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Newsletter Winter 2009

Newsletter Winter 2009

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Published by Kidron Lewis

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Published by: Kidron Lewis on Nov 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Technology Tips & Trends
s Tips
Cold Weather “Hot Tips”
Want to work faster on your com-puter? With a little practice you candouble your speed using “Hot Keys”
Jane vs. Jill
Two small businesses, two net-works, who
s do yours most resem-ble?
Windows 7 uncovered
An overview of Windows latest Op-erating System.
5 unconventional tech tips perfectfor the business traveler
My Services
Home and Small Business Audit
Detailed written analysis of currentIT infrastructure and network plan-ning
Technical Support
24/7 on-call IT support
On-site training for most PC andMac programs, including Quick-books, Excel, Access and HTML
Web and Data Services
Website and email design. Data-base creation and maintenance,hard drive recovery services.
About the Newsletter
Dear Friends, A little over a year ago I began work as an independent tech
nology consultant, specializing in smart and cost
ective solu
tions for small businesses and non
profits. I have decided tobuild on that experience with the release of this quarterly news
letter, full of helpful tips for all of my loyal friends, clients andassociates. Please feel free to forward this newsletter along to your friends and colleagues. To subscribe or unsubscribe to my newsletter, or to share any feedback with me, you can email meattechtips@kidronlewis.com.Below the listing of this issue’s “tips”on the left
hand column, Ihave also included a list of the services I o
er to clients in theDC metro area. You can learn more about me and my businessat my website www.kidronlewis.com. I hope you will all findtime in your busy schedules this month to sit down, pour your
self a much deserved cup of co
ee and enjoy this first issue of “tech tips”. Happy Holidays, Kidron Lewis
Cold Weather “Hot Tips”
So just as you begin to think you’re getting pretty good withMicrosoft O
ce, out of the blue Microsoft decides to com
pletely change everything with its 2007 release. For some folksthat might be a problem, but not for you
not if you learn a few simple key combinations known as “hot keys”. Hot keys, a combination of keyboard shortcuts, may seem like a lot of trouble at first, but with a little practice you’ll be working atlightning speed
tabbing through documents, webpages andspreadsheets all in one key stroke. You’ll no longer need tomemorize where each clickable option is on the screen, because you can open, save and edit files much faster with hot keys.
cont’d on page 4
Networking know 
 Jane and Jill both run online vintage clothing businesses with approximately thesame amount of inventory each. However the similarities end there, as the pairrun their businesses quite di
right down to their IT infrastructure.
Jill’s network includes a security router with firewall,which blocks malicious content from the internet before itever reaches her computers. It also serves as a networkswitch for all of her interconnected devices, and provideswireless internet access.
Jill’s network is backed up every night by a secure re-mote server, and she is notified anytime there is a problemwith the back-up.
Jill has two network printers which reliably print, one ofthem wirelessly, for when Jane’s bookkeeper and other as-sociates work off of laptops from her office.
Jill’s high-speed T-1 internet connection allows her tooperate her phone system off of it, saving her 30% on hermonthly bill, more than enough to pay for her network up-grades over the course of the next year.
Jane has no firewall, only a standard network switch, whichdoes not scan for any threats before sending them directly toher computers
are each scanned for threats by an out-of-dateantivirus software, slowing down her network even more.
Jane’s printers are older and were designed to connect to just one computer. As a result, her IT guy had to connect eachprinter to a computer on the network rather than connectingthe printers to the network itself, resulting in a complex andslow sharing operation.
Jane uses an external back-up via USB to back-up all ofthe data on her 4 computers. If anything happens to her ex-ternal hard drive, she will lose years worth of valuable data.
An overview of Windows 7
By Craig Lebowitz
 The mention of Windows Vista does not conjure up positive memories for most people. Microsoft mademany essential improvements in their flagship operating system in the Vista release, but it was plagued with compatibility issues with device drivers that worked in Windows XP. Consequently, many people hada bad experience switching to Vista and it got a terrible reputation industry 
My prediction is that Windows 7 will be thesmash success that Microsoft had hoped for Vista.”
 The newest OS from Microsoft, Windows 7, which I have been beta testing for the last 6 months, is rock
solid improvement on Vista that o
ers a snappy new user interface and a feeling of speed all around. The drivers are backward compatible, so don’t expect any instability there. The speed of the op
erating system on equivalent hardware is even faster than the venerable Windows XP. The userinterface is clean and the default services that run on installation are stripped down by default, making for a good experience on older underpowered machines, and excellent performance on the
400 net
books that have been the rage this year.
cont’d on page 4
Use your Blackberry as an aircard www.blackberry.com/support
Charge your phone, Blackberry or iPhone with AA Batteries. “Duracell My Pocket Charger”
18 Amazon.com
Use your aircard or blackberry as a mobile hotspot/back
up DSL.
 Access your PC securely from anywhere as if you were sitting in front of it. Best of all it’s free! www.logmein.com
Use your GMail account as a back
up hard disk for critical files www. download.cnet.com/GMail

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