life Back in to Luddendenfoot
Why not visit our new ward based websites?In each website you will be able to readabout local and national issues, meet theConservative team in your ward, access recentlocal newsletters, make contact with the teamand respond to issues raised.Make a visit on: www.yourwardname.yourcllr.com eg. www.skircoat.yourcllr.com.
Harnessing theWorld Wide Web
Cllr Ian Cooper discusses the future for Todmorden Centre with Craig Whittaker MP
Looking to the future
David Cameron is working hard to protect the mostvulnerable this winter

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